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Porch Love PorchLove? We got it!
Fellow PorchLovers we want to thank you so much for bearing with us through the beginning! Working towards opening, so far on track for that to happen Spring/Early Summer 2013! :-)

PorchLove is a company built on one simple thing-- an unabashed love of all things Porch. We are talking no holding back of the Porch Love. Porch sitting, porch furniture, porch parties, porch "visiting", porch food, porch toys, porch plants. Well, you get the idea! We love porches. We love porch sitting. Our goal is to build a community of Porch Lovers. That said, it was somewhat shocking to us as we went through the steps of opening that some people we encountered said, "Porch love? Porch sitting? What is that?" Holy Porch Emergency. If you really don't know then that is all the more reason for you to learn, and we'd love to have you. Porch Sitting is a feeling and can be done on your front step, your big porch, your little porch, your screened porch, your deck, or with a bunch of lawn chairs pulled together. The possibilities are endless but the technique is not. People. Together. On a finished porch or a makeshift one. Porch Love. Just add people. Sometimes we porch sit alone, sometimes in a group. There's no right or wrong way but we recommend everyone get their PorchLove on as often as possible. Much more to follow, please stay tuned..and thanks as always for joining us! We love our PorchLovers!


Happy Monday, fellow Porch Lovers! So I have to admit I was tickled to get PM's asking when we open...we are so flattered that people are bearing with us and thank you SO Much. To say we are excited is an understatement. Our learning curve is a tad (okay a really big tad) bigger than we thought. If you've ever had technical difficulties you'll know what we mean! :-) So we are working and cannot wait to share what has been created with you. Keeping things under wraps is the very hardest part b/c we LOVE all things porch and all Porch Lovers. We'll keep you posted-- hope you are able to get in some porch sitting today!


Hope all is well with y'all. Still working hard here. Mostly we just want to wish you a week filled with kindness and light. See everyone after Jan. 1st!


Happy Monday, everyone! It's a beautiful day in Virginia and we hope where you are too. Sure wish we could all porch-sit the day away but alas, work calls. There's always the afternoon, though. ;-) So we've received some messages asking what Porch Love is all about. As much as we love to talk Porch Love, we also need to keep things a little under wraps as details are finalized. So to thank you for your patience as we progress towards opening we've written down the names of our first 35 "Likes" and you'll be receiving FREE goodies of YOUR choice when we open. And really how can anyone NOT like a company called Porch Love so please feel free to share with your friends. We are looking SO forward to getting your opinion on our products and website but most of all building a community that started based on a common love of all things Porch-- Porch Love. Talk with y'all later, thanks for bearing with us in the 'beginning'!


Porch Love will be under construction as we prep for opening over the next few months. If you are curious (and curious is always more fun!) and want to 'like' us now, that's great! If you'd rather wait until later that's fine too. Either way stop back by soon, details will be rolling out shortly. Thanks so much!


Ashburn, VA


(703) 728-4915


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