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Yeah, yeah here are the picks. But what's more important? IT'S CHAD'S BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!Beta Ray Bill #1Beta Ray Bill is...

Yeah, yeah here are the picks. But what's more important? IT'S CHAD'S BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!

Beta Ray Bill #1

Beta Ray Bill is worthy. So worthy that not only can he wield Mjolnir, but he was also gifted his own mighty weapon by Odin himself. He’s lived in Thor’s shadow and now finds himself without his Stormbreaker (yeah thanks, Thor). After an attack by a Knullified Fin Fang Foom, Bill must set out on a journey to find a new weapon and a destiny all his own. From Daniel Warren Johnson comes a tale that hit me right in the feels, just like he did with Murder Falcon!

Shadecraft #1

Something strange is going on with the shadows of Joliet, Illinois. At least, that’s what Zadie Lu thinks. They seem to be watching and following her. And maybe trying to kill her! But how do you fight a shadow? From the team that brought you Skyward!

Two Moons #2

Virgil (Two Moons) is facing a court-martial and execution after the events of the last issue! But between his unlikely saviors and spirits that won’t leave him alone, can he follow the path that his late grandfather has now set before him?

Destiny NY #1

Printed for the first time in single issue format! Set in a version of NYC where magic is real, Logan McBride was the center of a great prophecy. And at 13 years old, she fulfilled that prophecy. Now that she’s in her 20s and in graduate school, she struggles to find her place in the world. But when she sparks a new romance, it could spell trouble for the whole school!

Thanks to our model Grey Summer!

It's Wednesday which means new picks! Thanks to today's models Jen Nelson and Henry Brooks!Harley Quinn #1You’ve been wa...

It's Wednesday which means new picks! Thanks to today's models Jen Nelson and Henry Brooks!

Harley Quinn #1

You’ve been waiting for a new Harley comic and here it is! Stephanie Phillips and Riley Rossmo join forces to bring us a Harley that is trying to be a better… Harley! After the events of Joker War, Harley is trying to fit in as the “newest member” of the Bat Family. But she’s got a lot to overcome, including her long history with the Joker. Can she place nice and follow ol’ Bats’ rules? This is a great new start for the Maiden of Mischief!

Teen Titans Academy #1

The events of Future State Teen Titans left us with many questions. The biggest one: who is the new Red X? Well it all starts here! A new class of Teen Titans arrives at Titans Tower and it’s up to the original Titans to teach them. But what is their strange obsession with Red X? Who else has worn and will wear the mask? Meet the freshmen and place your bets!

Alien #1

Marvel takes over one of the most iconic movie franchises of all time! Retired military man Gabriel Cruz is finding his reacclimation to civilian life a bit challenging. He is trying to reconcile his relationship with his son, while still dealing with the trauma of a Xenomorph attack he barely survived. Little does he know, it’s far from the end of his story. And we are reminded that in space, no one can hear you scream!

Firefly Brand New Verse #1

The Serenity flies again with new captain Emma Alleyne Washburne! It’s been 20 years since the events of Firefly and the ‘verse is a different place. Thankfully Emma’s mom, Zoe, is still around to help guide the new crew. But their latest job has a cargo they did not anticipate, and the Serenity may once again find itself at odds with the Alliance. Join an all-new cast as the future of the Firefly universe begins here!

Happy New Comic Book Day!


You know what time it is! It's time for the New Comic Book Day stream!

Sorry for the delay, but here they are: the picks of the week!Ultramega #1Have you ever read a book you expect to go one...

Sorry for the delay, but here they are: the picks of the week!

Ultramega #1

Have you ever read a book you expect to go one way and then something major happens and by the end of the book the status quo has changed and it’s gonna go in a different direction and it’s AWESOME? That’s what this book is! A cosmic plague is turning people into kaiju and only the Ultramega (three super-powered individuals) can stop them! But their latest threat may be too much for them to handle. A great first issue and I can’t wait for the next installment!

