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Colorado Woodworks serves Northern Colorado with a variety deck construction and home improvement options. We’ve been providing quality products and services to Ft. Collins area homeowners for more than 20 years. We use both traditional and new composite materials for quality siding and decks that will last. Specialties Include, But are Not Limited to: Custom Designed Decks Home Building Additions Interior Exterior Painting Power Washing Refinishing Remodeling Wood Restoration and Treatment We can also provide the restoration of your existing deck, siding and fence. From our headquarters in Fort Collins, CO we service homes in Boulder, Berthoud, Laport, Longmont, Loveland, Masonville, Red Feather Lakes, Timnath and Wellington. Our contractors are completely insured and licensed for your peace of mind and our protection. The years of experience that we possess bear fruit with every project we undertake. For more than 24 years, our goal has been our clients' total satisfaction. We are honest and dependable and promise to use only the best wood on each project. Is your deck or fencing in the shape you want it to be? Is your wood siding stained or pocked with holes? The best way to know if your wood needs attention is to give us a call. We will be happy to come over and give you a no obligation inspection of your home's exterior surfaces. We provide an extensive list of solutions to make the wood of your home exterior glow againand that will also make it last much longer. In addition, we offer a full line of adorable chainsaw bears and rustic pine log furniture. If you are looking to build an addition or restore the wood on your home's exterior, you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call and we’ll provide you with more information about your next home improvement project and a quote. Feel free to browse our site for more information on what we can offer.


Pressure treated lumber is often recommended for the structural components of a deck, including the posts, joists, and beams. This is because the pressure treated lumber is able to support more weight than other types of wood commonly used for building decks, as well as being much less expensive.


Both patios and decks are recreation spaces for dining or entertaining. The striking difference lies in the fact that patios are attached to the house or building while decks can either be attached or freestanding. Decks, generally, can be defined as any flat surface that can walked on.


When planning construction of your new deck, you may also want to consider how you will decorate it. Will you have plants, flowers, or other landscape?


A deck can feel like an extension of the home, so take time to play with different color schemes and layouts in planning before building the deck.


The first composite decking materials contained what two key ingredients? If you guessed wood flour and thermoplastics, you're right. Today, many different types of decking composites are available for different applications.


A deck or patio provides a great opportunity to jazz up your home. You can accentuate it by using eye-catching furniture, free-standing art pieces, or even a portable fountain. During special occasions, you can also decorate your deck or patio by installing lights, lanterns, and other festive items.


As a place to unwind after work, homeowners are increasing the square-footage of their decks. A basic 10-by-20 foot deck simply doesn’t cut it; instead, decks are rivaling indoor space with multiple levels, built-in seating, storage, planters, and defined rooms.


If your service organization is seeking out something beneficial for your community, raising funds for a community gazebo might be a long-term project that your community might get behind in a very big way. They add beauty and a sense of old fashioned community to the public square.


Want to make your home all it can be? A great deck might just do the trick. They can allow you barbecue and dining space, or can offer a place to sunbathe around your pool- even a quiet place to snuggle in the evenings!


While gazebos are traditionally associated with the Victorian era, with its frills and perceived frumpiness, today’s styles are far more flexible. There are gazebos that can match the ultra-modern home and even a home with Asian flair.


If you have the space for a large patio, consider adding a pond feature to create a natural and relaxing outdoor ambiance. Easy to maintain patio ponds lined with small rock walls fit in beautifully with stone pave patios.


A common question when it comes to sealing a new deck, is if the underside should be sealed. In general, it’s not necessary, but it won’t hurt anything. Many homeowners who have second story decks, or patios under their deck do choose this option.


Treated lumber, composite materials, aluminum, western red cedar, teak, and other hardwoods are some common materials used to make decks. However, decks can also be made from high-density polyethylene, polystyrene, and PET plastics.


Southern pine or fir is one of the most common deck materials because of how renewable it is. Pine is also easy to cut, which makes it a good choice because it doesn’t require high-powered saws.


Adding an awning to your deck or patio increases its usability. Awnings are available in a number of materials and can be matched to your existing design. They provide shade and protection from rain for you, your guests, and your patio furniture.


Composite decking (which is composed of mixed wood types combined with recycled plastics) is fast becoming the deck choice of the future. Composite decking curbs logging and gives homeowners the best "bang for their buck" in terms of deck durability.


If you municipality operates pools for its citizens, inspecting and renovating the decking during each off season will save your community money by identifying and correcting issues before they become major problems, so everyone will be able to enjoy the pool when the new season arrives.


Unfortunately, the weather can get in the way of many outdoor events. When you have a patio in your backyard, you can still enjoy being outdoors when the yard is still muddy from the rain.


