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Tackle Town PERMANENTLY CLOSED: well guys after 30 years in business we finally closed the store permanently on We welcome everyone from the professional to the beginner.

PERMANENTLY CLOSED: Tackle Town was Lake Norman's premiere fishing tackle supplier. We can help you catch more fish, and have more fun! We have over 50 years of combined experience designing and manufacturing custom lures and helping people catch fish. If we don't have it, we can either get it or make it!. Come in today for a fresh fish report and expert fishing advice from the owners Frank and Do

ris Parsons. We also provide the following services: Rod & Reel repair and trade; Fishing tackle purchases from estate sales


Hey guys just to let you know I will be running pretty much regular hours until I close the store at the end of May. On May 1st I will go to Half Price on all items in the store. I am making deals on rod and reels and some items now. I also have the factory for sale if anyone is interested.

Nice lake Norman bass caught on one of our knuckle head jigs

Nice lake Norman bass caught on one of our knuckle head jigs


Doris retired last December and has ben building lures fast ever since. We have a better stock then ever so come and check it out.


The boats are off for the Cancer Benefit Fishing Tournament for our beloved Doris Parsons!


Frank with a nice Lake Norman spot caught on a Tackle Town jigging spoon.


Catching a lot of fish on jiggin spoons. Come by and see Frank. He can show you which ones are working best.


Paul with a nice bass at lake Rhodhiss


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No Fishing License Needed to Fish on July 4

July 4th is Free Fishing Day in NC! Check details here:

RALEIGH, N.C. (June 23, 2016) — The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission reminds anglers and would-be anglers of all ages that July 4 is “free fishing day” in North Carolina. From 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., anyone can fish without having to pay for a fishing license or additional trout privilege licen...


Thomas Shubert catchin' more fish! Congrats to Thomas!! He had 9.9lbs the first day and 8.64lbs the second day. He was definitely havin' more fun!


Going to be beautiful on the lake this weekend. Stop by for the latest fishing tips, tricks, and advice. See you on the water!


Spring will be upon us soon and fish are already starting to clear out bedding spots. Stock up now on plastics, jigs, etc which are great for beds. Come in today and we can get you ready so you wont miss a single fish. If your still fishing deep our rattling jigging spoons are catching Hybrids and Bass like crazy. We also have plenty of "swim-spin" jigs just like what recently won the Bass Masters Classic!


Going to be a beautiful weekend! Don't let it slip by without getting on the water. Water temps rising means the fishing is heating up. We're receiving reports of Bass hitting near the backs of coves and Crappie limits being caught on jigs and spoons around brush piles and downed trees. Big catfish have also been active lately on cut bait. Let's go Fishin'!


If your New Years resolution was to get more fishing in, break out the warm clothes cause the fish are biting. Let's get the year started right! We are getting reports of Largemouth and Spotted Bass in shallows so break out those crank baits and plastic worms. Also hunt down those diving seagulls as they will point you right to the bait fish. Sabiki rigs with Rattling Jiggin' Spoons are dynamite here. Come in today and we will give you the hot tips to "Catch more fish, and Have more fun!"


Hope you have your rods ready, the fish are biting! Bass are beginning to fatten up for the fall and water temps dropping means crapping are getting easier to find as well. Less traffic on the lake means less headaches and happier fishing. See you on the water!


What have you guys been catching lately? Share your catches with us. We love to see what you guys are finding out on the water.


Should be a beautiful Labor Day weekend. Get out there and get some fishing in! Spotted bass are active on points and white perch are being found a bit deeper. Stripper are getting a bit more difficult to come by but we can help you find them. Good Luck and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!


Weather is warming and the fish will be spawning soon. Dust off that fishin' gear and restock that tackle box. Fishing is already getting off to a great start! Come in today and we can get you setup and ready to go with the confidence you need to catch the big one!


Congratulations to local winners of the Bassmasters Southern Open on Smith Lake in Alabama: Hank Cherry and Carson Orellana as a co-angler (not together.) And yes! We do have the jig-heads that Hank used to win. Come in today and we will set you up.


Gonna be a super hot this weekend. Make sure you use lots of sunscreen if you get out there. Stay safe and have fun!


Been out on the water lately? Share your latest catch with us, no matter what body of water it was on. Catch more fish. Have more fun!


Lake Levels and water temps are up! Weather is beautiful! Bass and perch are hanging on deep docks, channel edges, and humps. Catfish are starting to really pickup on the bottom rigs with stink bait. Don't miss out on the best fishing of the year. Let's get out there!