Radiant Black #2

Last issue, Nathan found an alien artifact that made him a superhero. But his dad doesn’t know that. He just thinks Nathan is home because he is broke and needs a job. But someone is out there with powers like his robbing banks, and Nathan intends to get some answers! Looking for a good new superhero book? Well here it is! We still have copies of #1 for you too!

Orphan and the Five Beasts #1

If you don’t know James Stokoe, well you should! Either way, you should be checking out this new epic kung-fu tale from him. Orphan Mo has been given a task. Her master has told her that his five former disciples are corrupting the land, twisting the lessons he taught them. And it’s up to Mo to defeat them. She has been trained. And she is ready! Easily a pick of the week for us!

Midnight Western Theatre #1

In the wild west, outlaws live as they please: killing and robbing all they want. But what happens when Red Tom and his gang run into two travelers… and one is a vampire? Hopefully they get their just desserts for what they did to Liberty Springs. This is definitely gonna be a fun western vampire tale!

Thanks and we'll see you next week!


We'll have our picks up shortly! Thank you for your patience!


Time for another quickie!

The picks are in!Proctor Valley Road #1Another one that made my heart jump like Black Friday did a few weeks ago! Procto...

The picks are in!

Proctor Valley Road #1

Another one that made my heart jump like Black Friday did a few weeks ago! Proctor Valley Road is known as one of the most haunted stretches of road in America. So to make some money for a concert, four friends take some classmates on a "Spook Tour." But when their classmates go missing, it'll be up to August, Rylee, Cora and Jennie to clear their names and uncover the truth about the evils and demons lurking in 1970s America!

Nottingham #1

The Sheriff of Nottingham has been trying to track down a serial killer targeting various tax collectors in the kingdom. Sheriff thinks the nefarious group the Merry Men have a leader known as "Hood" who may be the mastermind behind all these killings.

Karmen #1

When Cata's life takes a turn for the worse, she is visited by Karmen: an unconventional angel. What follows is a journey that shows Cata what really matters in life while Karmen also shows her the ropes of her new situation. A beautifully written and drawn tale from Guillermo March!

Maniac of New York #2

We pick up right where we left off and Maniac Harry is cutting up the passengers of a subway car. Follow along with passenger Gabriella Acosta as she tries to hide herself and two children from the unstoppable killer. Can the Maniac Task Force and the NYPD get there in time? Or will their sacrifice be worth the cost of trapping Harry for good? The mayor sure seems to think so.

Last Witch #3

After arriving at the village of Ballydoolin, Saoirse and her family must figure out a plan to defeat the evil Water Witch Branagh. Saoirse must tap into her new found power of the Witchmark in order to battle with Bronagh. This will be her toughest foe yet. Will she be able to overcome the powerful Water Witch's magic?

Scout's Honor #3

Kit and Dez compete in the Eagle's Guard Trials! Will Kit's search for the truth be halted by her best friend? Who will emerge victorious? The smash story from David Pepose continues in this action packed issue!

Thanks so much for checking in this week! We hope you see you soon!


New Comic Book Day is my favorite day!

Another week, another lineup of great books. Check out this week's picks!BRZRKR #1THIS IS THE ONE YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FO...

Another week, another lineup of great books. Check out this week's picks!


THIS IS THE ONE YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! The demigod known only as Berserker has been walking the earth for centuries, wreaking havoc and violence on a global scale. Now he's found a home fighting battles too dangerous for anyone else. His price? The truth about his past and the ability to finally be laid to rest. From the one and only KEANU REEVES, Matt Kindt and Ron Garney! Also - we are proud to have to super rare covers thanks to our friends at Big Planet Comics and EPIC Retailing for the covers! (They're the purple and orange ones in the photo!)

