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Ageless Artifice LLC We make historical body care products (lotions, powders, and more) from the 19th century all the way back to Ancient Egypt!


ANNOUNCEMENT: I regret to announce that I will be closing Ageless Artifice LLC.

It is just getting to be too much for me, since I also work a full-time job and occasionally like to see my family.


I will still take orders (email me) until March 31. However, I will not be purchasing any more supplies, so I can only sell what I already have (or have the supplies to make).


My last event will be the Fort Frederick Market Fair, April 25-28. It is my Going Out Of Business SALE! Everything will be on sale; please stop by, I'd love to greet all of my loyal customers and thank you for such a fun time.


I will continue offering workshops and presentations on historical cosmetics and related topics in the Northern Virginia area, under my own name; details will be forthcoming on my...


I am working on a new website to which I will move the cosmetics information that is currently at the Ageless Artifice site. When it is finished I will send out a notice so you can all update your bookmarks!

Thank you, thank you all for supporting me in this business. I could not have done it without you, and only wish it could have lasted longer!


--Katie Cannon
Owner and Labor Force

Ageless Artifice: Body Care Products From Ages Past

Check out the new website! now no longer sells my products directly, but on it you can find a list of the events I will be attending, plus information about the products and cosmetics throughout history in general. I plan to keep adding to the information, and also will shortly be adding a list of retail locations that sell my products.


Starting June 15, 2012, I will no longer be accepting orders through my website. If you live too far away to see me in person at an event, don't panic! You can always contact me about buying something long-distance; I just will not be regularly accepting website orders.


Hope to see you all next weekend at the Virginia Renaissance Faire. It will be our first Renaissance Farie and we are excited! Come see all the new Elizabethan-era stuff we've been working on.


Can't wait for Fort Frederick Market Fair! I've been busy making more of everything 18th century... plus a couple of new items not in the online catalog yet! You'll have to come in person to find out.

Here's a project for the craft-oriented: 17th century washing balls.
Historical Beauty Tips

Here's a project for the craft-oriented: 17th century washing balls.

To make very good washing balls take storax of both kinds, benjamin, calamus aromaticus, labdanum of each a like; and bray them to powder with cloves and orris; then beat them all with a sufficient quantity of soap till it be stiff, then with your hand you shall work it like paste, and make round ba...


Holiday Shoppers Be Warned: Since this is a family business, we will not be able to ship to you while we are traveling for the holidays. Shipping will be unavailable between December 21 and January 2. Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope this will not disrupt anyone's plans.


We'd like to start making some fun informational/instructional videos. What topics would you like to see us cover?


A depilatory & facial (12th century)


“To make the hands white and delicate” (1882)

Historical Beauty Tips

New format for our blog: We've now set it up to display a "Historical Beauty Tip of the Week." We'll be updating Fridays.

To make the hands white and very delicate, the person is assisted by washing them several times, for two or three days, in milk and water, and, upon retiring to rest, bathing them in palm oil, and putting on a pair of woolen gloves, cleaning with warm water and soap the next morning. They should be ...


A Secret to take away Wrinkles


Three aduertisementes or lessons of importaunce to kepe the teeth white and vncorrupt and also a swete breathe.


Don’t try this at home: “To make an oyntment, the most excellent in the worlde, whose vertues are infinite”


Don’t try this at home: “To help a face that is red or pimpled”


To Prepare Cosmetic Soap for Washing the Hands


“To make heare as yelow as golde”


What would you find most useful for our website?


We are creating a new option for our liquid rouge and scented waters: a 1/4 oz. sample size, to be packaged in a glass bottle with a screw-on cap, in a resealable bag also containing the original recipe and historical information. The question is this: Should we also include a cork, which will increase the price, or should we leave out the cork and just have the screw-on cap?

Yesterday had the pleasure of participating in an excellent program on 19th century housewifery at the Riversdale House ...
Riversdale House Museum

Yesterday had the pleasure of participating in an excellent program on 19th century housewifery at the Riversdale House Museum. Check out their other upcoming programs:

Riversdale, a National Historic Landmark, is a restored, five-part, stucco-covered brick plantation home built between 1801 and 1807. Construction of this elegant manor house was begun by Henri Stier, a Flemish aristocrat, and was completed by his daughter Rosalie and her husband George Calvert, gra

Latest blog post: how to rid yourself of bedbugs.
Ageless Artifice Blog

Latest blog post: how to rid yourself of bedbugs.

The following is a set of instructions from 1762 on how to remove an infestation of bedbugs. It would probably work… but we do not recommend you try! Get a professional exterminator instead.

Next stop: The Benjamin Banneker Museum Market Fair! We will be there this Saturday, 10am-4pm. Stop by and see us! (And ...
Benjamin Banneker Museum Anniversary Celebration: Colonial Market Fair

Next stop: The Benjamin Banneker Museum Market Fair! We will be there this Saturday, 10am-4pm. Stop by and see us! (And if you are coming and want us to bring a particular product, send an email or Facebook post and we'll try to comply.)

Step into the past... A living history event with merchants, artisans, surveyors, games, food , the Ellicott & Company Store, and Banneker's log cabin. Children's Activities and Crafts This event is sponsor by: The Friends of Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Mu


New! Improved labels have just arrived; we were having problems with the old ones, on which the ink rubbed off! So, we've switched to a different kind, a slightly lighter shade of tan than the old ones. We think you'll be pleased. PAST CUSTOMERS: If you are unhappy with your labels (ink coming off, etc.) please email [email protected] and we will mail you new labels-- free of charge!


We have (finally) restocked on everything we ran out of at the Fort Frederick Market Fair! 18th century Red Lip Salve and Rouge being the two most-wanted. (Sorry it took so long; we also discovered a problem with the labels we were using, and had to re-order those too. So, customers will now get our new-and-improved labels too! Photos to arrive soon on our website.)

We found a fun 17th century recipe that claims it "preserveth the youth." Check it out here: http://www.agelessartifice....
“How to make a soferiagne water” « Ageless Artifice Blog

We found a fun 17th century recipe that claims it "preserveth the youth." Check it out here:

This is a rather long receipt, and so is the title! But, we got a kick out of reading the whole thing and thought you would too. (If you can’t figure out what “soferiagne” means, say it out loud, voicing a “v” instead of an “f.” Ah, the creative spellings of the 17th century!)

How not to advertise your breath mints « Ageless Artifice Blog

I was reading a late 17th century recipe for making what are essentially breath mints. They sounded good... until the instruction to shape them "like a Mouses turd." Yep, that's good marketing right there. Read the whole quote: (And yes, "turd" is a much older word than you might think.)

The following is from a 1696 recipe book, for what are essentially breath mints, “Perfum’d with Amber, very good for the Mouth.”


Thanks to all who stopped by at the Fort Frederick Market Fair! It was a great event, even if it was more wet & windy than predicted.


Reston, VA


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