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Items Of Value We do appraisal work for people, businesses, organizations, and insurance companies. Our services are regularly sought by private individuals, estate guardians/executors, federal agencies, corporations, and insurance agents/adjusters.

We can give 7 different types of values depending on a client's different needs. These include Current Replacement Value for insurance coverage, Fair Market Value for estate planning/settlement or for donation, Bankruptcy/Liquidation Value for forced sales, Suggested Selling Range plus Target Selling Price for selling or buying, Cost for Repair plus Permanent Loss of Value for damaged items.

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While money may be the least of your concerns after the loss of a loved one, no one wants to look back and realize they let things go for mere pennies on the dollar. When you need guidance on how best to liquidate the assets, we’re always here for you.


Working through the things you have when it’s time to downsize can be overwhelming. You may not realize all the things of value that you have. But an estate liquidator can help you with that, and he or she will know what the best venue for selling it may be.


We recognize that being named the executor of someone’s will doesn’t necessarily make you an expert in how to liquidate the tangible assets of his or her estate. When you need a little help with the process, we’re always here for you.


When liquidating the possessions of an estate, understanding the value of each item is essential. Remember that certain dealers will cherry pick the best items. A thorough evaluation of the estate should be conducted before any sales take place.


Estate liquidation professionals are able to generate increased income for their clients by selling inherited personal property at estate sales. An estate liquidation professional understands the worth of a variety of different types of items that can be found in a wide range of homes.


A professional estate liquidator will have full accounting records of the sale of items. He or she will be able to provide you with a check for the net profits of the items within a week of the sale date.


Does it ever feel like you’ll never be able to finalize your divorce because you and your spouse can’t agree on the value of the assets you’re dividing? Bringing in a third-party estate liquidator could help to provide an impartial valuation for you.


While being chosen as the executor of someone’s will can be the ultimate gesture of trust and respect, it can also be quite a bit of work. Whether you just need a little help liquidating things, or you aren’t even sure where to begin, we’re always here for you.


Estate liquidations involve the sale of a lifetime of possessions, typically of one’s own or a loved one’s belongings. Because of this, estate liquidation professionals are compassionate when conducting an estate sale, working to minimize the trauma of the experience and treating the possessions with respect and dignity.


Are you unsure what to do with the remaining contents of an estate after the family has claimed items of sentimental value? Since it can be difficult to determine what should be thrown away and what can be sold, it’s always a good idea to bring in a professional to help.


When you are facing a move, for whatever the reason, it may be a good time to thin out some of your belongings. If you have a lot of thinning to do- as most of us do- why not bring in an expert in estate liquidation to help you assess your items, and create a plan to sell the items for the best price?


An estate liquidator may offer a great option not only for those getting rid of items, but those seeking specific things as well. He or she is also familiar with the quality of what is there, so you know what you are buying is worth the money you are spending.


When working with an estate liquidation professional, it's important to discuss the age of the estate; the size of the estate—number of rooms and storage spaces; and whether the property contains any special collections.


By evaluating the contents of a home that need to be liquidated, you will be able to budget for all expenses involved in the process. Inspecting the items will help you determine their age and value, and whether it is worth including them in the sale.


An estate liquidation can include jewelry, coin collections, fine art, and stocks and bonds. Often, these sales are accompanied by realtors, attorneys, certified public accountants, and appraisers, although that is not always the case, and private estate sales are also quite typical.


Although it’s certainly always your option to go through the items of a loved one’s estate and liquidate them on your own, it’s not always practical to do so. Using a professional service can help ensure that everything is handled in a quick and efficient manner.


It’s important to remember that you don’t have to attempt to think about valuation and liquidation when your grief is still so fresh. If the idea of sorting through a loved one’s home to settle their estate is more than you can bear, we’re here for you.


You have a few choices for a quick sale when you want to get rid of items in your life. You can send everything to an auction, which may get you a fair price. You can do a yard sale, and know that you are taking a hit. Or, you can go with an estate liquidator, who can at least offer a fair price for your items.


Working on getting rid of the clutter in your home can be a challenge, and you may not have the time to deal with it yourself. A professional estate liquidator can help you take you through the process of getting rid of some of those odds and ends that you may not know are valuable.


If you are managing a family member's estate from afar, you will need professionals to help with each step of the process. Working with an established estate liquidator will help you efficiently sell all assets belonging to the estate.


It’s important to remember that you don’t have to carve time out of your busy schedule when it’s time to value the assets of your estate for your divorce. In many cases, we may be able to help you reach a value much faster than you would on your own.


Typically, your estate liquidation professional will advise that you do not discard any of the contents of an estate until you are advised to do otherwise. Let the professional review the estate, and conduct a full and thorough appraisal of all of the estate’s items.


Estate liquidation involves downsizing and may be the result of a death, divorce, or debt in many cases. Estate liquidators must typically meet specific academic or experience requirements and must abide by a code of ethics.


If you require a house to be completely emptied in a certain time frame, your estate liquidator will be responsible for the sale of items, donations of items to charities, and the thorough cleaning and repairs of the house.


Want to save your kids some stress after you’re gone? Why not do at least some of the liquidation that you believe they might end up doing after your death before that time comes? A professional liquidator can help you with all aspects of the process, and does the job right.


If you’re like many people trying to liquidate an estate, you likely weren’t expecting to have to clean out an entire home. Whether you lack the time or desire to liquidate the estate on your own, we’re always ready to pitch in.


Estate liquidations and estate sales are similar but different ways to sell estate items. In an estate sale, the goal is to liquidate the estate, while an estate sale is conducted to sell off portions of an estate.


A yard sale is one option for getting rid of unwanted items- but you can do so much better. An estate liquidator can help you sort out the wheat from the chaff and then help you sell the items for the best-possible prices.


Estate liquidators will be able to sell the majority of the items in a house for top dollar. After the bulk of the estate is sold, smaller, less-valuable items will be donated to charity. Finally, the house will be swept clean of debris and ready for sale.


Did you know that estate sales account for more than $100 million in revenue every month? When you arrive at an estate sale liquidation, be sure to open closets, cabinets, and drawers. Typically, at estate liquidations, everything is up for sale, including rugs and curtains.


If you are trying to save money when performing an estate liquidation, doing it all yourself is not advised. The complexity of the process can often take up all of your time, and create a lot of stress. Hiring a professional is often best.


One of the problems with family members trying to liquidate an estate for a lost loved one is that they won’t always know the worth of each item. An estate liquidation company will not only handle the estate in an expedient manner, but will also help you to get a better price at auction.


Did you ever think of doing an estate liquidation for yourself? It can be a good way to get rid of all those things you don’t need or want any longer, and it can help you manage the clutter when you are ready to downsize.


Your estate liquidation specialist will work professionally, courteously, and confidentially with you to provide the best financial outcome for the sale of your estate, handling all of the details of the sale, from the planning to the sale’s final stages.


Estate liquidators understand that houses can sit for months before action is taken. When showing a house to a liquidator, make a list of questions and expectations, so that all of your needs can be met.


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hi Jerry rachel carmichael again. i now found a white chamber pot in excellent condition...royal ironstone china with the royal rampart lions on underside..."Johnson Bros, England. any value? thank you again for info on the stamps.
Hi Jerry, it's Rachel Carmichael again. Thank u for your info regarding the stamps. I now have a large white chamber pot = excellent condition--ROYAL IRONSTONE CHINA . Johnson Bros, England with the rampant lions on bottom. Could this be of any value and worth selling?
next date for warehouse sale?