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Xstal Sea Nurture Your Soul! Find guidance, support, inspiration, and light at Xstal Sea! Because Shifts Happen. We, Anji and Margo, are so excited to share our talents and teachings we have acquired so far on our journey!

Xstal Sea is THE place to go to for...

* Heart to Heart Sessions with Margo (Giggling Guru) :)

* Crystals for newbies to healers to the crystal connoisseurs

* Custom/Handcrafted Jewelry

* Crystal Alchemy: We make what doesn't exist yet! LOL

* The Rock Doc: Have a crystal with a boo boo? Bring it in to our crystal ER! Crystals need healing, too :)

* Nirvanahhh Session with Anji (Little Budd

Xstal Sea is THE place to go to for...

* Heart to Heart Sessions with Margo (Giggling Guru) :)

* Crystals for newbies to healers to the crystal connoisseurs

* Custom/Handcrafted Jewelry

* Crystal Alchemy: We make what doesn't exist yet! LOL

* The Rock Doc: Have a crystal with a boo boo? Bring it in to our crystal ER! Crystals need healing, too :)

* Nirvanahhh Session with Anji (Little Budd


Hey everyone :) I just wanted to give an update. It has been so long that we have been away that I'm not even sure if this will reach anyone haha. We have been taking some time deciding what route we would like to take with Xstal Sea. Thinking about things like...should we have another location, change the name, mainly take things online, etc?

If you need a session and aren't already on my Readings page...please see me over on Margo Giggling Guru *hugs* Once we know, we will let all of you lovelies know :) ~Margo~


So what has been going on with everyone out there? I feel like we have been stuck in a time twilight zone since the beginning of the year :) ~Margo~


Just in time for the Holidays!! Buy 2 Soul Portraits and get 3rd free!! This special is for a limited time. $40 for adults, $20 for kids and pets. These are custom, hand drawn snap shots of your energy at time of drawing. Messages recieved while drawing are included. :)


If you could describe your Monday in one word...what would it be?


So my little kitty cats and ghosts.... What did you do for Halloween?? Still have plans coming up??? I have such great memories growing up in the country and driving around to all of my mom's friends or places she trick or treated growing up :) You want candy? Go trick or treat with someone you know in the country LOL! They don't get many people out there so when they get them, they are soooo happy and give you handfuls at a time :) I remember us always going to one of mom's highschool teacher's house.. His name was Mr. Clark...so he always gave us a Clark candy bar :) I don't even know if you can find those anymore haha :) Good times :) ~Margo~


Working hard on the "new space" :) Who's excited to have us up and going again and has to thumbs? This girl!!! :-D ~Margo~


So how is everyone doing out there???


Thanks for sticking with us in our time of transition! :) We will keep you posted as we go! We are hoping to have things up and going by the end of October :-D Maybe even do a Halloween party??? :-D


I hope everyone sees this. If you can help us by liking and commenting this post that would be amazing. XSTAL SEA IS RELOCATING!!!! We have been having issues with the building for some time now and then they couldn't find our lease. They wanted us to sign a new one for a bit more money, and we decided the universe was trying to get us out. We will keep you posted on our new location, but one of our big pushes over the next couple months is going to be online store :) It will make it easier for everyone, I'm sure :) We are going to have a physical location that will continue to be by appointment :) Stay tuned!!!!!


We will not be open tonight for First Friday! There is a strange mix of things going on... Look for some announcements coming next week


Just making sure everyone has the address for the gallery reading tonight :) 1125 E Brookside Ave 46201 :)


I am teaching a Crystal Healing Workshop Aug. 31st @ Xstal Sea. Many techniques will be covered. You will get a certificate and a handmade chakra set of pocket wands. Class is $150. If u are interested, please lemme know by commenting below or pre-pay before class, so I can get a head count for how many chakra sets and materials I need to make. :) Happy Friday!


Announcement!!! This Friday we are offering a gallery reading session for $25 at 630pm! Anji and I will be offering messages from your loved ones :) I really love these since the energy of the group as a whole really gets going! There is a limited space available, so please comment below that you are wanting to attend :) Our plan is to spend a couple hours with the group :)


I'm in today by appointment! There are still some open time slots :) Even if you want to come shop or say hi, let me know :) ~Margo~


Don't forget about the Crystal 101 class tomorrow at 2pm! :) We have some announcements this week, too :)


Crystal 101 Class this Sunday at 2-4pm! $20 is all it will take to learn the beginners ins and outs of crystals and how to work with them :) Anji is super exited to start up her first class at Xstal Sea! Register below yo reserve your spot!


