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Take a journey back to a kinder, gentler era at “The Old Farmer’s Almanac General Store.” Let us stimulate your senses with our nostalgic environment as we re-create the experience of shopping in an old-fashion, turn-of-the-century inspired General Store. You’re sure to have your taste buds tingled by tempting samples from our extensive assortment of gourmet and specialty foods. Stroll down memory lane, as you listen to specially selected era music while browsing through our handpicked collection of “Americana” knick-knacks, gifts, and “what-not.” The store features a fantastic array of specialty foods, tableware, linens, kitchen gadgets, cookware, serve ware, giftware, books, and many unusual artifacts.


CARD$MART - Now open in The Old Farmer’s Almanac General Store at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem and The Tropicana in Atlantic City! Card$mart is North America’s leading value card and gift shop offering an extensive selection of greeting cards at 50% off every card, every day.


Forever Young Tuesdays
On our Forever Young days, if you or the person you are with is over 55 years of age, you will receive 20% off your total order. This offer does not include clearance, promotional items or gift certificates.


Forever Young Tuesday
On our Forever Young days, if you or the person you are with is over 55 years of age, you will receive 20% off your total order.
This offer does not include clearance, promotional items or gift certificates.


On behalf of The Old Farmer's Almanac General Store, we want to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers for their support and patronage during 2015, and may we wish our very special extended family of customers, associates, and their family's a most happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.


Recipe's by Guy
by Guy S. Hoops

No Churn Chai Tea Ice Cream

1. David Rio Tiger Spice Chai Tea (1.24 oz packet)
2. Heavy Cream - 1 pint
3. Sweetened Condensed Milk 14oz.

1. 30 minutes prior to beginning chill a large bowl in the freezer.
2. When you're ready to begin pour the powdered chai into the chilled bowl and add 1/2 cup of heavy cream, mix to incorporate completely.
3. Add the remaining cream and mix with a whisk or stand mixer until soft peaks form.
4. Slowly pour in all the sweetened condensed milk, folding it into the whipped cream mix until it's all added.
5. Continue mixing until no streaks of sweetened condensed milk remain.
6. Pour into a large freezer safe container with a lid OR portion out into smaller lidded containers and freeze for 5 hours before serving.


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What are Crepuscular Rays?
Crepuscular rays are nearly parallel rays of scattered sun light that emerge from gaps in clouds or other objects and alternate with columns of shadow. The rays appear to fan out because of perspective, just as a road seems to narrow toward the horizon. Crepuscular means “relating to twilight,”; near dawn and near dusk are the best times for high-contrast displays.


Scent is well recognized as playing a big part in the Alchemy of attraction, and each gender reacts differently to different scents. The scent of roses can make a woman flirtatious. Meanwhile a man's amorous side can be stimulated by the smell of vanilla. It's easy to make your own perfume to stimulate the attentions of a reluctant romeo. Gently warm an essential oil such as rosewood or clary sage oil and add a few drops of botanical extracts. Some popular stimulants include jasmine, cedar wood, and ylang ylang. Place a small amount on pulse points like wrists or temples.


The Most Difficult Tongue Twister
Theophilus thistle, the thistle sifter, sifted a sieve of unsifted thistles. If Theophilus thistle, the thistle sifter, sifted a sieve of unsifted thistles, where is the sieve of unsifted thistles Theophilus thistle, the thistle sifter, sifted. Found on page 269 of your Old Farmer's Almanac.


Bouquet garni is usually made with bay leaves, thyme, and parsley tied with a string or wrapped in cheesecloth. Use to flavor casseroles and soups and remove after cooking. Reference page 293 of your 2015 Old Farmer's Almanac for other great herb ideas.


Did you know that you can use 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar instead of 1 teaspoon of lemon juice?

Page 296 The 2014 Old Farmers Almanac


On this date in 1888, Henry Bergh passed away. Mr Bergh was the founder of the ASPCA.

pg 129 The 2014 Old Farmers Almanac


There is folklore behind just about anything. In the almanac, you will find an article about folklore and planting/gardening. This made me laugh:

"Never thank a person for giving you a plant, or it will die; in fact. the best way to ensure that plant slips will thrive is to steal them."

pg 234 The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac


So I know it's only 19 degrees this morning but spring IS on its way. Maybe if we talk about the good things, it will get here faster!!

I was reading my copy of The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac and found out that Peas and members of the pea family, legumes, add nitrogen to the soil!

Pick up your copy here at the store, and add the 2014 Garden Guide! It makes a great gift as well!


According to The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac, the best time to go fishing is between the new and full moon. This month it started yesterday March 1st and goes til 16th.


Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!


In The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac, I read that it is St David's Day! Pick up your copy here!

Happy St. David's Day!!!
St David's Day – or Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant – is the feast day of Saint David, the national patron saint of Wales, and falls on 1 March every year. Saint David was born towards the end of the 5th century and became renowned as a teacher and preacher, founding monastic settlements and churches. The date of his death is recorded as 1 March, though the year of his death is uncertain.
Celebrate with your Welsh friends by hanging the Y Ddraig Goch or The Red Dragon (Welsh Flag) or by wearing the traditional daffodil or strips of leek on lapels and caps.


Are you afraid of GARLIC?? If so you have Alliumphobia according to The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac. If not we have a number of garlic products to choose from!

Did you know? Some studies have shown that if mothers eat garlic at least one hour before breast feeding, it can help stimulate the baby's appetite. Or garlic has been linked to lower rates of cancer in China and Italy. During WWI garlic was used as an antiseptic. And my favorite, Swedish farmers used to tie garlic around their cow's necks to prevent trolls from stealing their milk!


