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EZ Auctioning EZ Auctioning is located in Alexandria VA.Our mission is to create a scalable and efficient consignment service where individuals, businesses and community organizations can drop-off higher value items for sale on eBay by experienced, knowledgeable staff at a fair price.

Anything you can dream of can be bought or sold on eBay (with some small exceptions). Large companies have seen the power that eBay has to offer and now sell their outlet merchandise through the website as well. EZ Auctioning is happy to give the people, organizations and businesses of Northern Virginia (DC Metro Area) the opportunity to join this popular online market place one auction at a time.

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Although it can be tempting to set a reserve amount on every item you sell, this won’t always work to your benefit. Depending on the type of item you plan to sell, you may find that the market simply won’t bear the cost of the reserve, forcing you to take it back home or continuing to list it.


Do you ever wish you could find enough free time to start selling some of your older treasures online? Since the process can be time-consuming at times, you may want to consider turning it over to someone who has the time and experience necessary to help you get top dollar.


While you may be able to save the sales assistance fee by listing your own items on EBay, you may not always be able to get top dollar for your items. In many cases, letting a professional manage the process can help you to earn more than you would on your own.


Since a low-performing online auction can often mean parting with certain items for far less than you may be comfortable with, setting a reserve on an item can give you peace of mind. Basically, the reserve is the absolute lowest amount you’re willing to let the item go for.


Whether you’re an individual trying to make some extra money, or you represent an organization looking to sell item donations, we are your EBay gurus. We can do the listing for you and send you your profits in no time.


Whether you’re selling a priceless antique or fashion jewelry you made at home, the quality of the image and product description is an important part of what makes it sell. When you aren’t completely confident you can handle these aspects on your own, we’re always ready to help.


We offer a number of different services to get the job done and get your items sold on EBay. Whether you just want a no-frills listing or want a premium, “Buy it Now” listing, we can cover all bases.


We recognize that EBay isn’t always the right sales channel for every item. Let’s talk about the condition of your item and what similar items have sold for in the past, so that you can get a better idea of whether EBay is right for your item.


If you’ve got valuables you are interested in offloading, don’t bother with a garage sale. Let us sell your items on EBay, where it will have more eyes (and more bids) on them. We’ll simply send you your profits once it sells.


It’s important to remember that dealing with questions from potential bidders can be well worth the time it takes. If you never seem to get around to all the questions people ask about the items you’re selling, it’s a good idea to bring in a professional to handle your next auction.


Many people have no interest in setting up an EBay account and selling their items online. Thanks to a helpful EBay sales assistant, you don’t have to deal with online sales, just simply drop off your items at an EBay location, and turn them into cash.


Posting items for sale online can be a stressful ordeal; between taking pictures, writing descriptions, and shipping, it can be a handful. If you want to skip that and cut to the cash, let us do it for you.


While selling items on EBay can mean the potential of making more than you could through a regular sale, there’s also the potential that an item won’t sell for what you’d hoped. Rest assured that our experienced sales team is always available to help you get a reasonable idea of what kind of sales price you can expect.


During a move, you simply do not have the time to list items for sale online. However, the online marketplace is the fastest way to turn items into cash. The global reach of online retailers such as EBay makes it an effective way to sell your valuables.


An EBay sales assistant is a perfect solution when you need to empty out your closets. He or she will deal with every aspect of the sale and present you with a check when your unwanted items have sold.


It’s important to remember that people are highly visual creatures, especially when making a purchase decision. Since the picture you post online is all people will have to go off for their buying decision, it’s critical that the image you post is a high-quality one.


What’s hot? Experts say demand is on the rise for Chinese and Russian antiques, art, textiles, and high-quality collectibles. Overall, demand for these items has expanded by as much as 300 percent in the past few years.


Just about everything has been sold on EBay, even a Gulfstream II Jet that went for $4.9 million, but even if you don’t have a private jet to sell, we can help you out.


Ready to get rid of your old electronic components? Our EBay selling assistance makes the process fast, efficient, and easy. Hot items include AV components, CB radios, cell phones, ham radios and related gear, satellite TV receivers, and shortwave radios.


If you need to raise some money for an organization, but aren’t sure how, asking for unwanted item donations is a great route. We can turn your community’s items into cash, and send your organization the proceeds.


EBay buyers want a trustworthy seller with an established reputation for excellence, and we’ve got just that. Let us market your valuables, and our rock-solid sales history can do the legwork.


Do you know the value of items stored in your attic? If you have dust collecting on your valuables, the time is right to list them on EBay. A sales assistant will help you list them to the world’s largest online marketplace.


Clearing out unwanted possessions is a great way to make a new start. Many household items hold their value, but finding the right buyer can be difficult. Letting an EBay sales assistant help you sell your items is a fast and easy solution.


Have rare records sitting around in boxes but a busted record player? Collectible records are in high demand, and the right ones can fetch hundreds of dollars. Let us list your valuable records to make the most out of them.


When all you have to work with is a low-resolution phone camera that provides grainy images, you may wonder how you’ll be able to make your EBay sale a success. Remember, our team can help you get the photos that will help your item to sell.


We realize that not everyone has a gift for taking pictures that make all an item’s special attributes shine on the Internet. Rest assured that we can help with everything from the photograph to the shipping of your item to the highest bidder.


Damaged or incomplete items appeal to some to EBay buyers. Lamp parts can be used to repair or restore similar items. Textile fragments or pages from books can be framed and displayed. A decorative container with a missing lid may be precisely what someone is looking for.


Our EBay listing services couldn’t be more pain free; it’s as simple as dropping off your items and we will take it from there. Once it’s done, you just have to find a way to spend your newfound cash.


Ever heard of Honus Wagner? This old-timey baseball star’s T206 card—of which fewer than 200 were printed—sold for $2.1 million on EBay, landing him in baseball and Internet auction history both.


Practically anything can be sold on EBay—clothing, instruments, kitchenware, and everything in between—so keep that in mind the next time you want to raise a little extra money. We can help you convert those things into pocket money.


Not sure about the difference between media mail and priority? Confused about what to charge for shipping on EBay? We’re pros, so don’t waste time figuring it out—let us help you sell and ship your items in no time at all.


Did you know that more than $2.6 billion worth of computers and electronics are sold on EBay each quarter? Your old computer can find a home with a collector or anyone who still finds value in it. A check is better than another item in a landfill.


The true beauty of working with us is that you can bring us all the items you hope to sell on EBay, and not think about them again until we send your check. Everything from the photography to the payment processing will be in our experienced hands.


We’re seasoned veterans when it comes to selling on EBay; if you’ve seen it up for auction, we’ve probably listed one ourselves. That means we know what to expect and can make you the most money for you items.


Used clothing can be a great EBay moneymaker, if you have some lying around. Well-known designer brands in particular can retain—and even gain—value for years, so don’t be so quick to toss your old clothes!


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