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Furniture City Foods Promoting good eats from local restaurants and home kitchens throughout Chautauqua County. Originally a food buying club, Furniture City Foods is now a collective of like-minded individuals that: - Promote access to healthy foods. - Raise awareness of the existing farms, restaurants, businesses, and non-profits that care about healthy and local foods. - Look for innovative solutions to our food deserts and general lack and knowledge of healthy foods.

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Interested in having a shared use commercial kitchen in Jamestown? Fill out this survey!

Interested in having a shared use commercial kitchen in Jamestown? Fill out this survey!

The Jamestown Renaissance Corporation, in collaboration with the Jamestown Public Market, is looking into the feasibility of a shared use community kitchen located in downtown Jamestown, NY.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a shared use kitchen, the basic concept is a kitchen space that has commercial equipment and can be rented by the hour. Renters need to carry their own insurance, take training courses, pay membership dues, and pay for the time they use the kitchen. Shared use kitchens operate under many different organization models, have countless configurations, and evolve over time. What we need to figure out is what a shared use kitchen in the Jamestown, NY area would look like in order to meet the needs of our community. Filling out this survey will help us along that path.

Biggest news of the week!!!

Biggest news of the week!!!

Stop in to see us at

Yukon golds from Abers Acres and short ribs from @greenherongrowers   #chqeats

Yukon golds from Abers Acres and short ribs from @greenherongrowers #chqeats



Split Pea Soup with a Pastured Ham Hock! Tonight’s dinner 🍖💚It’s soup season and we have so many great cuts of meat that are perfect for SOUPer Sunday Dinners!

Didn’t have any buttermilk or any other fair substitute so we tried keifer pancakes this morning. Turned out great! Took...

Didn’t have any buttermilk or any other fair substitute so we tried keifer pancakes this morning. Turned out great! Took my normal buttermilk pancake recipe and skipped the butter in the batter and then used about 2/3 keifer and 1/3 water to get the consistency the same as buttermilk. #chqeats #jtny #jamestownny #chq #14701


Hey Y'all. We've been pretty dormant on social with the closing of the buying club and then my move to other projects, but my passion for great food and local food has only grown. I think it's time to dust off this page and start promoting the local opportunities to buy great food whether that is at a fantastic restaurant or ingredients for your own culinary adventures at home. We'll be partnering with local restaurants, farmers, foodies, chefs, and interesting characters to shine a light on the delicious bounty Chautauqua County has to offer. If you have any suggestions of folks to partner with please feel free to share. Looking forward to a delicious 2020.

Furniture City Foods

Furniture City Foods

Paid internships supporting local farmers and access to healthy foods.
Fresh Local WNY

Paid internships supporting local farmers and access to healthy foods.

Do you believe it’s important to have a strong vibrant local food system? If so, we might have a place for you to contribute as a summer farmers market intern.

Southern Tier West Regional Planning & Development Board, through its local food project, FreshLocalWNY, is seeking several summer farmers market interns. Interns will be placed at farmers markets that accept SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly food stamps) to help connect low income families and senior citizens who use SNAP to local food and local farms at farmers markets.

Interns will organize and conduct activities that attract, engage, and educate SNAP consumers to the benefits of shopping at a SNAP farmers market. Other responsibilities may include social media marketing, consumer surveying, and outreach.

Markets participating in 2016 include: Alfred Farmers Market (Sundays), Belmont Farmers Market (Thursdays), Franklinville Farmers Market (Wednesdays), Southern Tier/Olean Farmers Market (Fridays), Olean REAP Farmers Market (Saturdays), Salamanca Farmers Market (Tuesdays), Downtown Jamestown Farmers Market (Thursdays), Fredonia Farmers Market (Saturdays), Dunkirk Farmers Market (Wednesdays), Seneca Nation Farmers Market/Irving (Tuesdays).

Interns should be outgoing, enthusiastic, dedicated and dependable. They should have an interest in working with people, be gently informative, and open to conversation, dialogue and other points of view. An interest and knowledge of local foods and how farmers markets build community is useful, but not absolutely necessary. Additionally, interns should have basic computer skills, excellent organizational abilities, ease with social media, eye for detail, good judgement, and a willingness to take initiative. Training is provided.

Please call Susan Avery, Local Food Projects Specialist at 716-945-5301 x 2206 or write [email protected] for more information. Find us on the web at and on Facebook at FreshLocalWNY.

Invest In NYS Farm To School Program - | News, Sports, Jobs, Community...

Farm to School programs. They seem to make sense.

To The Readers' Forum:

There is a child obesity epidemic in New York State. According to the Department of Health, 17 percent of New Yorkers under the age of 18 are obese and nearly 33 percent are overweight or obese. Unless something is done to decrease these numbers, these children risk a future with diabetes, hypertension, asthma, arthritis and high-cholesterol, which in turn will place a dramatic strain on the New York State Medicaid program that already spends over $4 billion on obesity-related illnesses. The 3,500 members of the New York School Nutrition Association (NYSNA) are on the front line of this epidemic and offer a proposal to help combat it.

In 2002 the NYS Farm to School Program was created in order to connect schools with local farms and food producers to strengthen local agriculture, improve student health and promote regional food systems awareness. NYSNA proposes an expansion of this successful program by increasing the state's per meal reimbursement rate to schools based upon a schools level of participation in this program, which will increase the use of local and fresh food in our schools and in turn lead to healthier choices for children.

