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Kuhlman Lawn Service LLC Kuhlman LAwn Service LLC is a loacal to Poolesville Family owned and operated business. Kuhlman Lawn Service, LLC is a family owned and operated company that has more then 14 years experience and was started in 2002 and specializes in full maintenance contracts for both commercial and residential customers in the Montgomery County area.Providing professional services with a family feel where an owner can be contacted 24/7 to address your concerns to keep your property maintained so you can just enjoy.

Please give us a call as Lawn Maintenance is our specialty and enjoying the outdoors and not having to maintain it should be yours. Family owned and operated. Owners available 24/7 by phone.

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One of the secrets to a bug free lawn is to keep the lawn healthy. Regularly scheduled fertilizing using correctly formulated products is one of the most effective measures for proper lawn maintenance.


Modern lawn care requires more than mowing every couple of weeks. It also requires proper maintenance of the tools. If mower blades are not properly sharpened, they will damage the grass leaves; if the mower height is incorrect, lawn quality is affected.


If you see mounds of dirt popping up across your lawn, it's a sure sign of fire ants. These troublesome pests not only damage the yard, they drive out beneficial insects and are a health threat to people.


In addition to a traditional sprinkler system for your lawn, consider adding drip irrigation for trees, flowerbeds, and vegetable gardens. Drip systems use less water and they pe*****te deep to the roots.


If you've noticed patches of yellow or brown dotting your lawn, this may be a sign of Chinch bugs, Greenbug aphids, different species of white grubs, or other invasive species which will attack lawns at the surface or the roots.


Maintaining your lawn organically helps to conserve water. As your soil improves, its ability to absorb and hold moisture improves as well and allows the roots to grow to reach deeper into the soil.


If there are patches of yellow or brown dotting your lawn, it may be a sign that insects are attacking it. We will inspect your lawn to determine the cause and take appropriate action to correct it.


One of the ways to combat crabgrass is to maintain a strong and healthy lawn as crabgrass does not like competition. Proper mowing height, choosing the right grass for your area, and regular watering and fertilizing are key components.


Drought conditions can play havoc with your lawn on several levels. One of the more common, correctable conditions is soil compaction, which prevents water from being properly absorbed. Aeration corrects this.


Having your lawn mowed serves a greater purpose than simply controlling the height of the grass. It also stimulates new growth that keeps the grass green and healthy. Regularly mown lawns require less maintenance over the course of a season.


Mole crickets feed at night during warm weather and after rain showers or watering. They come to the surface and feed on grass and other organic matter. The best way to prevent them is by having a professionally maintained lawn.


Once you have made the decision to have a great looking lawn, it is important to have a lawn care program that is regular and consistent to keep it looking great and to keep w**ds out.


Each lawn is different, as is the composition of the topsoil. Because hydroseeding can be custom mixed, the grass, fertilizer, and soil amendments can all be adjusted to create a superior growing environment and improve the quality of your lawn.


Hydroseeding is one of the best ways to establish a lawn on sloped surface, regardless of the grade. Unlike like grass seed that will wash away, the combination of materials sticks to the ground and stays in place during rain and watering.


While a thin layer or thatch is good, if it is too thick it acts as a barrier to water, is a haven for destructive insects, and fosters diseases. If the thatch in your lawn is more than half an inch, call us to remove it.


If your and other homes in your area are up for sale, and everything about the homes is essentially identical, the one with the healthiest lawn will sell the quickest. If you will be putting your home on the market, let us create a program that will turn your lawn into green.


If you keep dogs, they can wreak havoc with your lawn. While we won't clean up after them, we can provide a lawn maintenance program that lessens and repairs damage done by your pets.


Using organic products on your lawn encourages birds, butterflies, ladybugs, mantises, beetles, and other colorful, interesting creatures to make their homes in your yard. In addition to being fun to watch, many help control insect pests.


Thatch control is important in preventing and controlling spittle bugs in lawns. Proper dethatching and fertilization practices can disrupt the humid conditions essential for spittlebug development, reducing the need for chemical pest control.


Most people do not realize that just one square foot of a lawn contains as many as 3,000 individual blades of grass. A lawn care service such as ours can help you to transform your yard into the green space of your dreams.


Following an organic program can help make your lawn more drought, heat, and freeze tolerant. Strengthening roots with organic additives encourages them to grow longer and reach moisture and nutrients deep in the soil.


If your lawn is bumpy or irregular, let us level it out. We will fill low areas and then either sod them or plant shrubs, trees, or other greenery depending on what you would prefer.


Keep in mind that the height of your grass and the depth of its roots are directly related. As such, it is important to find the optimal height for your yard in order to strike a balance of looks, health, and strength.


A properly aerated lawn can save you considerable money in water bills and fertilizer. When your lawn is aerated, less fertilizer and water are needed because they pe*****te the ground better and are more thoroughly absorbed.


Different grasses go dormant at different times of the year, and if you over-seed your lawn to account for this variation, your fertilization schedule needs to match your grass cycles. Let us know the grasses that are planted in your yard, and we will take care of the rest.


Thinking about going organic? An organic lawn care program encourages beneficial insects to make their home in your lawn and garden to help control harmful insects without the use of chemical insecticides.


Good lawn care is a science, requiring studying and understanding the characteristics and needs of different turf grasses. A special problem arises, however, if watering restrictions exist and its impact on lawn care. As a professional service, we have the skills to keep your lawn looking great, even under the most drying conditions.


If you have areas of your yard that cannot support grass, some sort of ground cover should be planted. Not only will this improve the look of your yard, it will help control accidental runoff caused by rain or watering.


If you use pre-emergents on your lawn to fight w**d growth, we recommend having them applied after aeration. This makes it more difficult for w**ds to germinate and gives the grass a better chance at competing for nutrients and space.


Mowing involves more than cutting down the grass whenever it looks shaggy. Our attention to detail will keep your lawn healthy and looking great all year long.


Building the health of your soil with an organic lawn maintenance program benefits your shrubs, trees, and other garden plants as well. Since the roots of your trees and shrubs extend into the soil under your lawn, they are affected by any treatments that are used on the grass.


Poor lawn growth under trees comes from competition with tree roots for water and nutrients, and a lack of sufficient sunshine. You can correct this by planting shade tolerant grasses, or by replacing the grass with ground cover that requires less water and sun.


You should have your lawn aerated and dethatched every year or so. Aeration involves puncturing the soil to loosen it and to allow air, water, and nutrients to pe*****te and enrich the soil.


Adding beneficial microorganisms to the soil allows the roots of your grass, trees, and shrubs to better utilize the nutrients available to them, and makes organic fertilizer even more effective.


Does it seem to you that there are more leaves on your lawn than there ever were in the trees? Don’t break your back with endless raking and bagging. We can send a crew to rake and remove fallen leaves and clean up other debris that has made its way to the lawn.


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