Nocterra #1

Ten years ago the world was plunged into darkness. Every living thing that is touched by the night is turned into a monstrous shade, and only artificial light can protect against this sickness. Now it up to a skilled ferryman like Val Briggs to make sure people and supplies get where they need to go. But there's something unique about her latest fare... From the minds of Scott Snyder and Tony S. Daniel!

Demon Days X-Men #1

Welcome to this new reimagination of the Marvel Universe from the amazing Peach Momoko! A village is plagued by attacks from two demons and it's up to a wandering swordsman with a psychic blade to stop the attacks. And most Marvel fans will recognize the inspirations for the demons... but you gotta read yourself to find out! This is the first of five quarterly Demon Days stories!

Infinite Frontier #1

The Batman Who Laughs has been defeated and we have glimpsed possible futures of DC. Now follow the savior of the Omniverse as she checks in on all of her allies, while searching for a great evil she senses on the horizon. Want to know what's in store for DC moving forward? With a dozen short tales from Bendis, Tynion, Joelle Jones, Joshua Williamson and more, this is a great kick off for anyone looking to jump into DC Comics!


Losing my voice, but the show must go on! Come see what's coming out today!

Jupiter's Legacy - Official First Look

Another adaptation of a hit comic series!

Get a first look at the Netflix adaptation of Mark Millar's Jupiter Legacy which is due to release on May 7th 2021!

Check out this weeks picks!Department of Truth #6We get a story from the Department's past and a young Oswald learns tha...

Check out this weeks picks!

Department of Truth #6
We get a story from the Department's past and a young Oswald learns that its roots stretch back as far as the Middle Ages. And with knowledge revealed, new questions arise! Today is also the release of Department of Truth volume 1 so you can get caught up on the entire story. Check out one of the best new series from James Tynion IV! - Rob

Crossover #4
The group continues their journey to Colorado after the surprise appearance of a classic hero, as well as a great sword of legend! (Speaking of which, go read God Country by Donnie Cates right now!) Can they uncover the truth behind the Event and find a way into the dome? Keep reading! - “Kevin"

Paranormal Hitmen #1
Two prolific mob Hitmen are recruited into a super secret paranormal government agency. When you are good at what you do (headshots) people notice! Set in the 70's this book feels like a mashup of a buddy cop movie with blaxploitation. Brett Murphy plays the the tropes and archetypes in a fun way and Wilson Gandolpho's art lends itself to the gritty world the story inhabits. Two thumbs up! - Rich

Marvel Voices Legacy #1
This book was so great! There are six amazing short stories by Black creators. Starting off with a great story starring Miles Moralez, followed by stories of Monica Rambo, Riri Williams (Ironheart) and hold on to your butts, Blade! There are other great characters in this book each with an awesome short story. What better way to celebrate Black History Month then to read a bunch of cool stories with people of color created by people of color! I can not recommend it more highly. - Kristin


New Comic Book Day is best day!

Check out this weeks staff picks!X-Men Legends #1Miss the X-Men of the 90's? Well they're back will all new adventures! ...

Check out this weeks staff picks!

X-Men Legends #1

Miss the X-Men of the 90's? Well they're back will all new adventures! This one involves the Summers brothers and a big family secret. The Shi'ar! Corsair! You don't wanna miss this one! - “Kevin"

Black Friday #1
It's the biggest shopping day of the year! But as a group cleans up their store after the retail frenzy, they discover a horror that... look this is Rob and my heart was racing. This was a scary book and it got me and both Chad and I really liked it! Check it out! - Rob and Chad

Immortal Wonder Woman #2
This book is beautiful. The art is amazing. If you can get through the first story without tears in your eyes I will be surprised. They will be tears for change and hope. Diana Prince will always be a hero. Followed by another awesome story with Nubia also an Amazonian warrior strong enough to carry the mantle of Wonder Woman. The story explores the true power of Nubia and her ancestors. All while having to deal with some very dangerous villains. I could not recommend this book more highly. Pick up number one if you haven't yet. There are only two books in this story. They are both packed full of power and beauty. - Kristin

Future State: Catwoman #2 The finale to The Great Train Robbery! Ram V has penned a great story and Otto Schmidts' art really captures how Selina moves and fights. I don't wanna give anything away so just pick up these two issues if you haven't yet!


