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Periodically inspect your trees for broken limbs that have become hung up in the tree. If you spot any, or suspect a branch is broken, contact your tree trimming service to have them safely removed.


Contact the arborist at your tree trimming service at least once a year and have your trees inspected for disease and insect infestation.


It is never a good idea to top trees. Cutting main branches back to stubs is extremely harmful and unhealthy for trees. Stubs will grow back weakly attached branches that are higher and more likely to break during a storm.


As autumn approaches, have your trees inspected for branches that could be trimmed back to prevent damage to the tree when spring windstorms blow through.


The roof is not the only place where tree limbs can cause damage: surrounding trees and shrubbery can be damaged as well.


Pruning a tree branch properly can be an art. If you remove the slight swelling or collar around the branch, or leave too much of the stub behind, you can cause cankers and other problems. Before you prune, take the time to learn safe pruning practices, or ask a professional for advice.


Do your homework before you grab a shovel. A tree will adorn your landscape for decades, so make sure you are installing the best tree variety for your needs. Sun and wind exposure, soil conditions, water requirements, and preferred height and spread are all important considerations.


Prior to transplanting, determine whether the tree or shrub likes sun or shade, and what its spacing and watering requirements are. For instance, don't locate a plant that craves water next to one that prefers dry conditions: their needs will be incompatible.


Thinning a tree's branches is one way to increase air flow and prepare your landscape for winter winds and harsh weather conditions. Before you finish raking and bagging those autumn leaves, make your landscape winter ready by having your trees pruned.


Young trees that are not balanced will bend toward the heaviest side. Prevent this problem by properly trimming and shaping your trees. This serves both practical and aesthetic purposes.


Trees can only be transplanted during certain times of the year. Most deciduous trees can be transplanted when they are in their dormant season, when foliage is lost. This may happen in the fall, after a couple of hard freezes, or in the spring, once the deep frost is gone, but before budding occurs.


There are undesirable suburban landscape trees, like willow trees that can compromise underground sewage tanks, water and sewer lines. An undesirable tree may also be one that's dying, too large for its location, or one that poses a threat to nearby structures during windy or wintry weather.


Even if you regularly fertilize your yard and lawn, this doesn't mean your trees are getting everything they need. Typically, trees need to be fed at the root zone, which can be determined by noting the circumference of the tree's branches.


Caring for your trees is more important than you might think. Unhealthy or sick trees - particularly those that are rotting from the inside - can unexpectedly fall on power lines, your house, or into a neighbor's yard.


A weak branch union is a place on your tree where the branches do not seem to be solidly attached. This can result in tree limbs that are more prone to split off or fall as a result of strong winds and other factors.


A professional arborist will be able to determine the appropriate amount of pruning to ensure the health and longevity of your tree. Do not worry if your tree does not appear perfect or looks unbalanced. With branches gone, your tree may look naked, but it will heal, grow new foliage, and return to its natural beauty quickly.


If you're concerned your tree's root system compromising your home's foundation or sewage line, look at the tree's aerial canopy. A good rule of thumb is that a tree's roots will spread underground at least as far as the branches extend above ground.


If you have oak trees, tree trimming services that employ certified arborists can help you recognize the signs of oak wilt and what you can do to protect your trees from this disease.


After winter has subsided, do a thorough check of your irrigation system. Ensure that the drip systems are not clogged and that all the valves and backflow prevention devices are working properly. Make sure that they are providing the proper amount of water for your trees as well as the lawn.


Spring is a great time to prune some trees and shrubs. Pruning keeps the plants in shape, gets rid of dead and diseased wood, and encourages new growth. It is important to hire a professional tree care specialist to ensure proper pruning and to avoid pruning trees that flower early in the spring.


Fall is the best time to examine the safety and health of your trees. Fallen leaves expose the tree's entire structure and architecture, making it easier to detect deadwood. A trained tree care specialist will look for changes in bark color, fungus growth, cracks, and other symptoms to determine deadwood.


While spring often gets credited for being the best time to plant trees and shrubs, fall is another great planting season thanks to its cool temperatures and ample rainfall. Keep in mind, though, that trees and shrubs planted in fall need enough time to establish a good root system before winter hits.


When hiring a tree trimming service, make sure it has enough insurance and all certifications and licenses required by your municipality.


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