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Giggle Palooza

Good morning


The Huckleberry Cafe

Almost there :) , we are open today till 5:00, stop by and see us, or call if you see something you like 580 236 0139, or you can message us at The Huckleberry Cafe...Prairie Rose Primitives 119 Main Broken Bow


The Huckleberry Cafe

Okay, it's almost here, opening tomorrow, Saturday 14th at 10:00am, its gonna be a soft opening 😅, but, hey, we kinda got carried away on some light fixtures. These are just some quick shots of not totally finished, its gonna be interesting, hope to see y'all tomorrow at Prairie Rose Primitives :)


The Huckleberry Cafe

Its not much, but I did get a table scape set up today, and finished painting the floor, yea me, it may not look like much but I wasnt leaving without finishing something, and then our favorite pickers came by with a truck load, seriously, we're talking Beverly hillbillies full, thank you Kathy and Ricky, so what's a girl to do, say no to all of that goodness, nah, I ran and got James so he could say yes and then I dont get yelled at for buying more junk, my mama didn't raise no fool...😘


Sorry to post this, but Katie couldn't get enough vendors, so Mostly Memories will not be reopening, however our new store Prairie Rose Primitives will be opening right next door next week, will post the date as soon as we know for sure. :)


Mostly Memories will be reopening in September under new management, this girl is going home :) I am going to start an internet store with my homemade primitives, so be ready you will all be asked to like and share my page. And now for the urgent business of filling up Mostly Memories, Katie will be needing energetic enthusiastic vendors, so if you're interested in having a booth give her a call, or message her at 580 728 4202. The store has been completely remodeled and Katie is young , its true 😅, so give her a call and get in on the ground floor of something new and exciting. You can also call here at the cafe thru August 31st and leave your name and number 580 584 5767


Just so y'all can see, I've been busy today, getting closer to reopening, lots of new stuff tuned. :)


Sooo, this is me and James in our endeavor to move from one house to another, sheesh, who knew it could take so long. Okay, maybe it's because of the junk (gifts from God. :)) we have managed to collect over the last ten years , or maybe we're part hoarders, nah, that's not it, lol. Anyway, we were supposed to open the Huckleberry Mercantile May 2nd, not gonna happen yet, sorry, but we have interested parties coming to look at our house on the 6th and its gonna take all of our energy to be ready for that, and we have a large food order on the 2nd also, not to mention we have sold every piece of furniture we had painted for the opening, but, keep the faith, I am ready to turn loose of a lot of cool junk as soon as we sell the house, I'll post some pictures when possible, and as always, thank y'all for being patient. 😘


I know everybody is waiting, very patiently too. Were not quite ready, not enough hours in the day, and to much going on. We are getting our house ready to sell and were gonna build in a barn ( I'm so excited ) just a lot of life changes :) anyways here are a few pics of what we've got done, if you see anything you're interested in just p.m. me and have a blessed day, I'm gonna be working in a barnyard :) :)


This is your chance. Marietta (Booth # 13) brought in a '25% Off' Sign today. You know you've wanted something out of her booth. Right now you can get it for 25 per cent off. Whoop! Whoop!


And we have an abundance... :)


True stuff... :) We are open til 3:30 today, come see us and you can grab some grub next door at The Huckleberry Cafe while you shop


I've put a lot of new 'treasures' out today. Do you see those Abundance Fruit Corelle casserole dishes with lids? One is 1 1/2 quart size and the other one is 2 1/2 quart size. Come on!


Woop! Woop!

Well, we meet again. ☺

*Today's Specials*

- *Blue Plate* Balinese Curried Pork Loin with Japanese Sticky Rice topped and Sukang Maasim Vinegar spritzed microgreens. __$8.00__

- *The Smokewagon* Sourdough ciabatta lathered with smoked honey aoili, smoked turkey breast, topped with sauteed tomato, garlic, and onion mix, and then finally smotheted in sharp smoked cheddar cheese. __$6.00__

- *Soup* Cheddar Potato & Jeannie's Gumbo. __$4.00__

*Desert* Sopapilla Cheesecake! __$3.00__


And what a beautiful morning...we are open til 4:30 today...have a blessed day :)


Here is some of what we've been up to...yikes, it's looking good... :)

Sneak peak of some of what we've been doing at The Huckleberry Cafe. Still got a long ways to go, and a short time to get there.


Hoping everyone has a wonderful and blessed weekend... :)


Good morning...have a blessed day... :)


Josh O'Donnell, fb won't let me answer you on my timeline, what piece of furniture were you interested in?


WE'RE OPEN TODAY FROM 10:30 -4:30 , come see us and have a wonderfully blessed day :)


Have a wonderful and safe July 4th, we will be closed today, check us out blessed... :)


It's cool in here! And it's way hot out there. You know you want to come look at what we got in here! COME ON!!


Good WARM Wednesday to ya'll, just letting everyone know we have new,Summer hours 10:30 - 4:30, Monday thru Friday, 10:30 - 3:00 Saturdays. We have a lot going on adding another business, so may your summer be sweat free and fast...:...come see us


Good Friday morning, we are open all day...:)


OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!! We may just have the piece of decor you've been wishing for. We have Fiestaware dishes in Lapis (a pretty blue), Daffodil (a bright yellow), Tangerine (a lighter version of orange), Scarlet (bright deep red), Cobalt (a beautiful jewel blue), Turquoise (well, you know what turquoise is) lol, and Sunflower (lighter yellow).

Tell you what I'll do since I'm at the store today. First person to buy a Bistro bowl today in any color gets it 1/2 off. Their normal price is $27.99, but JUST FOR TODAY first person to buy one pays $14.00 plus tax.


I picked up some 'Moonglow' Federal Iridescent glass dishes a few days ago. Since it had an F inside of a shield on the back of it, I thought it was FireKing. lol A nice friend of mine got me all straightened out. (Always learning.) It has four cups and saucers, 4 dinner plates, 4 fruit bowls, and a sugar bowl. It is beautiful. Check out Booth 17! Thanks!


Some of the things available today, some I can't take pictures of, there are hand poured candles, some mid century items, you can also learn about micro greens and even purchase some...:)


Good Saturday morning. ..don't forget Market on Main Street today...10:00 - 5:00 :)


Good beautiful Sonday afternoon, I hope everybody's day is blessed. ..:)...So with all the shifting going on in my life I'm having to clean my buildings, so I can put more stuff in them, hah, well in my digging I found this totally awesome pink scale from probably the thirties, no later than the fourties. Now this beauty will be for sale at The,Market On Main next Saturday, and who knows what else I will find...eek ...I'm so excited :)


What a beautiful day God has given us. We will be open til 4:00 today if you're out and about come see us. ..:)...have a blessed day...


Good morning from everyone at Mostly Memories, here are just a few things I have made for The Market On Main, May 5th, my brain is about to explode with ideas :)


The Fiestaware dishes are on display. If you asked me to bring a certain color or dish, please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you. Open until 5:00 pm today.


So true,n I know, I suffer from this disease...:) Happy, happy Monday, hope everyone has a blessed day. Come see us, we will be here til 5:00 today...


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