Unique Kountry Charm ,LLC

Unique Kountry Charm ,LLC Antiques, toys, (Tonka,Structo, Nylint, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Marx, Tooties and etc.) depression glass of all types lots of other items. Upholstery also

Operating as usual


Watch for some updates soon about where our location will be. Will keep posting updates. Beverly and James


Want to say thank you to everyone whom is following our page. We are still trying to work some details out on when, where we can get this page with current items that have been in our storage semi trailers. The good news is that we still have a few items that didn't get burnt that weren't in the barn that was an arson fire last April 17,2020. We will be keeping you posted. Thank you Beverly and James


On April 17,2020, several of our store inventory and several heirlooms,antiques,horse equipment, tools, 3 Harley Davidson motorcycles,car,a wrecker,comic books, antique toys and many other items were destroyed by a fire which was intentionally set by several people. At this time we are trying to get things cleaned up and looking for a place (safe ) to set up our upholstery shop and what we have left that wasn’t destroyed. It’s very hard to understand why people can go ahead destory other peoples property and not have any consequences for their actions. We are continuing to seek out for anyone that knows anything else about this fire and the people was whom are involved. There hasn’t been any investigation done at all as if they are ok with this happening. No media was ever done, or any mention of this fire that has taken several years of heirlooms which can never be replaced. If you or anyone else know any information we would be interested to meet with you. Until further notice we won’t be reopening at this time but will be keeping you posted on where,when once we get everything in place. Thank you all for your continued support and look forward getting doors open again soon.
Beverly and Jsmes

Unique Kountry Charm ,LLC

Unique Kountry Charm ,LLC

Outside Barn Sale only today. Don't miss out on the vintage toys,comic books, bikes, auto parts,yard art.880 Montagne La...

Outside Barn Sale only today. Don't miss out on the vintage toys,comic books, bikes, auto parts,yard art.
880 Montagne Lane,


We have been putting several different items for sale online. As of now we are going to do alot more on line. A lot of changes. Will be posting some new on here soon.


Another update: watch for online sales only for now. We will be posting some of our items on Market Place, buy,sale,trade sites.

Here is some pictures of what we have. If you are wanting more  information on any certain item send us a comment or a p...

Here is some pictures of what we have. If you are wanting more information on any certain item send us a comment or a private message to us. Will be posting more pictures here in a few more days.
Keep an eye open for barn door specials listed on here and watch for our signs along the road sides. Looking forward seeing our regular customers again and any new customers.
Saw this quote on facebook just recently :
We never know what other people may be going through that we meet daily in our paths. Always remember a smile can go a long way even saying hello as you bypass them. That just might be what that person needed to help with their day.
Thank you
James and Beverly


We are getting everything moved from Albia back to Ottumwa. Hopefully we will be done by the middle of the week. Then look out for some BIG specials ,barn door garage sales etc. We have a lot of new inventory and of course what we had already out in the store. Yes it's just like Christmas every day for us. Open a.box or a storage tub look inside and say oh I remember getting this. Or James will hear me giggling to myself as I'm saying wow we have more jewelry in this box. I will try and post our jewelry which is several totes, and I'm sure you will also giggle. I have some jewelry that I thought was just cheap costume jewelry, come to find out after looking into it more it is actually some pretty expensive design jewelry. Japan, Hong Kong, China just to name a few. We have clothing items ,purses, coach,fossil, etc. Watches all different brands. A very dear neighbor from Albia, ( which by the way just lived across the street down the alley from our building in town Albia) which I want to say again a Big thank you Danny for all of your help and always took it on his own and watched our place and if someone he wasn't sure was not to be there he would check that out. Once again the ones that know Danny you can't judge a person by how they dress, look like or live. Where I was going at on that is our watches we have bought Danny has started to go through them making sure the battery is good, cleaning them and fixing them if needed. So we will be getting some of them posted as well. If you see something you like or interested in private message us and we can set up a time to look at what you are wanting. Keep checking our site as we will keep updating. Thank you for your continuing support and we look forward seeing you all this year. James and Beverly

