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We are now into our winter hours we are closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday 9 am to 1 pm. If you have any questions please call us at 270-442-6017. Thank you

Now available at Paducah Pools and Spas.

Now available at Paducah Pools and Spas.

Now available at Paducah Pools and Spas.


We now have stabilized chlorine tabs in 25lbs., 20.6 lbs. cal hypo and 44lbs. cal hypo tabs in stock, as well as all forms of shock and algaecide.


Winter Covers and Closing equipment are now in.


Paducah Pools is now open to full time hours of 9-5 Monday threw Friday and 9-1 on Saturday.


We will be checking voicemails every 24 hours. For service, chemicals, etc. Please call 270-442-6017 and we will make arrangements to provide these services to our customers. From all of is here at Paducah Pools and Spas we Thank You for your business, and Please stay well.

Grand Bahama 3 is the Hot Tub of the Month call in for pricing and information.

Grand Bahama 3 is the Hot Tub of the Month call in for pricing and information.



Do not use the spa during the decontamination process.

To decontaminate, you need to super-chlorinate the water with granular chlorine (or substitute granular bromine for chlorine). Our goal is to maintain 20ppm or more of chlorine for 72 hours.

Add 2.5 ounces (5 tablespoons, 75 grams) of chlorine per every 100 gallons (400 liters) of spa water or part thereof. For this treatment to be effective it is imperative that the chlorinated water is distributed throughout the entire plumbing system. Ensure that diverter valves are midway and that all jets, valves, waterfalls, water features, and aerators are open and are subjected to the chlorine. If your tub has a drain next to the pump or at the base of the cabinet to which you can attach a hose to facilitate draining, ensure that some of the chlorinated water is bled through the drain at the onset of this procedure. This is very important to do because any built-in drains are a dead end in the plumbing and the chlorine will not naturally make its way down to that part of the plumbing, but the contaminant will.

Check the chlorine reading after 24, 48 and 72 hours. If at any of these intervals the chlorine is anything less than ridiculously high (if it shows less than the maximum on your test strips) treat the tub again with chlorine and start the clock over on the 72 hour time period.

After 72 hours of successful chlorination:

• Remove your filter and clean it.
• Add the bottle of Cleanser (small green bottle)/ spa purge to the tub and run the jets on high-speed for 1 hour. It is okay to leave the Cleanser/ spa purge in for more than 24 hours, but for what we are doing 24 hours will suffice.
• Drain the spa.
• Rinse everything out, run a little fresh water through the filter well, and through each jet for a few seconds. Do your best to remove all of the old water.
• Install the clean filter and refill the tub. Once the water heats up, you may start your chemical additions for balancing the water.
• If your filtration settings are scheduled ensure that you are filtering a minimum of 6 hours a day. If your spa utilizes a hush pump (often referred to as a ‘circ’ pump) please ensure that it is filtering 24/7. If you are unsure of your tub’s system, check your manual or consult you dealer.
• Balance the alkalinity to between 80-120 if necessary (or as directed by your professional spa retailer)
• After the alkalinity is balanced, then ensure that the pH is between 7.2 and 7.8, adjust if necessary.
• Balance the calcium hardness next to the levels of 250-500ppm, and then add SANITIZER levels to appropriate levels according to the type you are using.


With all these high temps. this coming week don't forget to balance your pool before you start to close it down for the winter.


It's hot, cool off in a new Above Ground Pool. Install now and save on remaining inventory and get a head start on next summer.

poolife® Enzyme for Pools

poolife® Enzyme for Pools

When people swim in a pool, they leave behind fats, proteins and sugars from daily hygiene products. Learn how poolife® Enzyme for Pools breaks down contamin...


Hello all you fabulous pool owners. For those of you that haven’t opened your pools yet, here are a couple life saving tips.

• As you pump all that nasty water off your covers fill the pool up with the cover on. Doing this helps with many spring opening issues.
• After the water is up to the top of the skimmer, either the sun and wind or a leaf blower will dry it out and any leaves left on it will be easy to remove.
• After taking off the cover and replacing all your pump plugs, return eye, sight glass and pressure gauge, make sure if you have any cut off valves they are open and the cap is on your sand tank.
• Start the pool up in backwash, rinse, then to filter mode turning it off and on between each position.
• The first vacuum of the season needs to go to waste.
• Now you are to the shock, algaecide and sanitizer portion of the opening.
• After the pool has operated for a good 24 to 48 hours after your start up chemicals don’t forget to balance the water.
• As for the lovely pollen that falls in this area if you’re still getting massive amounts of green/yellow clouds floating in the air you may wish to try out the skimmer socks. Just be super safe and check the skimmer 2 times a day. Pollen can clog those up just as fast as leaves fall in the pool in the fall. No one wants to go and blow up there motor due to not cleaning the baskets.

