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Blue Mount Nursery Blue Mount Nursery is a local small business that has resided in Loudoun County for over 30 years. Blue Mount Nursery is a family created establishment that has been privileged to grow along with the surrounding community.

We have expanded our growing area, and take great pride in the fact that we provide our patrons with superior shrubs, trees, tropicals, annuals, and perennials. We also have an amazing gift goods selection; boasting 100’s of items to choose from perfect for that one of a kind birthday gift, teacher present, or just for you. Come stop by for a visit, whether it’s your first time coming, or your weekly visit we’d LOVE to see you!!

Operating as usual


We received a small tropical delivery yesterday for anyone who might need a little something to dress up a space inside the house.


We FINALLY got our seeds back in.
Happy Day!


We've received our first order of beautiful fall mums. They are covered with tons of tight perfect buds!!

Don't worry, if you aren't quite ready yet there will be more to come. Otherwise stop in and check them out before they are all gone!


Get excited!

We just got a bunch of Tropicals in!! and they are gorgeous!!!


the plants love a good summer thunderstorm!


It's going to be SUPER HOT today.
PLEASE be sure to check your plants today (and every day).

You'll notice that it has been consistently hot and without rain for quite awhile...even established plants can struggle during this kind of weather.

With new plantings please be sure to use a hose and not a sprinkler!! Sprinklers only water so many inches into the ground and are best suited for lawns.
Trees, shrubs, and perennials need a good soak when the ground is dry, so you'll need to use a hose, water bag, or bucket when watering them.

Give us a call 703-729-6600, send us an email [email protected], or stop in for any help!


The Peach Brothers are pulling out.
They will see you all again next summer!


The peach brothers are here...come soon for yummy Carolina peaches! Be sure to peek in and say hello to us if you stop by!


The PEACH BROTHERS are supposed to be pulling into the nursery tomorrow, Saturday, July 18th around 9am. Be sure to make it here for your peaches! They were SOOOOOOO good!! I'll update tomorrow morning to let you know that they arrived.


Hi everyone! We are back to our normal hours of 9-5 Monday thru Sunday. As you know there's a lot of construction happening around us. Please do not be discouraged by the machines and workers...WE ARE OPEN!


Just a reminder that we are open July 4th.

Be sure to stop in early for your flowers and propane refills!

If you're coming our hours will be 9am to 1pm.


Hey everyone! It's been awhile...we've been busy and I've not been able to get online.

I wanted to share that THE PEACH BROTHERS are in our parking lot for only an hour they pull out around 10:30.

Their peaches look AHHHHMAAZZIINGG!!

Sorry for the late notice...we didn't know for sure if they would make it...but THEY DID!!!!



Hi all, we are doing our best to get to the phones, message, and emails...

Tomatoes received today...

Carolina Gold, Pineapple, Mortgage Lifter, Candyland Red, Big Box, Amish Paste, Beefmaster, Bush Champion, San Marzana, Buffalosteak, Brandywine, Roma, Orange Zinger, Mr. Stripey, Heat Master, Big Beef, Purple Box, Jet Star, Tidy Treats, Hillbilly, Whopper, Sugar B Plum, Early Girl, Cherokee Purple, Belgium Giant, Ox Heart Red, Black Krim, Rutgers, Lemon Boy, Better Boy, Patio, Red Torch, and Celebrity

Remember, everyone is welcome in the store, we ask you wear a face protector and follow the social distancing guidelines. We are open 9-5 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We can't wait to see your faces! Enjoy the sunshine today!!!

These annuals range from 2.99 and up.

These annuals range from 2.99 and up.

These annuals range from 2.99 and up.


The Garden Elements are here!

I ran into the greenhouse and checked it out! Soooo...What we got in today were mainly hanging baskets and only a few of the larger pots I was bragging about.

I took some photos to share and I made sure to get the names of the hanging basket mixes in the photos because the pots will be very similar to match them, but they will be larger with even more added into them.

The pots they sent this time are for shade...


Quickly want to share that the annual pots I was talking about are not here yet...i'll post as soon as they arrive with pictures.

The tropicals did come in. I'm going to post photos of them now in the greenhouse album!!


Looks like another rainy Thursday... Even so, we are getting the first shipment of the big flower pots in today that everyone always waits know, the ones from garden elements that look like yummy candy in a pot, and more veggies and herbs should be arriving by tomorrow for the weekend, (shhhh if you give us a call tomorrow after 12:00 we can let you know what's come in so you can sneak in Friday afternoon before the weekend rush!!). Stay dry and well!!


Hi all! Just a friendly reminder that curbside is minimal tomorrow due to the traffic we expect in the store. Answering the phones, email, and facebook will also be minimal to none. Do not fret though, we will pick back up on curbside, emails, and facebook questions on Monday.

For those who are nervous to visit this weekend we want to assure you that we are encouraging face protectors and we are also practicing social distancing. We have marks on the floor to aid in proper distancing as well as arrows in the greenhouse to show you how to walk into and out of aisles. We also have plexiglass shields at our check outs so you will not be face to face with the cashiers.

Thank you each for your support and understanding!! Have a great weekend!


