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Copper Canyon Custom made home accents such as, table runners, table cloths, pillows, bowl and plate cozies, etc. We accept special orders and ship all over the world.

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Well, I guess you have been enjoying our "breezy"💨💨🌪 weather. It has been holding the temps down so Nancy has been showing her line of fleece products. But she has decided to give Mother Nature a push toward spring and begin displaying her refashioned clothing👗 right after Easter. So all you ladies that have been eyeing those ponchos and vests, this will be your last chance to pick one up before next fall.
We'd like to thank the folks that suggested we add gluten free breads to our mix.🍞🥖 We have added a few flavors and they are going very well. Have also added dairy free to a few flavors. These are in addition to our regular line of quick breads. Just wanted you to know we listen👂👂 and appreciate your suggestions.
In case you were not aware, we do special orders. This includes on our breads and truffles. If you have an event💃🕺 and would like to serve an assortment of truffles let us know. We can also make large loaves of bread. Talk to us at the market or email us at [email protected]. You can also text or call at the following numbers - Nancylee 928-925-2445 or reach
Jim - 928-308-2640
To sum up, refashioned skirts are coming, truffles and breads are available for special order. Be the first on your block to wear a Nancylee.


Hello all. Been a few weeks so thought I'd bring you up to date on our happenings. First was my idea for Nancy to make hairnets. With this wind it is hard for me to control my hair...both of them😉
Seriously, we have been trying to make a wider variety of breads to include gluten free. A few weeks ago we introduced three flavors (lemon, snickerdoodle & cranberry orange). They have been well received and it has been suggested that we add dairy free also. 🐄🐄Our gluten free snickerdoodle is already dairy free but this week we are introducing a new flavor. It is both gluten and dairy free and flavored with fresh squeezed lemon🍋 juice and zest.😋😋Both Nancy and I have tasted it and it meets our approval so come on in and try it or one of the others. Now as a suggestion, come early⌚️⌚️ because these have been selling out early. Where???? Under the turquoise tent.
Of course we still have our normal "world famous" breads and delicious truffles. And if you want to block that chill from the wind💨💨💨, Nancy still has a few fleece ponchos or vests available. There is also an assortment of scarves to help ward off that chill.
In the near future we will be presenting Nancy's spring line of refashioned skirts. Be the first on your block to wear a "Nancylee."
As always our bowl & plate cozies are waiting four you to give them a good home and the grocery bag holders will clean up that plastic mess.
As hard as it is too believe, ALL this is available under the turquoise tent. So stop by the Sierra Vista Farmer's Market 🍆🍋🍅🥦🍞🥕🍿🥤🌽 and see us plus the numerous other vendors offering various products. Hope to see you Thursday morning.

Hello all. Hope all is going well in your neck of the woods. Been awhile since we posted so thought we would let you kno...

Hello all. Hope all is going well in your neck of the woods. Been awhile since we posted so thought we would let you know what is going on in our world.
First and most important is that we are at the Sierra Vista Farmers🍅🍄🍎🍆🍐🍏🌽 Market every Thursday. It is open from 10AM till 2PM. We are there weekly, just look for the turquoise tent🎪.
Now, what have we been up to. Well not one to take it easy, Nancy😇 has added headbands to her fleece line. She is also making infinity scarfs. Brand new this week are fleece vests. I'll post pictures of those at the end of this post.👏👏👏
Not to be out done, Jim😎 would like to announc🔊🔊 that he now has GLUTEN FREE breads🍞🍞 available. This week the flavors are lemon and snickerdoodle.
So stop in and say hi. Maybe have a truffle or 2 or 5😊. We look forward to seeing you.


Wow, what a year full of surprises🎉. I just hung up☎️ from a conversation with Santa🎅. He shared a secret with me that I'll bet none of you knew. He really doesn't like all the cookies🍪 we leave out for him. Now, believe it or not, he would rather have chocolate truffles🌰. I was shocked to say the least. He didn't indicate any flavors but under the turquoise tent there are
mint expresso dk choc orange
peanut butter almond dk choc raspberry
cayenne dk chocolate
I think that gives you enough flavors to choose from. Undecided, you can sample them right there or just pick up a dozen assorted.
The last market is Christmas Eve so you have a chance to pick up those last minute gifts. Remember bowl and plate cozies are a unique and inexpensive gift. Nancy has also been going wild sewing ponchos and accent towels for the kitchen. I believe she has also decided to display a few of her tapestries.
So come on down to the market Thursday. Get out of the house🏡
and come breathe some fresh air. There are lots of interesting booths to explore while enjoying our great Arizona weather.
Nancy and I would also like to wish all a Merry Christmas and thank you for your support and friendship throughout the year.