Bass fishing has been excellent all around docks and brush in the coves. Crappie and White Perch are picking up as well with the deadly weapons being jigging spoons and Sabiki rigs in the deeper 10-20ft water with some structure. Still some very fat spawning fish out there. Forcast at 80° and beautiful this Saturday, don't miss out!


Tackle Town's cover photo


Spring is here! Water is getting warm. Already have reports of bedding Largemouth in the backs of coves. Should really start to heat up during the next full moon. Top Water twitching lures and shallow/medium diving crank baits are tearing them up. Remember to post those pics up here with a catch report to show off your skills!


Weather is warming up, Spring is just around the corner. Bring those rods and reels in today for their annual maintenance and we'll get you ready to reel'em in all summer.


alabama rigs are the new hotness!


I recently received a question from someone that I thought was fantastic and I know is relevent to so many fisherman out there so I figured I should post it here. I'll leave names out just for the sake of anonymity:

Question: So a good friend of mine just sent me a baitcaster reel for Xmas (my first baitcaster...I am strictly a spinning reel guy). I am sure it will take me 2 years to cast without rat nesting it. But, i noticed on the box they had the line capacity listed for 12 lb. and 14 lb. only. That seemed really heavy. I am used to using 6 or 8. Are BC reels designed for heavier line or do you "baitcaster dudes" just over engineer everything??

My answer:This is such a great question! Line size has so many factors involved and they play into everything that is "fishing". At its core, line size (and rod/reel selection) will ideally come from a combination of the following factors:
water clarity
underwater hazards (stumps, dock pilings, etc)
Lure size/presentation technique.
fishing depth,
type of fish (some have teeth),
and most importantly: Personal Preference (I LOVE fishing with light line and light tackle. I lose a lot of fish, but I really enjoy all the finesse, action, and fight. Pro's just want to get the most big fish possible in the boat NOW.)

Your specific bait caster was designed for use in scenarios combining the above factors such that 12-14lb line is typically appropriate. (probably bass fishing in cover with a medium or medium-heavy rod with a 3/8-1/2oz lure)

You can certainly put a smaller or larger than recommended line size on your reel. It is just a recommendation. Each individual fisherman should examine his fishing conditions and "factors" from above and determine what specific rod/reel/line/lure combination is best for them. Experimentation is at the heart of fishing. Don't be afraid to try the unconventional. You never know what combination might catch the big one!

A couple quick tips for those learning to throw a Baitcaster.
1. Training Wheels: Throw the lure you wish to use about as far as you think you can (or just pull line off the length of how far you can throw). Pull off another 5 feet. Now tear off a small piece of masking tape and lay it over the spool and cover the line. Walaa! Never have another nasty overspool again!

2. Tuning. Every baitcaster comes with a small thumbscrew under the handles. This is used to fine tune your casters freespool drag. A properly adjusted freespool will allow your lure, with no throwing effort, to drop to the ground and stop as it touches the ground without any overspool or "backlash".

To set this: Simply reel your lure near the tip of your rod, release your spool, let the lure drop under its own weight. If you get any "backlash" at all: tighten the screw VERY SLIGHTLY. (tightening will not prevent backlashes ever, do not over tighten thinking it will. You will break the mechanism doing this ) Rinse-repeat until you get no over spool. If your lure does not drop at all, you need to complete the reverse procedure for loosening the thumbscrew. Eventually, your lure will stop on the ground with no intervention and no "backlash from hell"

Once you get better with your spool control and casting ability, you can loosen this drag to allow you to cast farther and give yourself even more control.

-Good Luck and Happy Fishing!!!


December 14, 2011


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Maiden, NC


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They have about everything you could ask for. Frank was very helpful and I could see new and experienced anglers alone could learn something from him.
Thanks for your help today with the purchase of my new rod and reel. After I lost the tension k**b on my original bait caster, Frank gave me some good fishing advice and I appreciate his help so much!!!
Prayers for you and Doris!!!
Tried the jig that the minister showed me today right after the rain quit, tell him it worked like a charm. Third cast four pound bass. Will be trying the spoons you sold me tomorrow, watched the video, very helpful.
Dad and I use to stop in to Tackle Town,,, when you were at the gas station.... got several of your 4 blade spinner baits.... Live in Fla now....
I have been trading with Doris and Frank Parson at their Tackle Town store for a long time. When it comes to tackle, they have what you need for fishing.
Frank do you have any Spinnie Minnie crappie baits?
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