It's First Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's almost First Friday! :) Hope to see you there, 6pm - 9pm, this Friday! Jenee Holycross, has new art up! Sunshine McGnarls' art is still on display! For those of you who purchased her art, you can officially bring your pieces home! :)


Anyone have fun plans today??? :)


We are in today starting at noon!!! Swing by and say hi! :) We should be in until at least 7pm :) Call if you want to check haha :) Don't forget you can save 10% every time you come in just by checking on on our page then showing us :)


CLASSES!!!! Anji will be teaching the following classes at Xstal Sea in the next couple months :) If you preregister and prepay by August 3rd you will get 10% off your total! Comment below or private message Xstal Sea to reserve your space!

*Crystal 101: August 18th from 2-330pm~ Learn to charge, cleanse, grid, and use your crystal friends. Basic guidance on how to use crystals :) Feel free to bring in your favorites :) $20

*The BIG Crystal Workshop: August 31st @ 1-6pm~ Learn how to be a crystal healer! You will learn a multitude of techniques to use on yourself and others! $150

*Intro into Sound Healing: September 15th @ 2-6pm~ Learn the variety of tools used for sound healing! Chakra tuning forks, crystal bowls, and your own voice :) Anji will teach and demonstrate these techniques. This is going to be a fun one! If you have an intrument you would like to bring and learn how to use for healing...you are more than welcome! $120

*Sound Immersion Spa facilitated by Anji with special guests: September 28th 1-4pm~ Limit 12 people. This is more of a service that will be provided. It...is...amazing! Join us for a magical and powerful sound healing experience! Come in comfy clothes and feel free to bring a yoga mat or something to lay on to meditate. Everyone will be in the main space together for the duration. One by one you will be invited into the circle of bowls to lay down to be bathed in sound healing frequencies for 15 minutes! Anymore and we would have to peel you off the floor lol! $20


We are going to be posting the new classes up tomorrow!!! :) If you pre-register and pay for them before August 3rd you will be able to get them at 10% off :)


I hope everyone is enjoying the uber nice weather! :) We've got some exciting news here! We are now offering 10% off your entire purchase ( yes, services, classes are included too! Woot woot! ). The next time you shop at Xstal Sea, make sure to like our page and check in, on facebook to get your 10% discount! Good for every future visit. :)


Starting some announcements tomorrow :)

One of our announcements is Xstalsea.com is up and running!!! Please check it out and let us know what you think! We are...
Xstal Sea

One of our announcements is Xstalsea.com is up and running!!! Please check it out and let us know what you think! We are planning on getting our online store up and going within the next couple months!!!!!! :)

Not only is this our Anniversary Party, but you can also come celebrate it being the last day of Mercury Retrograde! LOL! We will be having:  *10% off studiowide! *Discounts on future services...


Emily Nicotera was the winner of BOTH of our silent auctions! Can't wait for you to come down and spend some time with us!!!!! :)


A big thank you to everyone who came out last night for our Anniversary! It was such a magical, heartfelt night! Anji and I are still feeling so happy, inspired, and blessed as we go through our day :) You were the first to hear of some of the new plans :) For everyone else, just like we did leading into the party, we will be announcing one new addition to our Xstal Sea lineup every day this week :) Stay tunned and let us know what you think!!!!!


So last night we were saying First Friday was next week...and its not LOL :) So things aren't moving as fast as we thought ladies!!! We still have a couple weeks :)


Christine, our massage therapist, just said she is no longer charging $15 and is offering FREE sampler sessions tonight! She wants any tips to go to our charity, GRACE senior dog sanctuary! :) So much love in here tonight!!!!


Announcement!!! We are doing a silent auction at the party! Those who couldn't make it can still win! Private message us with your bid!!!
Anji and I are both putting up something we have been ask for but havent offered yet! Place bids in $10 increments. Put in your maximum bid! (Example: if you bid $100 and are the top bid and your nearest competition placed a bid of $80...you would win at $90) Ready to hear what it is????