Well, I just hung up the phone📞 from speaking with Santa🎅. He said he's getting old as are the reindeer🦌🦌. Even the sleigh is on its last runners🛷. He was going to buy a new one this year but the price was too high💰💰💰. So he put in a request that you handle buying some of the presents🎁. He suggested some stocking stuffers and told me don't accept the song🎼and dance💃🕺 about how hard it is to find stuff.
It just so happens that stocking stuffers galore are under the turquoise tent. Our bowl cozies fold up nicely to fit in a stocking. There are also sweet breads🍞 and chocolate truffles🌰 which can also fit. Of course if you are looking for a more formal gift, we have Nancy's famous fleece ponchos. Everything is priced right💲 so we won't break the bank🏛.
There are only two more markets before Christmas. So come on down on Thursday and see what your neighbors have for you. You'll also be supporting small business which has taken quite a hit during the pandemic.
Hope to see🤓😎😷 you under the turquoise tent. If not, have a Merry Christmas🎅🤶🧙‍♂️🧙🎄🎄☃️⛄️🏜🏜🏜.


Well, well, well. How many of you ladies looked at Nancy's ponchos👚 and said it was too hot🔥 to even think about trying to stay warm? I guess this morning might have changed your mind. Temps in the low 30s ❄️☃️ will do that🥶. Fortunately we will be bringing some to the Sierra Vista Farmers Market on 10/29. So when you arrive, run🏃‍♀️ to the turquoise tent and check out👀🕵️‍♂️ the stock. I'm sure you will find one you love💓.
Now that we've kept you warm🌈let's make your life a bit easier. It's just about November and we all know what that means🦃. That's right, Thanksgiving. Now after preparing the Thanksgiving feast why not sit back👩‍👦‍👦 with the kids and relax with a beverage🍷. You're not Wonder Woman🦹‍♀️‍ so let Nancy and I take care of dessert. No better way to end a meal than with an assortment of our chocolate truffles🧆🌰 or sweet breads🍞. I think they are better than that pie🥧sitting on the counter.
Please order early so we can be sure to have time to fulfill your order. Now that you are finished at the turquoise tent don't forget to check out the other vendors. You can find all the fixins for that holiday meal🦃🦞🍏🌽🥦🍅🥕🍞🍳🍤🥧🍪🌰. That's right, so many more items. You'll have to come down and see them.
You might also do a little Christmas🤶🎅 shopping at some of our local crafters. Did I mention Nancy also does home decor? Bowl cozies are a unique, thoughtful and inexpensive💲 gift that keeps on giving each time a person🥰 uses their microwave.
So come down and spend a few hours supporting small business in your community. There are many treasures right under your nose👃 if you just l👀k. Hope to see you soon.

Well the weather is changing and evenings are getting cooler. Stop by and try one of Nancy's new fleece ponchos. They ar...

Well the weather is changing and evenings are getting cooler. Stop by and try one of Nancy's new fleece ponchos. They are just right to alleviate that evening chill. They are available in numerous colors and are priced💲 right. We are under the turquoise tent at the Sierra Vista Farmers Market🍅🍆🥦🌶🌽🥕 every Thursday. We just recently started setting up at the Bisbee Farmers Market on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.
With the holidays🦃🎅right around the corner I wanted to remind you that we do take special orders. What better way to end a holiday meal than with an assortment of our delicious chocolate truffles. One less thing for the hostess to worry about. You can also get special orders on our fresh baked breads🍞🍞. They make an inexpensive and tasty gift for teachers👩‍🏫, the mailman👮 and neighbors💁💁‍♀️💁‍♂️🙋‍♂️.
Speaking of gifts, Nancy has a full line of bowl and plate cozies ready for your inspection. They make a unique and practical gift to anyone.
All this and more is on display under the turquoise tent. Please order early as we are old folks and are moving a little slow these days. We'll be looking👁👀🕵️ for you. Thank all of you for your past support.