Now you’re all set to go jumping in the pool, if you need any help or just want to stop in and say hi we would love to see all your smiling faces around here. Have a great day and an even better summer, from all of us here at Paducah Pools and Spas.


This article is to look at Enzyme systems and in particular Spa Marvel. Spa Marvel makes a big difference in water quality and health and at 54.99 every 3 months is also more affordable than other systems.

So what do they do? Enzymes work by helping to break down inorganic contaminants like sweat, body oils, lotions and other contaminants, the kind of stuff that bacteria feed on and that foam and cloud up your tub. This process has a ton of benefits, enough to justify using a list later, but the main reason this is so important is that they let you heavily reduce the level of chlorine or bromine you use and expose yourself to.

Chlorine or bromine are used for water treatment because they are simply great at killing organics, which is perfect for bactera or viruses but not great for people, especially since the steam from a hot tub gives it easy exposure to your lungs and eyes. This can cause irritation and other issues, especially if you use your hot tub daily like I do, safely cutting down on chemical exposure has always been important to me and right now this system is the best for it.

I know some people totally stop using chlorine or bromine in favor of systems like this but that is pretty risky. These chemicals do play an important role and it is safer to keep chlorine present in the tub even if this treatment lets you use less, Spa Marvel itself is not a sanitizer. Always check your local regulations or recommendations, most don’t take into account systems like this yet sadly but the Enzyme technology is growing popular even without it so hopefully they catch up soon.

Even if you don’t reduce your chemical use here is that list of other benefits I mentioned.

-Enzymes help prevent scale, bio-film and other buildup.
-By removing contaminants that bacteria feed on Spa Marvel reduces the levels of chlorine or bromine needed to effectively sanitize.
-These systems are non toxic and environmentally friendly, the Spa Marvel people even do a demo where they drink it.
-All these above parts keep your total dissolved solids count low which lets your water last far longer before needing changed
-By breaking down and removing these contaminants as well as reducing chemical use your water also becomes easier to balance an can be left for longer. Oh and I forgot to mention it also has a version for pools as well.


Pool season is just around the corner, now is a great time to stock up on some chemicals before you really need them.

This months special is not just on one tub it's on all remaining floor models, so give us a like, share and follow us on...

This months special is not just on one tub it's on all remaining floor models, so give us a like, share and follow us on here then bring yourself down to Paducah Pools and Spas.


I would like to let everyone know that Paducah Pools and Spas is now stocking liquid pool shock sold by the case (4 gallons) for 19.99.


Hot tubs are getting geared up as the weather is getting nice for them. If you haven't been in your hot tub all summer but have had water in it, you may wish to consider doing a purge of the lines before going into full blown relaxation. We have a walk threw paper here in the shop to help guide you threw the process. This process can also be adapted to work in whirl pool baths as well. So come in and see us, visit a while and pick up the instruction page for free.


The rain is coming in everyone, if you haven't got your pool covered yet and are wanting to close you will need a retest of the water if the cover isn't on before the rain hits.


Just letting everyone know that if you are closing your pools this week please don't forget your closing water samples to make sure your pool is within balance ranges. On a side note it can also help you open your pool clear and not damaged.


Winter covers are now in for all of you that need them.


Good Morning everyone, I do hope this message finds everyone enjoying their weekend. I just wanted to let you all know that with the kids going back to school, try not to forget you still may have a pool or spa in the back yard that still needs some attention. This time of the year can be the most difficult to find time to do weekly checks on those things.


Hope everyone is having a great summer and enjoying life.

Offering some great deals on above ground pool kits.

Offering some great deals on above ground pool kits.

For the first time ever, Paducah Pools and Spas is going to offer a Lay-A-Way deal on all of our above ground pool kits....

For the first time ever, Paducah Pools and Spas is going to offer a Lay-A-Way deal on all of our above ground pool kits. That's right all sizes from 15 ft. to 30 ft. These kits come with a 1.5 hp pump and motor, 200 lb. sand tank, 3 bags of #20 silica sand and print bottom liner. They have an 8" top seat, 52" wall, 40 year limited warranty. Stop by Paducah Pools and Spas 3932 Clarks River Road Paducah, Ky. 42003 to sign up today.

Round Pool

instruction on installing an above ground pool can make it much easier to install if you have purchased one of our above ground pool kits.

Round Pool Installation


Summer is coming! Just to let everyone know all of our above ground pool kits of any size are now available at 10% off. So come on in and have a look at what we have to help your summer be relaxing.

February special Oahu II, 6 person spa, 83"x 83"x 36", 67 jets plus 1 master massage jet. LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT for m...

February special Oahu II, 6 person spa, 83"x 83"x 36", 67 jets plus 1 master massage jet. LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT for more great deals on our storage steps , umbrellas, and side mount tables.


Thoughts and prayers going out to the victims and families at Marshall County High School. We are with you.


Happy New Year to all


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Now open full time and water testing starts Saturday May 16 at 9:00 AM
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