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Old Town Shoe & Luggage Repair Old Town Shoe & Luggage Repair had been repairing and creating leather good for a generation. Don will tell you that one of the main reasons his businesses are successful is because he realizes the value in creating a "family business," one that exudes a level of trust and promises personal attention for its customers.

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Mary Janes is a shoe style for young girls found worldwide. They are named after Mary Jane, the girlfriend of Buster Brown, and she was always shown wearing them. Initially only came in black patent leather, but lately they are available in a range of colors.


Stilettos originally grew in popularity during the 1950's, but their wearers often gained a bad reputation as they were not conservative shoes. Just as you see today, these shoes feature a very long heel and a curved style.


Did you know that women's shoes were made the same as men's shoes in Europe until the 18th century?


Shoes have been around for a very long time, but few relics are found because the material decomposes. The oldest pair of shoes found were in Armenia and dated to around 3500 B.C.E.


Did you know that making custom shoes requires very specific measurements and skills? After you choose or create your shoe style, a professional shoemaker makes molds that embody your feet, produce a pattern reflecting your exact measurements, stitch the leather together, and fit the upper portion of the shoes to the curvature of your arches.


Did you know this shoe fact? The boots in which Neil Armstrong walked on the moon are adrift in outer space.


Heels on shoes have their own regional histories. In the Middle East, they were added to shoes to help lift the foot from the burning sand. In Europe, they were a sign of status, and in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, they were almost always red.


The way you walk may be a determining factor in how long your shoes last. If you wear heeled boots and your foot strikes the ground at an angle, your heel can wear down at an angle, making it difficult or unsafe to walk.


When getting fitted for shoes, wear the same type of socks you'll wear with the type of shoe you're purchasing. If you are trying on boots wear heavy socks; if you are trying on dress shoes, wear a thin pair of socks.


Did you know that thong style sandals have been a favorite in warm weather climates for thousands of years? The ancient Greeks and Romans were both fans of these shoes.


Did you know that western-style cowboy boots began as a very rudimentary kind of footwear? Their only initial purpose was to be thick and sturdy and to protect the feet of people who stayed outdoors for long hours.


Did you know that in the Middle East, as well as parts of Africa, Korea, and Thailand, it is considered rude to show the soles of your feet to others? This is considered uncouth even when done accidentally, such as by crossing the legs.


Barleycorns -three to the inch - were how shoe sizes were initially measured. Therefore, a size 13 shoe is thirty-nine barleycorns (laid end to end) long.


Do you know where the United States tradition of tying shoes to the bumper of the bridal car came from? This hearkens back to the shoe ceremony of the Middle Ages, when a father gave the groom one of his daughter's shoes as a symbol of handing over his role as caretaker.


Prior to the French Revolution, highly embellished heels were all the rage for French aristocrats. Shoes for men and women alike often featured brocaded silk and painted accent feathers.


We sell show accessories! Stop in today arch supports, shoe trees, and leather treatment products!


Throughout history, shoes have become much more than a covering for our feet. Rather, shoes speak of status, gender, ethnicity, religion, and profession. You can tell a lot about a person from their shoes.


By the seventeenth century, leather boots began to be used for everyday wear. Although sometimes a fashion statement, they were primarily used to protect the feet and legs of military personnel and horseback riders.


Poulaines originated in Poland and quickly spread in popularity across all of Europe during the 15th century. The style didn't fall out of fashion until the 1480's.


In classical literature, heroes were often identified as wearing only one shoe or sandal when they first appear.


Did you know that your shoe size changes throughout the day while you walk, sit, or run? It's best to purchase shoes later in the day as your feet tend to increase in size as the day goes on.


A Patten is a European wooden overshoe that was traditionally used to keep a person's feet dry when outdoors. These are most readily recognizable as the traditional Dutch wooden clog.


Shoe repair can help alleviate a variety of physical problems. Worn heels will typically affect your gait, which can in turn affect your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back.


Consider that shoe repair is among the oldest forms of recycling/reusing. Literally millions of pairs of shoes are kept out of the landfill each year thanks to the shoe repair industry.


Did you know? Espadrilles date as far back as the 14th century.


When shopping for the right pair of shoes, it is important to keep many things in mind. Examining the shoe's anatomy, rigidity, toe spring, toe box, and insoles are some of the best ways to determine whether a pair of shoes is right for you.


The world's oldest known leather shoe was found in Armenia in 2008 and is believed to date back to 3,500 BC. This ancient artifact was made from a single piece of cowhide laced with a leather cord around seams at the front and back.


When buying custom made shoes, we'll measure not only the length and breadth of your foot, but any area that is crucial to a comfortable fit.


Custom made shoes can correct many posture problems and several orthopedic issues.


In ancient Anglo-Saxon weddings, a pair of shoes played a role not unlike today's wedding band. The bride passed her shoes to the groom who would take them and tap the bride on the head with them. This symbolized that wherever the groom went the bride would follow. Some semblance of this still exists in the ritual of tying shoes to the back of the married couple's vehicle.


Did you know that until the nineteenth century, all shoes were created equal? The concepts of left and right didn't exist when it came to shoes. The first left- and right-footed shoes were made in Philadelphia.


European and other country shoe sizes can vary greatly from those in the United States. If you see a shoe from another country that interests you but are concerned about getting the correct fit, we can design a shoe to match the same style!


Shoes took on greater import in the Middle Ages than simply a covering for one's feet. Traditionally, a father passed his authority over his daughter to her husband in a shoe ceremony. At the wedding, the groom then handed the bride a shoe.


Did you know that true cowboy boots come with either a riding heel (steep and tapered) or a walking heel (similar to a standard shoe)?


The first sandals were worn in warm climates where the soles of the feet needed some protection but the top of the feet needed to stay cool enough to keep the person comfortable.


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