Unique Kountry Charm ,LLC's cover photo

Unique Kountry Charm ,LLC's cover photo


It's been a long process in moving. We have had to fight the cold weather, snow, rain ,freezing rain. We have our shed to move yet. We will start get settled in our new place and start our new adventure back in Ottumwa, Iowa. We will be posting some items for sale on line, craigslist, different buy, sale, trade sights also. You also can private message us if you see something on line also. Once again James and I would like to say thank you for your support in the last 3 years. We never know what is in store for us.
October 21,2014 severely dislocated my ankle broke my leg. Took my cast off December 4,2014. Went back to work part time on December 5,2014 received a phone call that my spouse Daniel Elmore, was taken to the University Hospital because they found him slumped over in the crane. By the time we got there Daniel had already passed. This was very unexpected. 2015 had alot of issues with my ankle and leg. Wasn't working full
time yet. Had a scope done in August 2015 was told I needed an CT Scan in November 2015, was looking at a n Ankle replacement.
January 6,2016 had ankle replacement surgery. March 2016, we had hospice in for my little brother who was down syndrome and passed away two weeks with hospice.
My Dad passed away in May 2016. My Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2016, July they removed one breast. Hospice was called in November 2016 Mom passed away the last day of December 2016.
What I'm saying is you never know what someone is going through at any moment that is why we shouldn't assume other things. We have no idea what a person is going throug especially if we don't ask. Alot people listen to just hear say and assume that is true without even asking them if they are ok.
This gives you a little run down of why Unique Kountry Charm LLC, hasn't been opened much in those last 3 yrs. People assume what they hear is true This is why I am posting this today. Don't always believe what you hear. James and I once again say Thank you. Looking forward to this new year. God bless you and your family.

James and Beverly


We are in the process of moving our store items out of the building in Albia. If you drive past our building We should be out of Albia hopefully late tonight or early Sunday morning.


We will be getting things ready in Ottumwa starting next week sometime. Want to thank everyone for the support and all the new post and customers. We have some new things new ideas, and some of our other things we has set up in Albia. Stay posted and we will continue updating the site with more information. God Bless each of you and your families.
James and Beverly.

The weather isn't working with us to get moved  from Albia,Iowa  back to Ottumwa Iowa.  We are really getting excited. T...

The weather isn't working with us to get moved from Albia,Iowa back to Ottumwa Iowa. We are really getting excited. To cold to move today and doesn't look any better tomorrow. Hoping it won't be much longer. Will keep posting once we are getting settled in our new place. James and I are really looking forward for the new year and getting things ready. Everyone have a safe New Year and looking forward seeing you all in the new year in our new place. So ready for the move and change. Thanks to all of our dedicated customers for the support and encouragement in the last year. God bless you and your family. See you soon.

James and Bev


We are closing our chapter with Albia, Iowa and are going to be reopening a whole new exciting chapter for Unique Kountry Charm LLC. We are very excited about the move. We will be posting more information where, when to come and see us in our new location. We have many new items we are bringing in when we get things in place. Once again a BIG thanks for all of the support that we have been given by our dedicated customers, family and friends.
Want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Always remember that Christ in Christmas is our reason for our seasons and shouldn't be replaced with x's.
God bless each of you and your families
Beverly and James.


Just an update on the store. We are in the process of moving back to Ottumwa. Will keep you posted when we are ready to open again. Want to thank all of customers for staying with us through all of our life changes. Look forward seeing you all again soon.

Sometimes we have to give ole smutface a black eye. "I'm taking back what he stole from me!"

Sometimes we have to give ole smutface a black eye. "I'm taking back what he stole from me!"


We are starting to get things ready to set up and get the store opened. We will be working around the clock. Will be posting pictures shortly, days opened, times and other specials we are going to be having. This will be a Pickers Sale, before we move over to Ottumwa. Look forward seeing you all shortly again and God Bless You All.

Getting ready to get the doors opened with some great sales.  Watch our page for new details,pictures and any u...

Getting ready to get the doors opened with some great sales. Watch our page for new details,pictures and any up coming sales. Several items that were mentioned in the previous message. Have any questions pm Beverly or James.


Just a reminder Unique Kountry Charm LLC, will be starting to be open. We will be posting several different items for sale. We will continue to update often what are having specials on.

Just a reminder we also have this building for sale. You can private message me details.


Just an update on our store. We will be getting ready to open up both sides of the building downstairs. We are going to be holding some very large sales coming soon. We will begin an inventory reduction sale consisting of some new and many other gently used items in a yard sale type setting. We also will have some clothing items. We will be selling household items, upscale clothing, shop tools and miscellaneous items, farm items such as tractors, trailers, riding mowers, heavy duty light trucks, nice Jayco camper and even a 37 chevy pickup ratrod, something for everyone. Extensive die cast toy collection. Much more to mention, make sure to stop by the store. We will be updating this page every so often. Make sure to mention to Beverly orJames that you seen this on Facebook and receive and special extra savings. See you at the store. God Bless you all.


