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Création lumière Buster Films (Martial & Jeremy BARRAULT)

Parce que depuis Party Night Relou, rien a changé, je passe toujours des samedis soir moyen. L'occasion pour moi d'en reparler en compagnie de mon poto Le Hu...

English version of the campaign :During this travel, I realized that Mexico City had left in me an in-erasable and smoot...
Urban Voice Over

English version of the campaign :

During this travel, I realized that Mexico City had left in me an in-erasable and smooth sound imprint that made this city feel so intimate, and yet very unique to me. New York, Benares, Tokyo, Firenze or Nairobi had also engraved their sound signature in my mind and then became, to my ear, familiar and incomparable at the same time. I recognize these cities with a genetic-like magic. We hear the cities' voices without even knowing it, and still, they brand our memory forever.
The cinematographer usually finds typical images and then adds ambient sounds and commentaries to emphasize the images. The discovery of the "Cities' Voices" allows me to try a completely different approach. The idea will be to hunt, in the director's work or in his memory, these unique sounds that only this particular city can offer him.
We will make 10 movies, of equal duration, about 10 cities chosen for their ability to provide us with stories only by listening to them with attention.

What do WE bring?
Buster Films is a workshop where making movies is what we do best!

Buster Films will bring into the project its crew and its production means. We already own 2 2.5K HD cameras with Canon prime lenses, 1 Canon 5D, 1 Steadycam and a complete sound equipment (for studio and filming).
Buster Films will also bring directors to this project, and all of them are willing to take this challenge and compete with their sense of creativity!

What do YOU bring?
All of the contributors, thanks to their contribution, will allow us to travel and to film in all of the cities with our crew and with local musician that will join the project. With your support, we will be able to take care of the logistics of the filmings and also the final costs for the studio, in which the sound design will end.
We also came up with a little lottery system to make your indiegogo experience different. You can read more about it by scrolling down the page.
In case we do not manage to raise enough money to make every movie, we will make as many as possible, based on what YOU would like to see ! So vote for YOUR 5 favorite movies in the comment section. This will help a lot !

The Directors
Hassane Kouyaté :
Born in Burkina Faso, Kouyaté Hassane Kasi was raised in a family of griots. He is a storyteller, a musician, a dancer and a stage director.

Wanjiru Kamuyu :
Of American and Kenyan origins, Wanjiru Kamuyu is an internationally accomplished artist. Her career spans over a decade. She is a choreographer, performer and teacher of dance who tours internationally.

Safaa Fathy :
Of Egyptian descent, Safaa Fathy was one of the main associates of Jacques Derrida. Graduate of Theatrical Studies, she is also a researcher, poet, essay writer, film and stage director.

Jeremy Barrault :
Born in Lyon in a French-Greek family, Jeremy is the junior of this series. At 24 years old, he is a sound engineer, sound designer and a film director. He is also very passionate about urban musics and sports.

Azouz Begag :
Azouz Begag, widely acclaimed as both a novelist and a sociologist at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientique, prior to his appointement as Minister for Equal Opportunities in 2005 (2005-2007), is the author of more than forty books. He is the son of a poor algerian family who arrived in France in 1947 and was born in a shanty town in Lyon.

Carmen Castillo :
Born in Santiago de Chile, Carmen was a young associate of president Allende. Due to the events at that time, she had to go into exile and landed in France, where she still resides today. Originally historian. litterature and writing enthusiast, Carmen has been writing and directing movies since then.

Olivier Ferracci :
Born in a family of architects, journalits and illustrators, Olivier Ferracci pursues an international career as a scenographer and a show designer. He is also a photographer and a director.

Philippe Riot :
Philippe Riot is a show man. Art director, stage director, scenographer and film director at the same time, he mainly works on great international events.

Virginie Vignon :
Doctor of Art History and PhD candidate in Communication Sciences, Virginie Vignon is a researcher, specialized in the history of printing. She loves to travel and explore, through other cultures, medias developed to enhance social harmonization.

Myriam Hoyer :
Myriam is originally from Berlin, where she did her musical studies. She is now a musician, a musical advisor and a talented director.

Christopher Burke :
Originally from California, Christopher Burke lives in Brooklyn and runs a photography studio in Manahattan specialized in works of art. Of a passionate nature, he is also a documentary director.