Time for another quickie!

Don’t miss out on this special live stream!

Don’t miss out on this special live stream!

Tomorrow's LS Weekly Live will be a special #BlackHisoryMonth event with special guests MaJiK Artwork, Elements Of Light creator, Tyrone Selby, the creative team behind Tuskegee Heirs, & guest host Henry Brooks!! We go live at 8:30pm est to talk #inclusion in creative spaces!

Happy Valentine’s Day from all your friends at Comic Logic!

Happy Valentine’s Day from all your friends at Comic Logic!

Check out this weeks staff picks!The Last Witch #2 Saoirse has  to rescue her brother Brahm from the evil witch but it o...

Check out this weeks staff picks!

The Last Witch #2 Saoirse has to rescue her brother Brahm from the evil witch but it only puts her in danger too. How will they escape. Find out this and get filled in on other details in this action and info packed issue! - Rich

Radiant Black #1
Turning 30 isn't great for Nathan. Two jobs he's not good at. Skyrocketing debt. And now he's moving back in his the parents. However his fortune is about to change when he discovers the Radiant and unlocks the powers within! - Rob

Future State Dark Detective #3
Batman meets Batman in this excellent issue! Bruce's crusade against the Magistate leads to a discovery that n one is safe and that the Magistrate sees all. How can you stop someone who knows all your secrets? Also, read the second part of "Grifters" as Cole Cash and Luke Fox meet the Huntress! -“Kevin"

White Ash Presents: Glarien #1
A glorious tale told about the mother of Lilly, Glarien. A formidable Elf queen who takes no crap from anyone and can get things done. This 3 part story is a great way to get into the series White Ash. Highly recommend giving this series a shot. The team on this book has done a wonderful job getting you hooked.

Scouts Honor #2
Kit made a startling discovery in the first issue. Problems arise within the the Ranger Scouts as Kit is trying to figure out how to digest the disturbing discovery. This issue is packed with action, emotion, and revelations! I am also enjoying the art! It really helps build the world this story takes place in. If you haven’t already grab a copy of the first issue and issue #2! You will not regret it! Scouts Honor! - Kristin

Check out some of this weeks staff picks!Specter Inspectors  #1Imagine if ghost hunters was a show run by teenagers. Cro...

Check out some of this weeks staff picks!

Specter Inspectors #1
Imagine if ghost hunters was a show run by teenagers. Cross Scooby Doo with reality ghost hunting shows minus the actual mystery machine. The kids decide to drive to one of the most haunted towns in America. They have gone to investigate the Townhall. The building is perfectly creepy. So far in past investigations they have had a hard time finding solid proof. This might be the first time they’re inspooktigating digs up even more than they had hoped for. - Kristin

Maniac of New York #1
A Jason-esque serial killer has been stalking the streets of NYC for 4+ years. A taskforce was created to stop them but to no avail. Maybe the new head of the taskforce can do something about it but it seems everyone else has given up. It feels like a slasher movie where the killer is treated like mass shootings and other forms of gun violence, with a shrug and ' well nothing to be done about it' attitude. Truly frightening. - Rich

Man-Bat #1
Kirk Langstrom has struggled for years with the serum that transformed him into the monstrous Man-Bat. But after another failed attempt to help himself, he finds himself at rock bottom and decides to take it out on all of Gotham City! Can Batman and the GCPD stop him and prevent devastation? -“Kevin"

Deep Beyond #1
Humanity is on its last leg. The remaining survivors are divided, but scientists are still trying to uncover and understand what's hidden in the depths of the abyss... and prevent a bigger catastrophe! - Rob


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