Update on the store and the building.
We will be getting the store ready to open. We have some new inventory and still have our regular items. Will post some pictures also and be posting when we openand the hours of business. As before we have posted that the building is for sale. This is a great income property, which includes 2 apartments upstairs to rent. The downstairs has a very large garage, very high ceilings and several other rooms to use.
Want more information about the building or want to look at it if interested get in touch with James or Beverly. We also have 2 acres for sale located at Hocking. Has the electric, rural water already there. Has a fence already there which we have our horses at . I will keep posting on here also. Even though we aren't completely reopened yet you can message us here and we will meet you at the door to come in browse or if you see something in the window.
Once again James And I (Beverly )want to say thank you all again for following us. The last 3 years have had a lot of life changes(which includes some medical issues (total ankle replacement Beverly) 3 family members deaths (Duane Beckler March 2016 ,Beverly's youngest brother, May 1 , 2016 Beverly's father passed away Delmar Beckler. Beverly's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after her father passed away. December 30,2016,Beverly's mother passed away Mildred Beckler. With all of the life changing effects happening that is why the store has been closed. Once again we would like to say thank you to everyone that kept following us on Facebook and when you would see us out and abound. We are looking forward togetting the store open and seeing our customers.
The building is for sale also. No not selling out we are moving. More details on where in a later message.
James and Beverly would like to thank you all again.


I posted this early Business for sale on 114 South Main Street, Albia, Iowa. This property has a 1 bedroom apartment, 2 bedroom apartment with 2 baths, two separate business spaces, and a 5th one in the back with a garage , bathroom, 3 rooms. The steps are enclosed for the apartments. If interested please private message me for more details.


Business building for sale. 114 South Main,Albia , Iowa. Has 2 apartments upstairs. One bedroom apartment and a 2 bedroom apartment. A garage in the back which you have access to the downstairs rooms/offices. Want more details pm.

Here are some more of our new inventory.   We r still in the process getting displays and getting our merchandise in the...

Here are some more of our new inventory. We r still in the process getting displays and getting our merchandise in the correct area in the store . If u see something ur interested in send a message. We are also working on a new window display.
We never know what God has plannef for us. One thing for sure is u never know what tomorrow is going to bring. With the loss of my brother,dad and mom in the last 12 months. Definitely shows just how quickly things can change in ur lifes.. We want to thank our friends, family and customer for all of the support that is given to us.

You know i always remember a certain quote.
You should never judge someone by looking and hearing different talk from others. You never know what is happening or happened to hsve things change.

We will continue to post things here of new items and opening day.

God Bless you all.

Bev and James


We are continuing to get things arranged in the store. We have some new items along with our other items that we had before. Looking forward to getting the store reopened. Once again would like to say Thank you again for all the support during some difficult times. God Bless You All.

We are getting things ready and rearranged in the store to get reopened soon again.  Want to  say thank you for the cont...

We are getting things ready and rearranged in the store to get reopened soon again. Want to say thank you for the continuance support giving to James and I last year. We have lost 3 of our family members (my little brother Duane March, my father Delmar, May and my mom Mildred last day of December ) last year. Was a very emotional year, but this may explain why the store hasn't been open. Family is very important and sometimes we need to do what we feel is best at the that time.

We are so excited to get the doors open to come and look at some old and new inventory. I have posted some pictures of new items still have plenty more to post.

God bless and be with each one of you. Without God in our life, I'm not sure how we would of made it through. God is been by our side every day and is still there today.

I will be posting more items and updates on our page when the new opening will be.

God Bless
Unique Kountry Charm, LLC
Bev and James


Metal John Deere sign located at Unique Kountry Charm LLC. Price:$40.00


Metal barn sign located at Unique Kountry Charm LLC. Price: $30.00.


Metal pumpkin with sunflowers located at Unique Kountry Charm LLC. Price: $30.00


Rib of beef metal sign located at Unique Kountry Charm LLC. Price $40.00


Frosty snowman located at Unique Kountry Charm LLC. Price: $45.00, was $70.00.


Southern BBQ metal sign located at Unique Kountry Charm LLC. Price: $40.00


This is located at Unique Kountry Charm LLC. Price : $40.00


James and I had a good time today getting some new things for the store. I can't wait to get them set-up and get them pictures posted if what we have. We are hoping to get them posted by the weekend. Have a great day and a Happy Thanksgiving.


Ottumwa, IA


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