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Del Ray Garden Market Del Ray Garden Market is a community organization that organizes monthly markets to supply Northern Virginia and Metropolitan Washington DC with landscape plants, indoor plants, and supplies, specializing in native and beneficial(edible) landscape plants

Operating as usual


Closing the Del Ray Garden Market

It's been a topsy-turvy year to say the least, and certainly not the best one to try to launch a brand-new public market. Unfortunately as we look forward to 2021, it looks like "normal" is not coming back too soon. So, it is with sadness and regret that we have decided that the time for the Del Ray Garden Market has not come, and we will be closing our efforts. As so many things have changed with our market vendors (some doing great, some not so), this also reflects that we would need a serious reboot in all conditions.

We'd like to thank all of our supporters and the vendors, especially all of those who participated in the virtual/contactless system we tried in 2020. Here's to wishing you all a greener and safer 2021 and beyond.


Well, we were optimistic in the spring that things would get back to normal in the fall. So now, we're optimistic that next spring things may be back to normal. Unfortunately in the meantime, we have to cancel all Fall Garden Markets. We appreciate all of the support, and highly, highly recommend that you reach our to our vendors who will be offering direct sales and in some cases deliveries to fill your plant needs. In particular, please check out Hill House Farm & Nursery and Nursery Anonymous. Hope to see you in Spring 2021!

Thank you to everyone for your support!  At this point the Del Ray Garden Market will be taking a break for the summer, ...
Artisan Hot Sauces | Handcrafted Seasonings | She Peppers LLC

Thank you to everyone for your support! At this point the Del Ray Garden Market will be taking a break for the summer, however you can connect with the vendors directly to see if they may be continuing deliveries or other contact-less means to supply your garden and landscape needs. Here's a brief listing:

She Peppers:
Nursery Anonymous: Nursery Anonymous
Stephen Lally Pottery:
Hill House Nursery:
Nisani Farm:
Viriditas Nursery:

She Peppers LLC is a specialty, gourmet food and handcrafted spice store. We pride ourselves on creating unique flavorful sauces, spice blends, chili pastes, and infused products such as olive oils, vinegars, salts, and honey. We are your one stop shop for flavor.


Free Plant Deliveries to Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax are replacing the May event of the Del Ray Garden Market. We're sorry that we can't see you, but we have posted the list of available plants from many of our vendors in the Menu section of this Page. If you have any difficulties seeing the menu, please let us know and we are happy to send you one. Our delivery date is scheduled for Saturday, May 9th, the day before Mother's Day! For Viriditas Nursery, you may link directly to their webpage for orders (, for all others please drop us a line via this Page or email [email protected]. Thanks again!


Good Morning! We will be posting information on Deliveries to replace the May event. We are sorry that we can't have the Garden Market in person, but are trying to provide the next-best thing to all of you out there at home. More later!


Thank you to all who ordered for the April deliveries. For anyone who may have missed the window, don't despair! We will be doing a May delivery as well, and will update the availability lists in a week or so as per what will be available then.


Hello! We just posted the catalog for Nisani Farm - herbs and vegetable seedlings - in the Menu (see the bar at the left, click on the word Menu at the bottom). Just scroll down through the Menu. We have also added the beautiful (and humorous) pottery of Stephen Lally. Check them out!

More summer vegetable seedlings will be available in May. The majority of our veggie seedling nurseries have timed their growth for the best planting season.


Hello! Well, we can't have the Garden Market we had been planning to wow everyone with yet this spring, but we are arranging a delivery system for your plant needs while you are shut-in. We are posting "catalogs" from several of the vendors under our Menu section of this page (hey, we're new to this!). Here are a couple of notes about deliveries:
1. All deliveries must be pre-paid and contact-less. If you are ordering from multiple vendors, they will provide invoices for the individual orders.
2. Deliveries will take place between April 5 - 12. We will work with you on the delivery dates and times, but will also try to group orders as best as possible.
3. Please start orders through this page/inbox, or by emailing us at [email protected]


Notice: Event Cancellation - April 5th, 2020
Please note that we are cancelling the April 5th event for the Del Ray Garden Market this spring due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19).

At this time, we intend to still hold the May 3rd event, and will update you on this as the date draws nearer.

We are looking into a delivery system for the goods that the vendors have available to residents in Alexandria, Arlington, and the Alexandria postal code of Fairfax County the weekend after we would have held the first market. We will keep you updated on this as we plan out the logistics of that. If this would be of interest to you, please let us know via message or email [email protected]

In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy


Plastic Pot Recycling! - It seems that the world is awash with plastic right now, so we'll be doing our part. At the sale, we will have a depot for you to deposit your used, undamaged plastic plant pots for reuse. Select vendors have agreed to reuse pots in good condition. These pots are generally not recyclable through curbside collection, so this reuse will have a direct benefit to the environment!

FLORA Living + Design

This week we are introducing a vendor who will be bringing her trade as a plant stylist to our market - providing us with the beauty of cut flowers, arrangements, kokedama, and so much more. Amy Eggers of Flora Roots and Stems has some seriously cool stuff, so rather than try to describe it, check out the page ( and website (

The designs and creations of Amy Sills Eggers, including but not limited to: live plant styling, artisan floral design, handmade masks, textiles, originally designed fabrics, home decor and more ... custom requests adored!

