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Premier Flooring Premier Flooring is a Locally Owned and Operated Flooring Company in Southwest Florida with Showrooms in Cape Coral and Now in Punta Gorda!

Servicing areas all the way from Naples to Venice! Stop in and let us help you with your next Home Project! Premier Flooring is a Flooring Company serving Southwest Florida with Showrooms in Cape Coral and Punta Gorda. Now servicing the cities of Naples, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lehigh, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Murdock, Arcadia, Lake Suzy, Deep Creek, North Port, Englewood, and Venice and Sarasota, Placida, and Rotonda.


Should staining occur on your epoxy flooring, attempt removal first with a mild solution, progressing to stronger cleaners until the stain disappears. Residue from a spill that has dried can be removed with a plastic tool.


What is parquet flooring? This type of hardwood flooring option is used to create striking hardwood floors with geometric shapes and patterns. Parquet flooring is preferred in areas where look and feel is very important – including in entryways, libraries and ballrooms.


Wood floors face plenty of abuse, particularly in high-traffic areas. In order to limit the damage in the well-traveled areas of your home, consider using carpet runners with non-skid pads.


Have you been hesitant to give radiant flooring a try because you can’t afford to have your room out of commission for a lengthy construction process? Working with an experienced flooring contractor can help you ensure the process runs more smoothly.


Who needs non-slip flooring? You do if you have children. Each year in America, close to 500,000 children are sent to the emergency room for treatment of head injuries associated with slips and falls.


Looped carpets are VERY easy to clean! That alleviates so much of that cleaning stress!


Do you have a high-moisture problem in your garage or where you want a new flooring applied? Fortunately, this isn’t a problem for a polyaspartic pro. He or she will use specialized coatings that will bond the polyaspartic flooring to the cement, so you won’t have to worry about problems.


Care to guess when and where the first epoxy resin was patented? If you guessed 1934 in Germany, you're right. Epoxy is used commercially in a number of ways. It's a coating, a constituent in many composite products, a binder and an adhesive.


Have you been hesitant to install marble flooring in your kitchen because of how frequently your children drop things when helping you cook? In most cases, dropped dishes won’t be enough to scratch or crack a marble tile.


Rubber flooring is a popular choice for many high-traffic commercial locations, such as airports, health care facilities, restaurants, and more. And with good reason. Rubber flooring is extremely durable, resistant to heat and water, and very easy to maintain.


It’s important to remember that carpet can seem nearly impossible to clean when you have shedding pets in your home. When you need a flooring option that is truly as clean as it appears to be, we’re always happy to help you find it.


Epoxy flooring is unlike other flooring types because of the cross-linked resins that make it practically invulnerable to water impact, abrasion, and chemical spills. The cross-linked resins also give epoxy greater longevity than other commercial flooring types.


Did you know that one of the most dramatic changes you can make to the interior of your home is to have your hardwood floors refinished and restored? This is one of the best ways to open up a room and give a whole new look to your decor.


Want to give your office, restaurant, or showroom that classic feeling? Wood flooring is always a good choice. The look of wood never goes out of style, and has been used as a durable, easy to clean flooring choice for hundreds of years.


The majority of exotic hardwood flooring species feature unique grain patters that create a striking look. At the same time, these woods are able to complement a broad range of interior design and color schemes.


Did you realize that radiant flooring can be added room additions like lanais and sunrooms pretty easily? If you don't want to upgrade or replace your entire heating system, it's an energy efficient alternative.


Unfortunately, not all flooring options are tough enough to withstand the high traffic found in many corporate offices. When you need a flooring material that’s durable and affordable, we may be able to help you find the perfect style of commercial carpet.


Caring for hardwood floors is relatively easy. It involves cleaning up spills promptly, common sweeping, sunlight protection, and being aware of shoes and grit on the floor.


Adding secure flooring to a home is one way to improve indoor safety and help avoid falls and the fractures that can result. Can you guess the most common bone injuries associated with falls? That would be forearm breaks, spinal fractures, broken legs, broken hips and ankle fractures.


Worried that the wear and tear might destroy the look of your vinyl floor? Don't be. When patterns are printed onto vinyl flooring, they're printed below the wear layer. That means you can be sure the color and style of your vinyl floor will last for years.


Naturally insect and water resistant, redwood is a premier wood product for all-weather applications like porch and deck flooring. Redwoods are among the tallest trees in nature, but they have another distinctive attribute in the tree world. The bark of the redwood tree can be up to 12 inches thick.


While your clients may not always love the upfront costs associated with installing hardwood flooring in their homes, it’s important to help them remember how durable this material is. With hardwoods in their home, it’s unlikely that they’ll need to replace their flooring as often.


Anigre is a popular African hardwood used for cabinets and furniture. It offers a straight grain and a cedar-like scent, as well as a lustrous brown color.


Epoxy terrazzo floor coatings are not only strong and durable, but very decorative. This flooring is great for large areas that you want to look attractive, including entrances and hallways of schools and office buildings.


Does it ever feel like all the improvements you’ve made to your home have added to your weekly chores? While marble flooring may eventually need to be resealed, regular maintenance is as easy as sweeping and using a damp mop.


We recognize now difficult it can be to keep your flooring nice when you have pets in the home. Unlike wood flooring that animal claws can easily scratch or gouge, tile flooring options are available that will be more resistant to your pets.


The adhesion and bonding properties of epoxy flooring are significant and noteworthy. In fact, epoxy flooring leaves other similar flooring types in the dust in this regard! Epoxy flooring has some of the highest adhesion rates in commercial flooring today: almost 10,000 lbs/sq. in. in some cases!


If you have hardwood flooring in your home, it's a good idea to keep your furniture on gliders. This will stop the furniture from scratching it every time you have to move it.


The type of furniture you own will determine what thickness to purchase. Ask the salesperson how thick the flooring should be based on what is in the room you are installing the hardwood in. Choosing a less thick flooring to cut costs may indirectly cause damages to the floor that could have been prevented.


If your hardwood flooring’s finish appears to be considerably dull, then it may be time to have it professionally refinished. You can run your finger across one of the flooring planks, and if wax comes up then the floor needs to at the very least be stripped and re-waxed.


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