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We recognize now difficult it can be to keep your flooring nice when you have pets in the home. Unlike wood flooring that animal claws can easily scratch or gouge, tile flooring options are available that will be more resistant to your pets.


Concrete is an incredibly durable material, but over time cracks can provide havens for insects and plants, requiring applications of pesticides and herbicides. Epoxy doesn't crack, meaning there's no place for bugs or plants to grow, keeping costs and environmental impact low.


Advances were seen in radiant heating in the late 1960s and early 1970s when flexible polyurethane tubing was introduced. While it was supposed to be the answer to copper and steel pipes, the tubing became brittle in high temperatures and failed to last.


The color you choose for your tile floor will have an impact on the room, and possibly on maintenance as well. Light colored floors make rooms look larger, but at a cost. They don't conceal dirt and scuff marks. Dark floors conceal dirt somewhat, but may make rooms look smaller.


Tile, concrete and many other types of flooring can harbor bacteria in recesses like cracks and graining. Epoxy floors have no seams and are very resistant chipping and cracking. This helps make them naturally bacteria resistant.


Did you realize that the Taj Mahal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, is completely covered with white marble? It is actually a domed mausoleum built between 1632 and 1653 to honor Mumtaz Mahal, the third wife of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.


Did you know that hardwood floors are extremely easy to maintain? One of the main benefits of transitioning from carpet to hardwood floors is less time spent on cleaning, vacuuming and caring for the floors.


One of the biggest problems with a sloped, sagging, slanted, or cracked floor is that this can prevent you from installing a floor covering over it. Fortunately, there are several available floor leveling solutions that can eliminate this type of damage.


Did you know that the thickness of your epoxy floor can be customized to suit whatever application you need? Indeed, epoxy floors can be layered; epoxy primer base coats, body coats and top coats can be "stacked" to give you added protection and greater thermal efficiency.


Did you know? Resilient vinyl flooring still comes in familiar traditional sheet form, but today, you can get the same durable material in tiles and planks. As a result, vinyl flooring can closely emulate the rich look of wood, ceramic, stone or marble.


In the U.S., lumber is graded using a standard established by the National Hardwood Lumber Association. The most common lumber grades used in flooring products are No. 2A (common) and No. 3A (common). Don't let the designations fool you. There's nothing common about the quality of these woods.


Should you invest in radiant flooring? If you or someone in your family has allergies, it’s a smart choice. As Energy.gov points out, “People with allergies often prefer radiant heat because it doesn’t distribute allergens like forced air systems can.”


Did you know that installing hardwood floors in your home could help your allergies? Carpets can cling onto allergens like dust and mold that are difficult to remove with a vacuum.


While North American cherry is more common than other exotics, it is still considered a rare hardwood flooring. Not only is the cherry wood beautiful, close grained, and smooth, but it also takes a variety of stains well and comes in a variety of hues.


Were you aware that you can get vinyl flooring that mimics the look of other flooring such as natural stone, wood, and tiles? Vinyl also comes in different textures as well, from completely smooth to attractive pebbled textures.


Are you concerned that the natural textures of wood flooring can make for a trip hazard in your home? We’re always happy to discuss ways to make wood flooring as safe as possible during and after installation.


Did you know that the ancient Chinese poets wrote an incredible amount of poems praising bamboo? It is considered one of the “four gentlemen” (along with chrysanthemum, orchid, and plum blossom) in Chinese culture and represents the four seasons. We think it’s pretty cool too - check out our inspiring bamboo flooring options for a green alternative.


When it comes to hardwood floors, the "cut" refers to the angle in relation to the grain as the log goes through the saw. The harder cut has tighter pores, which makes moisture less of an intruder.


In the flooring industry, the term “screed” can refer to a tool or a result. A long, flat screed tool is used to create a smooth, level surface, while a screed floor has been finished with a leveled layer of material.


Manmade stone flooring is a popular option in commercial applications. Although this type of material requires more of an investment upfront, it offers cost-effectiveness over the long term, as it is highly durable and easy to maintain.


If you really like the style of a hardwood floor but you don’t have the time to install them, consider wood panel vinyl flooring. Not only is vinyl easy to install and cost-efficient, it also has a warm feel on the feet unlike some colder tiles.


While strand bamboo flooring is the one of the hardest wood flooring products available, and solid bamboo floors have a hardness rating on par with Red Oak, that does not mean it can be neglected. Area rugs at entryways and in high-traffic areas will help prevent accidental scratching.


Are you concerned that your customers will balk at the costs associated with installing hardwood flooring in their home? Since hardwood is a durable material that doesn’t need to be replaced as often as other types of flooring, your customers will end up saving money over the life of the floor.


Eco-friendly flooring is not only good for the environment, in many cases it’s also healthier for you and your family. There’s nothing to loose and everything to gain by going green!


Another way to stop squeaks between the joist and subfloor is to use a 3-1/2 inch to 4-inch drywall screw angled into the joist and subfloor where they meet. This should pull the joist and subfloor together.


Did you know that even natural hardwood flooring has a protective coating on it to help it last longer? When the coating begins wearing down, it can drastically affect the appearance of the wood.


What’s the difference between vinyl flooring and linoleum? While the words are often used interchangeably, there are differences. Vinyl floors are synthetic and made of plastic; linoleum is composed mostly of linseed oil. Vinyl is more moisture resistant than linoleum, which has to be treated with a sealant.


Spills and accidents can always happen and it’s important to take care of your hardwood floor before any stains can set in. When wiping up a mess, always use a dry towel. Using a wet towel can leave behind some residue of the towel’s last use and just dirty up your floor some more.


Hot water radiant systems were actually some of the first heating systems. The origins go back centuries, and are still seen in radiators today. Hydronic flooring systems use this same basic technology, but run the water under your floor instead of through radiators.


Are you tired of having to spend your maintenance budget repairing tile floors or cleaning the grout? Polyaspartic floors are the perfect solution. Their durability means low maintenance costs, and the single-piece coating they provide means no grout to clean.


Epoxy coatings are not just for concrete surfaces. They provide great protection for wooden floors and decking, and offer the same ease-of-care and anti-slip protection. Epoxy coatings last longer than sealers and provide better protection for wood.


Do you or someone in your home struggle with allergies, particularly when the heating system is turned on each winter? Radiant floor heating makes a great option, as no air (and thus no airborne allergens) is circulated with this system.


It’s important to remember that yoga and other types of exercise mats can really only provide so much cushion when placed on concrete. For dance studios, gyms and yoga studios, rubberized flooring may be your best option.


Foundation settling is common for houses to do over time, especially on clay soil or as the house ages. If your house settles too much, you'll experience significant foundation issues, so watch out for uneven floors, squeaky floors, cracks in the drywall inside your home, or cracks in the bricks or exterior of your home.


Wood floors will expand and contract during the year as the humidity in the building increases and decreases. Because of this, it is not necessary, nor is it a good idea to fill the spaces between boards when they appear, as the filler will have to be removed during refinishing.


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Great flooring options with lots of choices within each option. Knowledgeable staff help you through the process. We chose a white oak hardwood floor. It was beautifully installed by one of their contractors (Bryce). Strongly recommend HCH!!