We have an exciting vendor to announce this week (I know, another!).    Eco Images native plant nursery and native plant...
Eco Images by Vickie Shufer - Offering Programs Products and Plants to Help Others Connect with Nature

We have an exciting vendor to announce this week (I know, another!). Eco Images native plant nursery and native plants herbal products will be joining us! People tend to think that native plants and edible (or drinkable?) plants don't intersect, but Vickie Shufer (owner of Eco Images) is an herbalist and forager with a Master’s Degree in Therapeutic Herbalism. She teaches classes on edible and medicinal plants and was the editor and publisher of The Wild Foods Forum newsletter from 1994-2014 and is the author of the “Everything Guide to Foraging." Vickie has developed a line of native plant herbal products that she sells, including yaupon tea, a beverage made from the leaves of yaupon holly, a native plant in the U.S. with caffeine in the leaves. I can't wait! You can find more information at their website,

Founded by Vickie Shufer in 1986, Eco Images offers a variety of experiences to help others connect with nature and enhance their appreciation of the outdoors. From exploring the outdoors, foraging, medicine making, to growing native and medicinal plants in backyards and gardens, there is something....


We have another introduction for you this week - Nisani Farm will be joining the Del Ray Garden Market this spring! They have exciting edibles for you to grow, well worth a special trip all by themselves. You can find them at their page @nisanifarm or their website

From Hill House Farm & Nursery, a photo of their Butterflyweed (Asclepias tuberose) with Monarch Butterflies

From Hill House Farm & Nursery, a photo of their Butterflyweed (Asclepias tuberose) with Monarch Butterflies

For our second installation about our vendors, we introduce Hill House Farm & Nursery.  For anyone who has ever met the ...
Hill House Native Plants - Home

For our second installation about our vendors, we introduce Hill House Farm & Nursery. For anyone who has ever met the fine folks at Hill House, you will know that their passion for native plants is matched by their knowledge. A part of their mission reads: "Our goal is to help our customers create harmonious gardens and diversity-rich landscapes, and to preserve and restore our natural ecosystems by doing so."
With a dizzying variety of native plants, they have offerings for every size landscape and the ability to fill in every season. You can find them at their website

Another photo from Nursery Anonymous - Oakleaf Hydrangea showing fall color in....January!

Another photo from Nursery Anonymous - Oakleaf Hydrangea showing fall color in....January!

Sweetfern, a small native shrub with an enchanting scent- Nursery Anonymous

Sweetfern, a small native shrub with an enchanting scent
- Nursery Anonymous

A selection of native violet named "Freckles"- Nursery Anonymous

A selection of native violet named "Freckles"
- Nursery Anonymous


We wouldn't be a market without vendors, so through the months leading up to the April sale, we will offer information on the vendors that will be attending. Today, we'll start with Nursery Anonymous.

Nursery Anonymous specializes in native and edible plants that are unusual or hard to find in the standard retail market. Their tagline is "From Rare to Rediscovered", and you can find a number of favorites you had forgotten to plants you haven't yet met. They offer a wide range of plant types, including trees, shrubs, perennials, ferns, vines, and ground covers.

For the Del Ray Garden Market they will have a number of special selections available, including Oakleaf Hydrangea, Spicebush, Winterberry, Kentucky Coffeetree, Carolina Sweetshrub, Showy Goldenrod, and many more. For a listing of their availability, email them at [email protected]

We'll post stories of Nursery Anonymous and photos of their plants over the next week or so.


So, how far does an average plant travel to get to your landscape? Is it an average nursery plant coming from Oregon, traveling 2,800 miles to get here? Or something more local from North Carolina, making the trek of 450 miles? What is the carbon footprint of all of that travel? it a Del Ray Garden Market vendor, traveling between 0 and 50 miles on average?


It may be January, but we're deep in the midst of the planning and organizing for the upcoming Del Ray Garden Market. The Market will be held on the first Sunday of the month starting this April, and will host a wide variety of wonderful vendors for your garden needs. Keep an eye on this page as we post descriptions of the vendors and more....

Del Ray Garden Market's cover photo

Del Ray Garden Market's cover photo

Del Ray Garden Market

Del Ray Garden Market


Whoa, we're planning now.....!
Coming this spring to Alexandria in Del Ray, the first Del Ray Garden Market.
As we build this page, you'll see our list of vendors, plants, supplies, and so much more. We're extremely excited about this adventure, and will be working hard to make this a truly unique experience.


Opening Hours

9:30am - 3pm


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To market, to garden, to grow a green world

The Del Ray Garden Market is an unique experience in the making. The purpose of the market is to bring fine plants to the homes and landscapes of Northern Virginia and the DC Metro area. But not just any plants - plants that are native to this region and so provide for the health of our environment, or plants that are useful (often edible) and so bring us into the landscape to engage and nourish us. And when we can’t be outside with the plants, we can bring them inside with us.

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