What are rainy days good for? Staring out the window at your yard and planning what you're going to get at Blue Mount Nursery as soon as it clears up!! Not gonna lie the greenhouse is incredible this time of year...can't wait to share it with all of you.


We hope everyone is staying safe and well. We wanted to let you know that we just got a load of shrubs and a load of trees this past week...something we find VERY exciting.

Tomorrow we expecting a fresh batch of perennials and annuals...including herbs and veggies! Give us a call tomorrow afternoon if there's something specific you're looking for or just stop in for a change of pace.

We are social distancing to the max and enjoying seeing everyone's face protector designs! You're all looking great!!

These annuals range from 2.99 and up.

These annuals range from 2.99 and up.

These annuals range from 2.99 and up.

it's all about coleus :) there are just a few of the many  varieties we have in our greenhouse

it's all about coleus :) there are just a few of the many varieties we have in our greenhouse

it's beginning to look a lot like spring.

it's beginning to look a lot like spring.

some more pictures of the beautiful hanging baskets

some more pictures of the beautiful hanging baskets


The greenhouse is bursting with soo many beautiful things it's impossible to share that with you over facebook and emails so we've made a decision that beginning today at
1:00 p.m. we will open the doors to limited numbers.

We ask that you come in ONLY if you have face protection on (mask, scarf, bandana, etc) and gloves on (yard, plastic, dishwashing, etc). To keep our numbers limited we ask that you keep your party to 1 to 2 people and if you are able have your party consist of only adults at this time.

When you come in you will notice we have directional arrows in the greenhouse showing you which way you are able to enter the different aisles. When it is time to check out please wait for us to ask you to step back from your cart as we count and write up your flowers.

We will continue to keep you updated here, and we will be sending out an email blast update as well.

Thank you for being the most amazing community ever.

These annuals range from 2.99 and up.

These annuals range from 2.99 and up.

These annuals range from 2.99 and up.

Tools, Food, and More 2020

Tools, Food, and More 2020


For those of you waiting we got an order of veggies in today!!!

TOMATOES: Green Zebra, Cherokee Purple, Roma Plum, Sweet 100, Red Grape, Sugary, Sun Sugar, Whopper, Patio, Big Boy, Early Girl, Lemon Boy, Better Boy, Big Beef, Buffalosteak, Celebrity.

TOMATOES HEIRLOOM: Brandywine, Beefsteak, Mr. Stripey, Mortgage Lifter, Pineapple, San Marzano.

PEPPERS: Serrano, Jalapeno

PEPPERS BELL: Admiral, Better Belle, Gold California Wonder

EGGPLANT: Black Beauty, Classic

These annuals range from 2.99 and up.

These annuals range from 2.99 and up.

These annuals range from 2.99 and up.



Tools, Food, and More 2020

Tools, Food, and More 2020

gallon sized perennials start at $11.99 each

gallon sized perennials start at $11.99 each

gallon sized perennials start at $11.99 each



Dear Blue Mount Community. Due to the predicted spike in Loudoun County, we have decided to remain as curbside only for at least the next two weeks including on weekends.

We realize this will come as a disappointment to most of you. It is our hope that you will understand our reasoning behind this. We are aware that other garden centers are not choosing to go curbside, and we respect whatever their personal decisions are concerning that. We have chosen to remain curbside to protect our staff and families.

We thank you for the outpouring of support and kindness you have shown us these past weeks and we look forward to coming out the other side of this and seeing each of your faces in person again.

Please remember we are taking phone calls as quickly as possible. We have only three lines we are able to answer at a time and three people answering them while other staff pulls your orders. If you need to leave a message it will be taken off and your call will be returned. Thank you and stay safe.




Dear Blue Mount community. After some hard deliberation we have decided that Blue Mount Nursery will be offering ONLY curb side shopping Monday through Friday for the next two weeks (Tuesday April 7th through Monday April 20th). Please call us Monday through Friday 9-4 with your curb side orders at 703-729-6600. This means you will not be able to enter the building Monday through Friday for the next two weeks.

During the weekends we will be open for visitors, limited to only 10 in the building at a time. The amount of people entering the building will be monitored by a staff member.
Please note that we will be closed in observance of the Easter Holiday Sunday April, 12th.

Please remember that this time is very scary and stressful for all of us. Our employees are doing their absolute best to make this shopping experience as calming and helpful as possible for everyone.

We appreciate your patience during this time and wish each of you good health.


Hi all! Just checking in with the community and thanking everyone who has been doing curb side pick ups with us! It's been a pleasure working with each of you and we look forward to continuing that relationship.


WE WILL BE CLOSED TOMORROW TUESDAY APRIL 7th for deep cleaning of the nursery.

In the future weeks we will be closed on MONDAYS for deep cleaning and mental health day for our employees.

WE WILL be offering CURB SIDE pick up on the days we are closed. You will NOT be able to enter the building on TUESDAY APRIL 7th or ANY MONDAY starting MONDAY APRIL 13th.

We will also be closed for Easter Sunday.

We truly value and appreciate each of you.


20052 Lexington Dr
Ashburn, VA

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(703) 729-6600


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