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has been buying and selling coins & coin collections for 30 years. We deal in silver & gold coins, silver dollars, jewelry & gold/silver bullion. We are always looking for scrap gold, sterling silver, dental gold and pocket watches. Our services include estate appraisals, jewelry repair and engraving. We are proud of our reputation for fairness & honesty as well as quality service, expertise & high professional standa


Art Nouveau designer René Jules Lalique created jewelry featuring stylized depictions of women and insects. Famous for his glasswork, the artist also devised the glass church of St Matthew's in Millbrook on the island of Jersey.


Although the term "costume jewelry" was coined in the 1920s, people have been making jewelry out of nonprecious metals since ancient times. Although it is often labeled as inferior to fine jewelry, the intricate craftsmanship in costume or fashion jewelry is often better than the expensive stuff.


What is it about gems and precious metals that is so attractive to humans that we want to take and shape them into objects that are coveted by others?


Believe it or not, the nation of Cuba once hosted a bowl game known as the “Bacardi Bowl” or the “Cigar Bowl” during the first part of the twentieth century. Colleges from the American South would play athletes from Cuban universities.


The value of a diamond is determined by its clarity, or the composition of its internal features and external defects, known as blemishes. However, clarity is just one of four categories used to grade diamonds. The rest of the “Four C’s” include carat, color and cut.


Do you know that just as the sunlight can damage your skin, the rays and heat can also damage your jewelry? The direct sunlight can affect their color and durability.


Emeralds are a type of beryl colored green due to small amounts of chromium or valadium. In the novel version of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the coloration of the Emerald City is actually an optical illusion created by wearing green spectacles.


Cheering for your favorite time doesn’t mean that you have to dress like a college student. There is hand crafted jewelry that offers you a classier way to show your support any day while looking your best.


Today diamonds are valued the world over, but that wasn't always the case. In fact, it wasn't until 327 B.C. that diamonds were first brought to the attention of European royalty. Care to guess who introduced these precious stones to Europe? If you guessed Alexander the Great, you're right.


Were you aware that most diamonds have a tinge of yellow or brown to some extent? Only the rarest of diamonds are truly colorless. By comparison, a cubic zirconia is often entirely colorless, making it equivalent to a perfect “D” on the diamond color grading scale.


Jewelry Pop Quiz: Q: What stone tucked under the pillow alleviates nightmares, helps recall dreams and promotes good sleep? a) Ruby; b) Sapphire; c) Emerald; d) Citrine. A: "D". The citrine.


There are some basic pieces of jewelry you should have to complement and use with newer pieces. Necklaces, cuff bracelets, bangle bracelets, dangling earrings, and few rings are a great foundation for your collection.


One of the most unique mascots in college athletics is Saint Louis University’s “the Biliken.” This refers to a mythical creature created by a schoolteacher in 1908. By the early 1910s, the school’s football team became known as “Bender’s Bilikens.”


If you are allergic to certain metals, we invite you to ask our sales professionals about the metal content of our jewelry. We also strive to obtain the highest quality, lead-free bargain jewelry.


Cleopatra, the legendary Queen of Egypt, adored emeralds. The mine in Upper Egypt, rediscovered a hundred years ago near the Red Sea, was one of the earliest emerald finds in human history.


Sometimes it can be tough to figure out what will sell and what will sit on the shelf. Wholesale jewelry shops work hard to stay on the cutting edge of trends and styles, which means jewelry store owners and other resellers can feel confident in their purchases.


Jewelry is among the most personal of gifts- and you can make that gift all the more personal by including something that the person loves as part of the piece. Their college colors might just be the perfect addition.


Platinum is more valuable than gold, so in general, antique platinum jewelry commands a higher price. In 1750, platinum was recognized as a “noble” metal, like gold and silver, because it didn’t rust or corrode.


Some of the finest and most beautiful turquoise jewelry in the world is made in Arizona and in New Mexico by the Native American tribes of the Southwest.


