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Find great winter finds to keep you warm this January.

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It’s a new year. Refresh your wardrobe for a new you.

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New year, new you.

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One of our biggest sales of the year. Treat yourself ❤️

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One of our biggest sales of the year. Treat yourself ❤️

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Stock up on things you didn’t get for Christmas.

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Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!



It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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Last minute gifts at low prices!

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Are you ready?

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5 days till Christmas. Are you ready?

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One of our biggest sales!

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Last minute gifts at low prices!

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Not much time left to shop for the perfect gift.

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Mark gifts off your list, at big savings!

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Ready to shine with the perfect gift. Gift more.

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Come see our large stock of Christmas decor.

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December is here. How about big savings!

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Monday big sales!

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Thank you to all our customers!

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One of our biggest sales of the year! Best time to find the right outfit.

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Giving thanks to all our customers.

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One of our biggest sales of the year! Best time to find the right outfit.

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Monday savings! We have the best deal in town.

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It’s almost the weekend. How about new fall outfits for less.

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It’s Monday. Time to save!

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Hey look 👀 We’re putting out another collection of winter coats. Be the first to know.

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We’ve been saving our Christmas all year and putting our full stock out today. Be the first to know.

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We’re stocking all our Christmas decor Friday 11/21/21. Be the first to know.

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Thank you to all veterans and all who service. Join us in appreciation!

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Veterans Day Sale! 50% Off Everything, Thursday 11/11/21.

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A great reason to get excited about Monday.

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Time to find the right pair of jeans, or maybe 2.

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It’s getting cold outside. This is a great time to look for warm wear at low prices.

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👻 Spooky Savings 👻

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3848 Altamesa Blvd
Fort Worth, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 8pm
Tuesday 8am - 8pm
Wednesday 8am - 8pm
Thursday 8am - 8pm
Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday 8am - 8pm
Sunday 11am - 7pm


(817) 370-7181


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Been coming to this store for years! Have loved this store until recently. Noticing a lot of room for improvement. Your prices were so fair until about a couple of months ago. Trying hard to understand why the increase. I see things there for sale that I have to wonder why they are even there and why the price is as high as it is. You all have a huge turn around selling items at a low cost. Its a disgrace to the leukemia society when you become greedy about junk. Here is an example. I bought one of those bags ya'll stack up on the shelf above the clothes... I can't even see the toys in it or what the other bags have in them without knocking them over to the floor. I opened the one I bought and was shocked to get a bag of crap for $3.99... there wasn't anything that fit together and parts were missing to a toy that was close to being complete. I have seen things there that are not priced. I am the one who pulls it and takes it up to the front. Broken items are still on the shelf for weeks on end. I see kid clothes that have a tag on them from somewhere else and then the H thrift tag that has bumped that price up with the tag saying "NEW"... I hear employees complaining about customers, in english and spanish. Not very professional. Back in my day with working retail we had secret shoppers. That put a stop to a lot of unprofessionalism. There is an older guy there named Jerry that stays around helping out. Sometimes his buddies come in and he swaps a few "choice" words with them in front of customers. Not sure if he's on payroll, but he's always there. Generally they are very friendly there. Basically I just want people in charge of that place to do something about the raised prices and true junk they are trying to sell for the same price as new. Without customers, you can't run the business. Hope you will keep that in mind.
Have shopped many times on Altamesa, but never donated. Do you want items on hangers or not?
Are y'all still picking up merchandise or can we drop off at the door?
Can you post the picture of the flyer on the door for the Veterans Day speical
Awesome selection. High turnover so always new stuff. I often find great stuff even from Ikea and Victoria Secret. Best to go on Mon & Thurs for half off most items, per their color coded system. I've never gone there and left without an arm full. It's one of my favorite thrift stores in FTW.
What are the color tags for tomorrow’s sale?
The best thrift store in town.I always find gems here for low low prices.The staff is very friendly.the store is neat & clean.This place is definitely my go to place for finding great clothing, toys for my son & miscellaneous items for the house!!
I wanted to share my latest beautiful long dress find from Haltom Thrift. I was booked for a wedding on June 10th at Marty Leonard Community Chapel in Fort Worth where the bride had chosen the colors of Blush for her ceremony. Since I like to match the bride's colors when I can, I had lovely blush colored dress with a shawl that I had purchased from Haltom Thrift. It matched the bride's colors perfectly. Thank you for your wonderful merchandise. Laura Cummings/Sounds of Laura www.soundsoflaura.com
In May, I had a wedding to play outdoors at the Japanese Gardens. I went to Haltom Thrift looking for a Navy dress to match the brides colors. I found the perfect Navy/white high/low dress. I just love this dress, and plan on wearing it again. I was grateful for the sleeveless dress because it was really hot on May 26th. Thank you HT for your wonderful clothes. I always enjoy shopping your store Laura Cummings/Sounds of Laura www.soundsoflaura.com
I found this dress about a year ago at Haltom Thrift. I just fell in love with the unique design and color. Just this past Thurs, April 5th, I had the opportunity to wear it to the Fort Worth Convention Center for a Corporate Event I was scheduled to play. The music was supposed to be dreamy & fantasy in theme. I thought this particular dress fit the theme of the music I was playing. Thank you for having such unique dresses in your store. I always find something beautiful and different. Laura Cummings/Sounds of Laura www.soundsoflaura.com
"Everything 50% off today" Stop by to shop with us a variety of items, clothes, shoes, electronics, misc, etc.....