I think The 2014 Old Farmer's Almanac was spot on when describing this past month:

"Groundhogs need shovels to exit hovels. Sunny and cold, but looking fine for Valentines. Mild then piled! Snowplows rumble, temperatures tumble. Awake to flakes. Bitter breezes summon sneezes."


Mel's Tasty Treats

January is National Hot Tea month

Did you know that January is National Hot Tea month? This is especially apropos this year, as the Almanac predicts this January to be the coldest month of the 2014 winter for many of us. The tradition of preparing tea dates back thousands of years, proving that humanity has long enjoyed a good cup for health and comfort. We sell a wide variety of both bag and loose leaf teas, in addition to specialty honeys to sweeten the deal. Tea novice? Read on for some tips and tricks to making the perfect cup:

As a general rule of thumb, the 'lighter' the tea, the lower the brewing temp and steeping time. For instance, green and white teas are much more delicate than their black or herbal counterparts, and should be brewed at a temp around 175-180* for no longer than a minute or two. Temperature is important here because if the water is too hot, it can essentially 'kill' the flavor of the leaves.

Traditional black teas are best brewed at a temp between 195-200* and left to steep for 2-3 minutes.

To get the full flavor out of herbal teas, tisanes, or rooibos, brew at a temp between 205-210* for 5-8 minutes. These specific varieties of tea do not contain any actual tea leaves, but are made from dried fruits and spices that require a longer steeping time to release the flavor. The added benefit is that these teas are also rarely caffeinated, and make the perfect cup for bedtime or relaxing.

Prefer your tea stronger? Use more tea, rather than allowing it to steep for longer. Many teas will become bitter when left to steep past the recommended amount of time.

Try lightly sweetening strongly brewed tea and mixing with club soda for a refreshing twist. If you use sassafras tea, it tastes a bit like rootbeer!

Much like bread, the water you use can effect the taste of your tea. Try to avoid using hard, minerally water if at all possible to ensure the best flavor.

Tea isn't just good for drinking, though. Got some leftover in the kettle? Try using it in one of these home or beauty applications:
- use wet tea bags on tired, puffy eyes, or to ease the pain of sunburn and razor burn. The tannic acid provides soothing relief.
- use black tea as a marinade to tenderize red meat
- buff and clean wooden furniture with freshly brewed black tea
- rinse hair with warm, freshly brewed tea to condition and add shine
- use peppermint tea with a pinch of salt as mouthwash to help naturally alleviate toothaches
- add used tea leaves to your rose garden to promote growth


Did you know...Oklahoma was the last U.S. state to declare Christmas an official holiday in 1907.


Mel's Tasty Treats

Quick holiday snacks

For a quick holiday treat try serving hot chocolate with Brent and Sam's soft and chewy Snickerdoodles or any one of your favorite style of cookie. Also for a quick snack try our Vacaville fruit basket or one of our many types of nuts

Some other quick and easy ideas:

Uncle Ozgood's popcorn sprinkled with one of the Old Thompson salts or seasonings.

Any Rabbit Creek or Cugino's dip with chips.

Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Stonewall Kitchen peanut butter and any flavor of Webster's preserves or spreads.

Try our variety of Stonewall Kitchen aioli when making a sandwich with lunchmeat.

And of course it wouldn't be the holidays without candy. We carry a wide assortment of chocolates, Jelly Belly products and more.


Mel's Tasty Treats

Comfort Food Cravings

Solstices aside, I think it's safe to say winter has arrived-even Louisiana has had some snow already this year. Nothing invokes comfort food cravings like cold and/or snowy weather, and we've got plenty of tasty baking mixes to warm both ovens and hearts this time of the year. Luckily, there's no need to be a culinary maven.

In the morning, try Rabbit Creek Pumpkin Cranberry Quickbread warmed with some Savannah Bee Winter White Honey. Accompany your Quickbread with some Metro Orange Spice tea and you'll be feeling festive in no time at all.

For a quick afternoon warm-up, pour 5 cups milk into your crockpot and set to high. Let the milk simmer for an hour or so-it may boil, it may not depending on your crockpot, but at any rate it will get hot. Carefully add one package Rabbit Creek Corn Chowder with Roasted Garlic and whisk or stir until incorporated. Allow to simmer in the crock on high for about an hour, making sure to keep an eye on so it doesn't burn or boil over. Once the corn has softened, turn the heat to low or warm and serve.

To add fresh flavor to any soup or stew, you can try adding a bouquet garni. Traditionally, a bouquet garni is made from fresh herbs tied together in a cheesecloth or with twine. A more economical way to do this is to use one of our mesh tea ball strainers in lieu of a cheesecloth, as it can be reused for other applications. This is a perfect way to add the flavor of stuff like rosemary, basil, thyme, etc... without the need to fish it out with a spoon later. Add the bouquet garni in with the rest of your ingredients and before serving just remove the strainer with the cooked spices/herbs.


Interesting fact...Norwegian scientists have hypothesized that Rudolph's red nose is probably the result of a parasitic infection of his respiratory system.


Did you know...Christmas trees usually grow for about 15 years before they are sold!


According to the Guinness world records, the tallest Christmas tree recorded was 221- feet tall. This Douglas fir was displayed in 1950 at the Northgate Shopping Center in Seattle, Washington.


Did you know that most of Santa's reindeer have male- sounding names; Dasher, Comet, Donner, etc. However, male reindeer shed their antlers around Christmas indicating that Santa's reindeer are likely female!


Did you know..."Jingle Bells" was actually written for Thanksgiving, composed in 1857 by James Pierpont and originally called "One Horse Open Sleigh"


Why does corn pop? On page 117 of The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids Volume 4, it says that Corn pops when water in the kernel is heated. Heat increases the pressure in the kernel turning it inside out!


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