Anji will be offering Lapidary one on one time! The winner will come in and learn how to do lapidary, be able to pick crystals to work on, and get machine time! The highest bid will determine how many crystals you can pick. You will have 4 hours of time with her!

Margo is offering a day of her services to the highest bidder! This will be for 6 hours of time where any of my services are fair game...reading, teaching, healing work, wire wrapping, etc!!!

Make sure to mention which one you are bidding on!!!


Xstal Sea Anniversary Happenings!!! Its only a few hours until our party commences! If you had a picnic planned and the weather didn't go your way...we are still happening and would looove to have you :) I'm glad its cooling off since our air is out. Make sure to come in beach attire lol! If you are planning on staying for the movie, bring a chair or floor pillow if you have one :) We have SO many announcements going on tonight at 7pm! Our raffle drawings will be going on at 8pm! Make sure to bring cash to enter (no limit: $2 a ticket or 10 for $10). We will be announcing things throughout the day that everyone can participate in, but there are many that will only be available for those attending :) Stay tuned!!!

Xstal Sea Anniversary Bash Happenings! We discovered a charity we would like to collect for during our event and through...
Coolaroo Large Steel-Framed Pet Bed, Brunswick Green

Xstal Sea Anniversary Bash Happenings! We discovered a charity we would like to collect for during our event and throughout August. It's called GRACE senior dog sanctuary. Melody Dugan provides a loving home for senior dogs to live out their days :) We at Xstal Sea wants to make it easier for her to do this amazing act of love! I've attached a link to a bed she said would make it cooler and more comfortable for her pups while lounging out on the patio. She also could use your old comforters, towels, pillows, dog beds, and any accessories you think they would enjoy. If you would like to help with a food donations she told me they like all wet food and are partial to Science Diet Dry :) We will also be accepting cash donations on her part and passing them along to her so she can get the things she needs! Please help us support GRACE and Melody :)

Unique Coolaroo Knitted Fabric Pet Bed elevates pets off cold, hot or hard ground, is flea and mite resistant, easy to clean and very durable. The Large frame is 51.1”L x 31.5”W x 7.9”H with a cover that is 43.3” x 31.5”. The large size is appropriate for breeds such...


Our air is out again at Xstal Sea! Let's see if we all focus on them getting the part early if we can manifest it for the party lol


Xstal Sea Anniversary Happenings! We will be having a raffle for some services, products, classes, etc! We will draw throughout the night with the big drawings being a 8pm! We have quite a few new products in here and many of our artists have donated pieces to raffle! We may have a silent auction thrown in too haha. We shall see! I'm pretty excited about some of the items up for grabs :)


Xstal Sea Anniversary Bash Info! Something else that will be offered Saturday 5-9? Christine Gaskell will be offering 15 minute massages for $15!!! Following the party, she will be available nights and weekends by appointment at Xstal Sea to relax and rejuvenate you :) Have a chance to sample her style Saturday! I just know you will all absolutely love her :-D


Yay! Our air is up and working after a few weeks on the fritz!!! We will have coolness for our Anniversary party (this Saturday the 20th 5-9)... Which brings me to another announcement of what's going on... As an appreciation to all our clients and customers, everything in the studio will be 10% off during the party!


One of the things we will be doing at our Xstal Sea Anniversary bash, this Saturday 5-9, is announcing some new classes/workshops! You will be able to pre-register for them at discounted rates during the party :)


We have rescheduled our Anniversary Bash for this coming Saturday, the 20th from 5-9! Mark your calendars and come on down for festivities! Around 9 we are going to set up out projector and watch What The Bleep as a wind down to our party! Everyone is welcome to stay. You may want to bring a chair or floor pillow :) We will announce something new every day this week that will be going on at the party!!!


Thanks so much for everyone who came out last night for Sunshine's gallery opening! It was an amazing night :) Met so many wonderful people :) If you missed it, we will have her pieces up for all of July!


Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!! Have so much fun today :-D See you all tomorrow for First Friday! We have a few new things going on tomorrow :)


Indianapolis, IN

The 11 bus comes a couple blocks away on 10th street/Brookside Ave

General information

We are in a huge industrial building filled with artists, local businesses, and non-profits. :) Once you park in the parking lot across the street (free), there are a set of doors to the left of the "main"entrance and you will see our sign! If you don't see our sign out, we aren't open haha :) Xstalsea.com in the process of being developed!


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