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A free Fan story.Novel: I will avenge my mother's pain.Author: NobleRemmy All rights are reserved... Chapter 1Mara Brook...

A free Fan story.
Novel: I will avenge my mother's pain.
Author: NobleRemmy
All rights are reserved...
Chapter 1
Mara Brooklyn POV

Today was my eighteenth birthday and one of the most happiest days of my life. My aunt Celine prepared a birthday party for later and I have an hour to get ready. It was thirty minutes to my party and I was still not dressed. However, I couldn't wait to wear my new purple long elegant dress I bought purposely for this day.

"Should I leave my hair down or up...I am confused aunt." I impatiently asked my aunt.

Instead, She laughed at my overexcited mood and her face suddenly went paled with sadness.

"Times like these were when you remind me of your mother." Aunt Celine suddenly uttered to my surprise.

She had never spoken about my mom or dad for the past eight years, so I wondered what triggered this comment out of the blue.

"Aunt...why haven't you told me anything about my mother till date. I have the right to know..." I suddenly gave into my emotions and questioned her after the night I turned ten!

" many times will I tell you to not ask about your mother." My aunt had tears in her eyes once more.

She was always crying whenever I mentioned my mom, that was why I stopped asking this whole time. But as a young girl who was about to enter the stage of adulthood, I have the right to know the entire truth about my mother and my father. But it seems aunt Celine still wasn't prepared to talk about it.

"Come hurry and get ready, your friends will be here soon for the party.." Aunt Celine muttered to change the subject so I simply let it go.

I didn't want anything to ruin my birthday party or get my aunt into a bad mood so I quit asking.

"Okay." Was my short reply.

Thirty minutes later, a few of my friends began to arrive and I was very excited as I got dressed and swept my black thick hair in a ponytail exposing my slender neck in my spotless backless strap long black dress. I concluded my dress with the latest Tropoli shoes...a classy and luxurious shoe brand all over the country.

I was on top of the world. The compliments my friends showered on me had me on cloud nine. We had the best time in our life with a simple get-together between my few friends and it was the happiest day of my wasn't the lavish party that made me happy though, it was because I was finally adult.

Just this news was enough to get me happy and excited.

I was about to enter the best phase of my life, new looks, new college, new challenges, and aspirations.

I thought I had it all until I went on an errand my aunt asked. She told me to take my unused stuff to the cottage. It was a creepy dirty place, unused for the past ten years.

This was the first time I step my feet into the cottage, because I used to get scared getting closer when I was a child.

But since I am a grown woman now, there was nothing that could scare me.
So I took my stuff and place it at the far corner of the cottage, then suddenly something caught my attention.

"A diary?... Does aunt Celine keep a diary?" I scout over to pick it up, curious to find out about my aunt's teenage days and the secrets she wrote inside the diary.

The diary was filled with dust so wiped it off with my palm, careless of the dust it gathered on it. But instead of my aunt's name, I saw my own name written on the diary.

I knew the book wasn't mine since I only started using a diary in my first year at high-shool.

"Then who was this Mara Brooklyn written on the diary..." I asked myself and curiously opened it to read its contents.

A few minutes into my reading, my eyes began to well up with an endless flow of tears...and my legs suddenly shook from pain and gave out.

I had to hold unto the wall near me to hold myself together from falling to the floor, as the real truth behind my birth were vividly written in detail along the lines of this diary.

"The diary belonged to my mother...and I am a product of a well-planned ganged r**e!..." This was the secret I found out on my eighteenth birthday that took a huge turn in my well-laid plans towards another aimless direction.

To be continued...
Getting ready for my party!


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