Multi-level decks are often built with an open floor plan similar to a house, where guests can socialize with friends on other levels. In a multi-story deck, the floors are built on top of each other, making for several separate spaces.


A deck pergola is an overhang that creates an overhead space for hanging outdoor equipment, lights or speakers. They don’t generate much shade.


Are you concerned that tackling the construction of your backyard deck on your own could lead to cost overruns and frustration your family doesn’t need? Rest assured that we’re always ready to take over the construction process to provide a frustration-free experience.


Many gazebos feature cupolas on the roof. While these are often purely decorative, some cupolas feature louvers and lattice work that allow heat to escape and encourage gentle breezes to flow into the gazebo through the open sides.


The word "patio" comes from the Latin "patere," meaning to lie open. The patio, an outdoor space open to the sky, finds its origins in Spanish architecture.


Decks can also contain a whole outdoor kitchen, which can maximize outdoor space and reduce high-heat cooking indoors. Check code carefully when adding an outdoor kitchen.


A gazebo can be a great place for something you may not think of- a hot tub. Providing the stability for the hot tub, and even a modicum of privacy, they also provide some shade and protection from the weather.


A lot of the time, when you throw a party, guests will tend to congregate in the kitchen where you’re preparing food and drinks. This can make the kitchen crowded, but having a grill and bar out on a deck gives your party plenty of room to spread out.


It’s important to remember that a pool deck renovation doesn’t have to be a lengthy ordeal that destroys your backyard for an entire season. Let’s talk about the work involved in transforming your pool deck so that you can decide when the best time to get started will be.


If you want to achieve a completely natural look for your patio, nothing is better than natural stone. Here, you have so many different types of stone to choose from, depending on the look you’re going for, including flagstone, slate, bluestone, and limestone.


While a gazebo is perfect for relaxation and rest, here's a use you may not have thought of: it can be a great home workspace, too. Imagine working on papers or on your laptop with a wireless connection outside in the fresh air.


You don’t have to have a basic, boring rectangular deck. Today’s trends focus more on outdoor living and entertainment space, so what was once just a simple outdoor deck becomes an entire backyard paradise where you can relax, socialize and entertain your family and friends.


One advantage of choosing pressure-treated wood for your deck is its environmental sustainability. Trees used to create this material grow extremely quickly and are only planted on managed timberlands.


Looking to get more from your backyard? Having customized deck installed to your specifications will expand your usable outdoor space considerably. Choose the design and materials best suited to your home and personal taste.


Remember, not every style of stone and ceramic tile is appropriate for outdoor use in patios. Some types of tile can become slippery when wet, making them a hazard everywhere except for desert climates.


A deck, with its constant sun exposure, often ages faster than the rest of the exterior of your home. Updating the flooring will often take years off of the look of the whole home.


Did you know that the gazebo is one of the earliest forms of outdoor shelter? In fact, gazebos have served as garden fixtures and other functions in many cultures for literally thousands of years. In fact, some very old examples made from stone still survive today.


If your wood deck has started to deteriorate with age and exposure to the elements, you may want to begin considering your options before it becomes unsafe. Let’s talk about whether your deck could just use a few minor repairs or if a replacement is in order.


One of the first steps involved in pool deck renovation involves deciding on the type of material you want for the new surface. Things to consider include space, traffic, budget, maintenance requirements, and what will best complement the surrounding landscape.


It’s important to remember that looks can be deceiving when you’re dealing with anything outside the home. Always take the time to properly clean your deck before adding a new coat of stain or sealant, even when the wood appears to already be clean.


If you live in a cold climate and want to install a patio, brick is an excellent choice because of its durability and longevity.


Wishing you had a spot where you and your friends can hang out? If you have the space, building a deck is something that can be done quite easily. Speak to a professional and see what might be involved for you.


Pergolas are a great addition to any deck layout, especially if you need shade at certain times of the day. A pergola will also give you a wonderful place to hang lights, attach speakers, install a fan, and even hang plants to create a beautiful space.


Decks vary in size and can serve multiple purposes. They can be a space to entertain guests, cook, or simply relax outdoors.


When deciding what size gazebo you might want, consider how you might use it. Will the gazebo just be for sitting and relaxing, or would you like to do some alfresco dining there as well? A larger size can be great for parties and entertaining.


When it comes to renovating your pool deck, one thing to remember is that, if your pool has a liner, there will need to be access to it. Otherwise, when the liner needs to be changed, the deck will need to be cut or removed.


Wooden deck design is extremely versatile and adaptive. They can be constructed to match every architectural design in order to complement the design motif of your home or outdoor living area.


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