Hey, it's Thursday again and that means the Sierra Vista Farmers Market. 10AM till 2PM tomorrow at Veterans Park. Just checked the list of vendors participating and it looks like a full house.🏤
Nancy and I have been getting your favorite breads 🍞 ready. It makes the house smell great. Of course Nancy snuck in some time at the sewing machine💁‍♀️ to bulk up our home decor stock.
So come on down and look👀 at the diverse booths. Hope to see you rain☔️ or shine🌞.


Hey, it's Thursday and Sierra Vista Farmers Market day. Looks like great weather so come join us at Veterans Park. We'll have our sweet and savory breads and delicious chocolate truffles. Nancy is also bringing her home decor. Get some of that Christmas shopping out of the way with these unique gift items.
So hope to see you today. Stop by the turquoise tent and sample some truffles.


Good morning Sierra Vista🌞 Hope all are well and enduring the heat. We missed the Farmers Market last week due to rain.☔️ Who knew it would turn out to be a beautiful day.
This week we will be there under the turquoise tent. Our truffles and breads will be available🍞 Also this week we will be offering refashioned denim skirts at the clearance price of $10 each. All sales will be final.
So come out and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine🌞🌞we look forward to seeing you there.


Good morning folks. Hope all are doing well. I wanted to let you know that at tomorrows Sierra Vista Farmers Market we will be having a CLEARENCE🤓🤓 sale on refurbished denim skirts. Stop by our booth to peruse the stock. There is a variety of sizes and designs.
While there you may want to enjoy some of our delicious truffles🌰 or fresh baked breads.
Nancy and I look forward to seeing you. Get out and enjoy some fresh air.😁


Howdy folks. Just want to keep everyone up to date on the happenings around Sierra Vista.
This Thursday, 5/21, the Farmers Market returns at Veterans Park📣. Needless to say as a vendor we are extremely happy😂😂. It has been a long 9-10 weeks and it will feel good to be out in the glorious Arizona weather and see many of our friends again🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️.
There will be fresh produce for sale👩‍🌾👨‍🌾. Also present will be many of the food vendors you have supported in the past. Copper Canyon is new to the food category and will be offering our chocolate truffles. No they are not mushrooms but small bite sized morsels of heavenly deliciousness 🌰🌰. They come in a variety of flavors. This week we have available peanut butter, dk. chocolate, lemon🍋, milk chocolate and almond. Now the best can try a sample. After being cooped up for weeks have some, you deserve it. They are priced at $1.50 each; 4 for $5.00; or 12 for $15.00.
Also just received news that we can bring all of our home🏤 decor. So if you've been wanting that bowl cozy, plate cozy or grocery bag holder stop by. You can talk to Nancy about any special projects you may have in mind. She has been making custom masks by special order too.
We look forward to seeing you. Stop by the turquoise tent and say hi.👋👋👋🥰🥰🥰


We're baaaaack!!!! That's right chocolate truffles will be back at Bisbee Farmers Market tomorrow. You were introduced to our delicious breads last week and now you can enjoy our truffles again.
Tomorrow's flavors will be, peanut butter, milk chocolate, lemon, dark chocolate and almond.
We will also have 9 kinds of bread. Too many for this old brain to remember.
So come on out and soak up some of that vitamin D. They say it is good for you and as yet they haven't changed their minds. Hope to see you all.


