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Apple Appliance Ashburn-42551 Rosalind st,Ashburn va 20148 Apple Appliance Fairfax-7801 Bristow Dr Annadale va 22003 Apple Appliance Woodbridge-15224 Wentwood ln Woodbride va 22191 Appliance Repair Company 24/7 Appliance Repair & Service offer same day service and serve the entire northern VA area. We offer same day service and are licence and insured as well as locally owned and operated. Our services vary so we can fix most appliances made by different brands in the market which include both American & European brands.

Ikon supplies

Ikon supplies

KN 95 MASK -$3.50 EACH
3 PLY MASK-$35 BOX OF 50

pickup from our Ashburn VA location weekdays 8am to 10 am & 4 to 6 pm
weekends check before coming.
payment accepted exact cash or zelle or Venomo only

NO Returns on these items

We got some extra stuff $35.00 for Mask$6 for shieldWill be available for pickup only from our Ashburn  VA office curbsi...

We got some extra stuff

$35.00 for Mask
$6 for shield

Will be available for pickup only from our Ashburn VA office curbside pickup only everyday 4 to 8 pm only

Payment accepted via zelle or cash only


If you must use an extension cord to power a large appliance in your home, remember to check the connection to the wall and the appliance. A loose plug could spark a fire.


You know that keeping your refrigerator's condenser coils clean will extend the life of your fridge, but it can help reduce the load on your air conditioner, too. A dirty refrigerator cycles on more frequently, and that means more heat in the kitchen that your air conditioner has to deal with on warm days.


Would you buy a Michael Boehm Grill? He's the man who invented the portable grill that was named after heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman, hired as company spokesman.


Your trusty clothes dryer can give you years of useful service, sometimes much longer than your washing machine. If you want to take advantage of some of the new washer innovations, don't automatically assume you have to replace your dryer, too. A tune-up might work just as well and cost a lot less.


Did you know that cleaning out the lint trap is one of the most effective ways to keep your clothes dryer running smoothly? Remembering to clean it out can keep the lint from going places it shouldn't go.


Does your washing machine ever rattle when it runs a load? If so, you may want to ensure your machine is level as this could be your problem.


Does your oven run a few degrees hot or cold? Many ovens have a temperature adjustment in the dial. Test your oven's temperature with an inexpensive oven-safe thermometer, and calibrate the temperature dial to a more accurate setting if you need to.


Even a faint whiff of natural gas can indicate a big problem. Don't try to deal with a gas leak yourself. Evacuate your home and call 911 from a neighbor's house or cell phone.


Did you know that washing machines, stoves, and refrigerators are among the most expensive household items to have replaced? In most cases, repair of your broken-down appliance is a smart option.


Buying new appliances can quickly get quite expensive, as you may have to deal with everything from counter modifications to adjustments in water connection and power outlet placement. Appliance repairs offer a much more manageable solution, both in terms of money and time.


If your refrigerator hooks up to a water line, it’s very important to keep it in good repair. Any problem with the parts connecting to the water line could result in a burst pipe and water all over your floor.


Few household appliances can be as scary for homeowners to deal with as the kitchen garbage disposal. When you aren’t sure what the problem is, let us take a look so you don’t have to risk your fingers.


Did you know that your dishwasher has a helpful appliance repair panel to follow when it breaks? The troubleshooting guide is located behind the front panel or toe plate.


If you need your appliance issue resolved quickly, then repair is going to be your best bet. Not only are replacements expensive, but it takes time to price out different models and then wait for them to become available and get delivered.


It’s normal for an oven to smoke a small amount when you broil foods, as this could be caused by a buildup of grease that is now burning off, or it could be caused by the broiler pan being upside down, enabling grease drippings to burn. If the smoke is excessive though, a repair may be in order.


Kenmore helped revolutionize home décor with brightly colored washing machines, dryers, and ranges that came in sunshine yellow, Malibu coral, aquamarine and white. It was a huge untapped market in the late 1920s in household appliances.


It stands to reason that the average American homeowner has several thousand dollars invested in appliances. In order to protect your investment, and to avoid the potential risk of fire, it’s important to have your appliances properly maintained.


Before calling an appliance repairman, there are several things you can do yourself. First, make sure it's plugged in and turned on, and that the circuit breaker or fuse doesn't need fixed. Then reset or replace the fuse or circuit breaker and test your appliance again.


Appliance breakdowns are a pain, and so you want the repair done fast and right the first time. Our team of professional technicians is dedicated to quickly diagnosing and resolving the issue so that your appliance runs as good as new in no time.


It’s important to remember that some appliances can be dangerous to work on because of their electrical current. For your own safety, please leave the repairs to a qualified professional.


Did you know that self-help repairs can often nullify any warranties you might have on an appliance? We can take care of all your appliance repair needs, in a safe, effective, and timely manner.

Book an experienced, helpful & reliable expert to fix your fridge, washer, oven, dishwasher & more. call or Text 703-829...

Book an experienced, helpful & reliable expert to fix your fridge, washer, oven, dishwasher & more. call or Text 703-829-5314


Washing machines are basically the same as they have always been mechanically. The original washboard-style objects were attached to gears and levers inside a tub with water, and the crank manually rotated the clothes by beating the clothing with the washboards.


When the dishwasher breaks and your plates are piling up in the sink - because, let's face it, everyone hates to do dishes – it's the perfect time to call us. Trust us, your spouse will be happy at the end of the day if the kitchen is clean!


Are you planning to move out of your home in the next couple of years? If you are dealing with a broken appliance, in this case repair will always be your best bet, as you won’t be able to recoup any efficiency gains offered by a newer model.


Have you been thinking you could save money by handling your own appliance repairs? Remember, if you have to redo something or damage another part by accident, it could cost you more to do it yourself than it would cost to hire us.


It’s important to remember that many appliance repairs can seem more simplistic on the surface than they really are. In some cases, it can be easy to make the problem worse when you don’t have extensive experience repairing appliances.


When your refrigerator stops working, you have the potential to lose hundreds of dollars in food. If you need a quick response to your service call, we’re always happy to help.


Unless you're happy washing your underwear like in the old days, it's hard to go without a washing machine in your house. Don't let the kids' clothes stack up; call us and let us fix it for you.


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