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Our new website is online!

Our new website is online!

Our new website is online!

The Forward Lab's new website is coming soon! Stay tuned!

The Forward Lab's new website is coming soon! Stay tuned!




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Behind The Forward Lab

We are committed to show that we can slow down the ways we source, produce and consume fashion & design without ever having to compromise quality and style. What started out as a refined space for brands, consumers and contributors to explore greener ways of doing things has evolved into a global platform for mindful humans.

Alongside conscious design partnerships and a vetted fashion and home shop, our bustling editorial pages cover all aspects of a modern sustainable lifestyle – from luxury eco travel destinations to recipes that eliminate food waste.

We’re not without flaws, but strong ethical and eco values are always behind our unwavering focus on beautiful aesthetics. Our virtual lab is a place to explore ways to pioneer and embrace positive change.

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Guilt-free and effortless shopping can be the promise of new online fashion marketplaces. As ecology and aesthetic increasingly intertwine, the ethical fashion market is expected to reach 9.81 billion dollars by 2025. Read the full article on Luxury Tribune via the link below! Featuring Relevé Fashion | Rêve En Vert | Urbankissed | The Forward Lab
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Thank you The Forward Lab for your article including Agroturismo ATZARO ibiza 'AGRITOURISM: WHAT IT IS & HOW TO EXPERIENCE IT ON YOUR NEXT VACATION' 'One of the first agriturismos on the island of Ibiza, Atzaró Agroturismo Hotel has always been aware of the desire for agro-hotel stays. They offer a well-rounded holiday experience which combines the luxury of a chic hotel with the escapism of a connection with nature, the earth and the elements. Long sun-soaked days on nature-surrounded terraces or by the pool can be broken up with walks through the orange groves, botanical gardens and 3-hectare vegetable garden. Guests can discover the organic farm-to-fork ingredients which will make their way to their dinner plates and indulge in spa treatments which incorporate local produce too. Agritourism in the sun is the perfect mix and Ibiza, with its untouched countryside, rural farm land, pine-clad mountain vistas and rolling valleys make for a nature-rich destination.' - The Forward Lab See full article here Thank you The Forward Lab and Authentic Travel PR , the Atzaró Group PRs Atzaró Group PR, Press, Media Enquiries : [email protected] Reservations : +34 971 33 88 38 [email protected] #atzaro #natural #luxury #authentic #ibiza