Puffy Cotton Candy

Puffy Cotton Candy We make cotton candy art. Come see us at the CoolSprings Galleria in Franklin, TN, USA. 🍭


IT’S RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER, BY POPULAR DEMAND! This sweet guy is made entirely of chocolate, bday cake, and cherry cotton candy — SO SWEET!


STORMTROOPER MELTS FAST! This Star Wars cotton candy baddie went from evildoer to lightsaber — quick-like!


IT’S A STORMTROOPER FROM STAR WARS! This galactic baddie is made of white birthday cake and blackberry flavor cotton candy — he’s seriously sweet!


SPLATOON SQUID MELTS FAST! This cotton candy inkling went from ocean dweller to fish stick — real quick!


IT’S A SPLATOON SQUID! This sweet inkling is made of blue raspberry, white birthday cake, and blackberry cotton candy — YUM!


Anyone relate? Big Bird, Scooby Doo, and Grimace — three of our fave cotton candy characters — have all been through it.


Who can relate?


GIANT HELLO KITTY COTTON CANDY CAKE! She’s made of red cherry, white birthday cake, pink vanilla, blue raspberry, and blackberry flavor cotton candy — SO YUMMY!


MONDAYS BE LIKE: Anyone else relate? Featuring: The Lorax, Stitch, and Stewie Griffin — three of our most favorite cotton candy characters, ever!


THE GRINCH MELTS FAST! This cotton candy grump went from The Grinch to The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!


IT’S THE GRINCH BY POPULAR DEMAND! This cotton candy bad boy is made of lime, cherry, banana, and birthday cake cotton candy, and some black rolled frosting — HE’S SCARY GOOD!


MR. POTATO HEAD MELTS FAST! This cotton candy daddy went from Toy Story to So Sorry — EEK!


IT’S MR. POTATO HEAD FROM TOY STORY! This cotton candy baddie is made entirely of chocolate, cherry, orange, blue raspberry, and blackberry cotton candy — WHOA!


POLAR BEAR MELTS FAST! This cotton candy cutie went from ice ice baby to popsicle stick — quick!


IT’S A POLAR BEAR! This fuzzy fella is made entirely of peppermint, strawberry, cherry, and blackberry cotton candy — SO YUMMY!


Our favorite Battle For Dream Island characters made of cotton candy! Featuring: Four, Flower, Balloony, Firey, Rocky, and Blocky! Which BFB character should we make next?


BRANCH FROM TROLLS MELTS FAST! This hairy cotton candy hero went from Trolls to Troubles — quick-like!


IT’S BRANCH FROM TROLLS! This cautious little fella is made of blue raspberry, blackberry, and white birthday cake cotton candy, plus some black rolled frosting — he’s the sweetest!


SNOWMAN IS BACK ON OUR MENU! This cotton candy sweetie is so frosty, and he returns this week! Made of white birthday cake, cherry, orange, and blackberry flavors, he’s the coolest!


CHRISTMAS TREE IS BACK ON OUR MENU! This cotton candy dazzler returns, starting this week — it’s made of lime, orange, cherry, banana and blue raspberry flavors — SWEET!


SANTA IS BACK ON OUR MENU! This cotton candy king triumphantly returns, starting this week — he’s made of white birthday cake, orange, and cherry flavors — HOHOHO!


FOUR BFB MELTS FAST! This cotton candy osc hero went from blue raspberry to true catastrophe!


IT’S FOUR FROM BFB BY POPULAR DEMAND! This happy host is made entirely of blue raspberry and white birthday cake flavor cotton candy, plus a little black rolled frosting — SWEET!


Who else feels like a zombie rn?


OUR FAVORITE COTTON CANDY CHARACTERS FOR SPOOKY SEASON! We hope you enjoyed — and we’d love to know YOUR favorites!


GRAVESTONE MELTS FAST! This creepy cotton candy creation went from RIP to DRIP! Happy Halloween y’all! 🪦💀🎃👻


IT’S A CREEPY GRAVESTONE! 💀🪦 Made of blackberry and green lime cotton candy, this morbid marker tastes scary good — who wants a bite?! Hope eveyone has some spooky Halloween festivities lined up this week! 👻🎃🧟‍♂️


EVIL PUMPKIN MELTS FAST! This cotton candy jack o’ lantern went from smirk to quirk — quick-like!


IT’S A PUMPKIN BY POPULAR DEMAND! This plump baddie is made of pumpkin spice, lime, and blackberry cotton candy — IT’S SCARY GOOD!


WITHERED FNAF COTTON CANDY CHARACTERS — featuring: Bonnie, Golden Freddy, Foxy, Toy Chica, and Freddy Fazbear. Who’s excited for the movie???


FRANKENSTEIN MELTS FAST! This cotton candy monster went from big baddie to lil skinny — quick-like! Happy Halloween, y’all!


IT’S FRANKENSTEIN! This classic monster man is made entirely of lime and blackberry cotton candy — IT’S ALIVE!


COTTON CANDY MELTS FAST: HALLOWEEN EDITION. Featuring Hello-Ween Kitty, Oogie Boogie, Gizmo, and Golden Freddy!


GOLDEN FREDDY MELTS FAST! This cotton candy golden boy went from FNAF to FUBAR — quick-like! Did you know cotton candy withered this fast?


IT’S GOLDEN FREDDY BY POPULAR DEMAND! This FNAF baddie is made of banana, chocolate, and grape cotton candy — FIERCE


STAY-PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN MELTS FAST! This cotton candy baddie went from Ghostbusters to most busted — YIKES!


IT’S THE STAY-PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN! This big baddie from Ghostbusters is made of white birthday cake, blue raspberry, and red cherry cotton candy — SWEET! Ghostbusters


FIVE NIGHT’S AT FREDDY’S COTTON CANDY CHARACTERS! We’ve made four FNAF characters so far — Foxy, Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy. Who should we make next? Blumhouse


OOGIE BOOGIE MELTS FAST! This cotton candy boogeyman went from LIME to SLIME — whoa!


1800 Galleria Boulevard Suite 2320
Franklin, TN


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