Antique diamonds are often set in platinum. Why? Platinum doesn’t tarnish, it’s significantly stronger and more durable than white or yellow gold, and the cool tone compliments rather than competes with a diamond’s natural brilliance.


Diamonds, rubies, and emeralds are not the only important gemstones. Painite, Musgravite, Jadeite, and Alexandrite are extremely rare and exceptionally valuable. Jewelry with these stones will take your breath away.


The world of antique jewelry has a whole dictionary of terms and names of its own. A crescent pin was popular in the late Victorian period. It was worn at the top a high collared blouse, typically with the tips of the crescent moon pointing downward.


Did you know that Platinum is one of the world's strongest metals? It weighs 60% more than karat gold. Just holding it in your hand, you can feel the difference. Not everyone can own Platinum jewelry because there simply isn't enough of it in world.


Competition can be fierce among jewelry companies, especially in urban areas where customers have many different options. Carrying a large and varied inventory is one way to distinguish your store from the pack. You'll soon build a reputation as the store that has something for everyone.


Much of our current knowledge about antique jewelry comes from personal items found in tombs, sculptures, and ancient artwork (including cave paintings). Jewelry in ancient times meant a lot then as it does now, often being emblematic of rank or social standing.


The forward pass first came about in college football in 1906, further distinguishing North American football from rugby sports. The pass was devised to encourage higher scores and reduce injuries. The previous year had experienced 18 reported player deaths.


The development of metal technology is what enabled early jewelry makers to tame metals and precious stones and shape precious gems into works of art, many of which were also worn on the body.


Black diamond jewelry right now is hot – from rings, to necklaces to cool and classic earring styles. And what is the perfect low price alternative to black diamond jewelry that will give you the same look? Black onyx – with a ton of sparkle and shine for an affordable price.


Platinum antique jewelry is hard to find and is thus considered rare. In fact, jewelry made from platinum can be quite valuable. Platinum is 50 times more rare than gold and 60% heavier. Indeed, it is one of the strongest materials on the earth.


What is the difference between blue and green aquamarine? Both colors are popular right now in aquamarine jewelry pieces, and the only difference between the two is that blue aquamarines have received a heat treatment to transform their natural green color to blue.


In the ancient past, were diamonds first used for decoration or religious purposes? If you guessed both, you're probably right. The first diamonds used as amulets and jewelry began appearing in the historical record about 3,000 years ago.


Were you aware that fashion jewelry is sometimes made to imitate the appearance of precious stones, in addition to precious metals? This even includes pearls. Pearl fashion jewelry became very popular after first lady Barbara Bush wore a three-strand faux pearl necklace to the inaugural ball of her husband.


A lavalier is a particular style of necklace, where the pendant is supported at two points rather than just hanging from a single bail. This style was very popular in the Edwardian Period and can be found in antique jewelry stores today.


As we sell each piece of fashion jewelry, we caution our customers against cleaning their new purchases with soap and water. Soap will dull the jewelry. Instead, spray it with glass cleaner, rinse with water, and wipe it dry with a towel.


Just like painting, sculpture, and music, jewelry is high art and is to be appreciated not only for its individual elements, but how they work as a whole as well. The only difference between jewelry and these other art forms is that it is wearable.


Jewelry fashions come and go, and at the moment, cameos are hot. Antique cameos are often oval and most feature portraits, profiles, mythological creatures or scenes carved in bas-relief on stone or shell. The carved image is either lighter or darker than the background color.


One of the main purposes of owning fashion jewelry is to be trendy and make a statement while remaining economically sound.


In different countries engagement rings are worn on different fingers. Canada, England, France, and the US traditionally wear the engagement ring on the left hand. Germany, Russia, and India wear the engagement ring on the right hand.


Those feeling cynical about the numerous bowl games named for corporate sponsors should take a look at the absurd names for match-ups in the 1940s. The Raisin Bowl, the Salad Bowl and the Oil Bowl were all real events.


Did you know that the concept of costume jewelry isn’t a modern one? In fact, costume jewelry was introduced almost 300 years ago as a way to allow low to medium income customers to buy accessories to complement their clothing.


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