A school's reimbursement rate would be tied directly to the percentage of New York food products it purchases each year, which would be verified and administered by the state. Encouraging the use of local agricultural products will provide healthier choices for students while bolstering the local agricultural economy thus creating jobs and growth.

The National School Lunch and School Breakfast Program is an important component in promoting healthy eating habits in children. For some children these meals may be the only source of nutrition they will receive all day. It is in the interest of the state to promote programs that provide healthy food to children while adequately funding these meal programs. The Center for Disease Control and other nutrition experts have consistently supported healthier school meals as a vehicle for lowering childhood obesity rates.

The fight to end childhood obesity in New York State needs to be an organized effort between the government and community partners. Children who lack healthy meals at home are significantly more likely to be in poor health, be at risk for developmental delays, and experience childhood food insecurity. Investing in this program will increase access to healthy food, which in turn, will have a positive effect on students overall well-being.

Jennifer Martin


New York School Nutrition Association

To The Readers’ Forum: There is a child obesity epidemic in New York State.


Does anyone need some brown basmati rice, cashews, hydroponic lettuce, wildflower honey? These are some splits we are trying to close.


Our order delivery day has been changed to FRIDAY, starting this week and from now on. Please make a note of this.


Unless something unexpected happens in the next ten minutes, we will not be getting a delivery from Regional Access this week. Only orders from Stillwater Valley Farms will be available on Thursday.


Good morning, Jamestown! I'm sitting here waiting for the truck to arrive on this COLD morning and wishing I had brought some coffee with me! We'll be here 3-6 pm today with your orders, and we also have some extra black beans $4, red beans $3.50, green lentils (one bag) $2.50, and sea salt $2.50--so stop in and pick some up!


We did not hit our order threshold for Regional Access this week, so we'll try again next week.

Time to order again! Be sure to check out all the splits and see if you can finish some of them.

Time to order again! Be sure to check out all the splits and see if you can finish some of them.

Save money on good food by buying as a group.


Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! We will not be ordering again until the Monday after New Years, but don't let that stop you from browsing the selections and getting your orders down in the mean time! Just noticed that Stillwater Valley Farm is now offering maple sugar candy if you'd like to try some! A sample is only $1.12. Party on!


Waiting for the delivery truck to arrive...there is still time to claim some of the items I posted yesterday!


ATTENTION: There will be a few extra items in this week's order that are up for grabs: a 3 lb bag of organic honey crisp apples for $7.75, a 4 lb. bag of pink grapefruit (about 6 per bag) for $4.45, 2 bags (5 oz each) of Earthbound Farms "Power Greens" (mix of baby spinach, chards, and kale) $3.65 each, and a couple of "Arbosana" Olive Oil extra virgin from California, 500 ml, $6.25 each. Cash or check, claim them now and pick up tomorrow afternoon.


LAST CALL! The order places this morning at 9 AM. Check the open splits NOW. We have several things ridiculously close to completing, we just need one or two more orders for things like grapefruit, honey crisp apples, yams, olive oil, raisins, etc. Somebody reading this must need these things!


Last day to get your order in for Tierra Farms items, or we will not be able to get them for delivery next week.


If you'd like to get some coffees, nuts, and other snacks in your next order, be aware we're approaching our minimum for placing an order to Tierra Farms and I've set an order date for this THURSDAY in order to sync it up with our next delivery from Regional Access. While you're on the Wholeshare site, be sure to check out the December specials and nearly completed splits.

How to eat local in winter
How to eat local in winter

How to eat local in winter

Sister site MNN has some good suggestions including going back to your roots, and canning what you can.


Some of our open splits right now: California olive oil, $6.23 a bottle, three left. Thompson raisins, $2.83 per pound, 6 pounds to go. Raw, unpasteurized almonds, 2 lbs. left at $7.08 per pound. Red/pink grapefruit, $4.09 for a 4 lb. bag, three more left.


We'll be getting one more order in before Christmas --order date is Monday the 16th for delivery on Thursday the 19th --so get out your shopping lists now. And if you feed the birds, the split is still open for Songbird Blend at $6.77 for a 10 lb. bag. A great deal!!


A new order deadline has been set for Monday at for those of you who are, like me, NOT maniacally racing through the mall this weekend, sit down and thoughtfully restock your pantry with an order from Wholeshare. There's a new split open for bird food.


What is a split?

Splits are a unique way to shop which allows you to buy products together with other members of your group. Splitting bulk sized items or cases can be the most cost effective way to shop. When you start a split, you specify how much of the product you want. If for example, you're interested in buying 2 jars of peanut butter, but the peanut butter only comes in a case of 12 jars, you can start a split and order just 2 jars. Then, if other people in your group buy the rest of the product, it will be included in your next order. Wholeshare takes care of calculating how much to charge each person involved in the split.

Splits are a great way for you to get access to even more products and save more money through bulk buying.


Need anything for holiday baking? Order some flour, sugar, nuts, raisins, olive oil, etc. now. If we get the order in tomorrow, delivery will be on Thursday. Otherwise, we wait till after Thanksgiving.


Reminder! We have an order ready to place tomorrow morning at 9 am. Check now to see if there's anything you want to add to it.


Our next order places on Monday morning. Be sure to check the splits: crimini mushrooms, organic broccoli, California olive oil, rice crackers. and a whole bunch of other stuff.


Food pickup today 3-6 pm. Just a reminder!




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