Hello🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ out there. How is everyone doing? Hope all are healthy and feeling fine.
Tomorrow looks like it will be a beautiful day. They say sun and fresh air🌞 are very beneficial so get out and enjoy. While you are out stop by Grace Water Farms and support some local vendors. There will be fresh eggs🐣, goats milk, salsa🌶, greens🥬🥕, honey, CBD and the Hone Ranger⚔️ to sharpen anything you want. There will be others but my mind is a blank right now. I apologize to those folks.
Of course Nancy and I will be there with our truffles and fresh breads. This week the truffles🌰 are milk chocolate, lemon, peanut butter, lemon raspberry and dark chocolate. If you haven't had one of these you are missing out on a taste experience.
We've been baking and have quite an assortment of breads for you.🍞🍞They include green chili cornbread, savory onion, bacon chili popper, cheesey cheddar, blueberry cream cheese, white chocolate chip raspberry, double chocolate zucchini, lemon poppy seed zucchini. All have been flavor tested by me and have received 5 yummies.👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
Again this week we will have our home decor🏠 with us. It includes bowl cozies, plate cozies and grocery bag holders. All are made using bright colors. Get a jump on Christmas ☃️shopping by purchasing some of these inexpensive and unique items.
Well, hope to see you tomorrow. Stop in and say hi👋. That's Grace Water Farms in Palominus located at State Rt 92 and Smith Road. Look for the "Farm Stand" signs on 92.


Hello again. Just found out the Bisbee City Manager changed her mind and there will be no market this week. We will be setting up at Grace water farms on Saturday. That's on 92 and Smith Rd in Palominus.
Hope to see you there.


Well, the Bisbee Farmers Market is back. It will reopen on Saturday, 5/2. Market will run from 9 to noon. Please be aware that there are a number of changes and we ask that you bear with folks as they work out the kinks.
We normally bring truffles and breads🍞 but will be skipping truffles this week. We want to see how handling product goes before bringing them. We will have an assortment of sweet and savory breads for tempt your taste buds.👌
So join us this Saturday. Stop by the turquoise tent and say hi.👋 We look forward to seeing you.😁

Hello folks. Hope you are all staying well.We've been busy during this down time. Nancy has been testing new recipes for...

Hello folks. Hope you are all staying well.
We've been busy during this down time. Nancy has been testing new recipes for truffles and breads. Something which will be new role our friends in Sierra Vista. We rolled these pm out in Bisbee and they were a hit. You're in for a treat.
Of course Nancy has been keeping up with the home decor. I've included a few pictures of her creations.
Stay well and we hope to see you soon.

Hello out there. I hope everyone is well and taking precautions to remain healthy. We have been at the Bisbee Market the...

Hello out there. I hope everyone is well and taking precautions to remain healthy. We have been at the Bisbee Market the past few weeks. It is open to food vendors only so we are bringing our truffles and some sweet breads. I have also treated folks to my green chili corn bread.
With all of the down time we have been able to replenish our home decor stock and Nancy has experimented with doing other things. One of the projects is sewing panels. The one pictured is 33" X 41". After putting in quite a few hours, she is willing to part with it. So go measure those walls and see if it fits. You can reach Nancy at [email protected]. Hope to see all soon.


Hey, we'll be at the Farmers Market in Bisbee tomorrow. Will be bringing an assortment of truffles. Nancy has also cooked up some blondes for your enjoyment.
So get out in the fresh air. Looks like it will be a beautiful day. We'll be there. Hope to see you.
Remember you can special order any of our home decor items.

Well you most likely guessed that the Sierra Vista Farmers Market was closed today. Winnie has put out that it will be c...

Well you most likely guessed that the Sierra Vista Farmers Market was closed today. Winnie has put out that it will be closed for the next 8 weeks. If you are in need of our home decor, we will take special orders. You can text to 928-925-2445 or email to [email protected]. If you give us an idea of what you are looking for we will search fabrics and present a number of choices for your approval. This process will take longer than our usual special order time. You can also provide us with the fabrics of your choice and we will create using them.
This goes for the Bisbee Market too. As of right now only food vendors will be allowed to set up on Saturday in Bisbee.
We will be setting up with our truffles this Saturday in Bisbee. Sierra Vista you can special order our truffles just in time for Easter. We will meet you to drop off the orders but hurry. The Easter Bunny is trying for an injunction against us because our truffles are better looking than his eggs.
In conclusion we do not make Easter bonnets but once you buy a bowl cozy, we have no control over what you do with it.🤣🤣
Nancy and I would like to thank you for your past support and will do everything in our power to continue to serve you. Hope to see you Saturday in Bisbee. Below, a picture of some truffles.


1121 LA Rosa Court
Sierra Vista, AZ


(928) 925-2445


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Received my poncho today and I love it! Can't wait for some cooler weather so I can put it to use 🍂🍂
Thank you Copper Canyon! Axel is loving his new toy!