The Movies

Ouagadougou, heard by Hassane Kouyaté :
Ouaga's Roosters :
Strange and vivifying city, living by the sound of the cock and the muezzin's singing. Hassane Kouyaté has asked the gallinacean to guide us and to help us perceive the noise of an ordinary day.

Accra, heard by Wanjiru Kamuyu :
She Dances on the City :
A woman finds herself back in the city she first visited in 1997 after a long hiatus from Africa. A city where she saw Africa through new eyes, provoking a deeper appreciation and new understanding of her motherland. He decides to choreograph this profound reunion inspired by the emotions evoked by the city's soundscape.

Cairo, heard by Safaa Fathy :
The Deafening Rumor :
It's very difficult to shoot a movie in Cairo right now, Safaa said, but let's do it. Her soft and assured voice, facing the terrifying rumbling of this mythical city, that is the movie that she offers to us. This particular Cairo, is the one of her heart.

New York, heard by Jeremy Barrault :
The City of Angels :
Discovering the city of his dreams while on a quite particular mission, this young man makes strange encounters. He thought that he was alone, lost in this cosmopolitan crowd, but he ends up accompanied by a strange, and rather united procession.

Rio de Janeiro, heard by Azouz Begag :
Universe-City :
How can you discover the writing in the noise of a shanty town and undertake a great journey to go and meet it? Listen up! Azouz will whisper it to your ear.

Iquique, heard by Carmen Castillo :
The Disillusioned Paradox :
Carmen Castillo takes us to this ghost, mining city. Haunted by the sounds of her past as a committed woman, she haunts the past of this city, the one of her passionate listenings.

Bangkok, heard by Olivier Ferracci :
A Forced Stopover :
The mermaid's singing is nothing compared to the city's singing. Bangkok the unusual has mesmerized him during a breathtaking stopover, looking for a women imprisoned by Asia's gleams and tricky reflects.

Tokyo, heard by Philippe Riot :
The Echo of Balance :
Clashes and Harmony. Inhabited silences and strident screams, an old man moves forward the tokens of a subtle game, where the only victory is harmony. Philippe Riot listens, in the heart of Tokyo, the one that will give him the secrets of Balance.

Luang Prabang, heard by Virginie Vignon :
Between Oration and Lullaby :
Virginie discovers, without understanding them, all of the sounds that rhythm this antique, hour-less city. This art student was not prepared for a so sonorous, and at times musical, transformation of the time flowing.

Berlin, heard by Myriam Hoyer :
The Berliner Murmur :
Musician, but also in love with the city, Myriam offers to compose her own berliner concerto with the rumors and the sound nuances of the 9 historical districts.

Paris, heard by Christopher Burke :
The Impossible Cliché :
Atmosphere, atmosphere... at a cafe table in Les Halles area, between the New York photographer, in love with this city, and his accordionist friend, a day to day interaction is established. He will entice his images through music, and ferret them out with urban sounds.

Charter and Rules for the Directors
Buster Films Charter:
Each director will be asked to collaborate with at least one local musician.
The shots have to be decided in second place, so that the writing emphasizes the power of the sound.
Each director will have to compose his own symphony of the city and to let us hear it, kind of like an Opera.
To make the series a little more varied, we have chosen directors from various backgrounds.
They will have the task to amplify the voice of their city and to make us listen like no other because these movies will be, above all, movies that you listen to!

Be a part of this crazy adventure, join us in this incredible project!

The Rules:
1. Each director will have to take profit of the same filming time
2. Each director will have the same crew and same equipment
3. The final duration of each movie will be 26 minutes
4. Each movie will benefit from the same recording studio

Financial contributions and other useful (and free!) contributions

If you want to help us with your contribution, please follow the link:
Any level of contribution will be helpful, but we are very aware of the fact that not everybody can contribute financially to our campaign. Nevertheless, you can always spread the word about our campaign! Use the Indiegogo sharing tools on the page of the campaign or share the link of the page yourself (www.indiegogo.com/UVO).

Also, please take a few minutes to vote for your 5 preferate movies, the ones that you would absolutely want us to make, and we will listen to you in case the campaign isn't as successful as we would like it to be ! Thank you for your time !

Urban Voice Over is a 10 movie series inspired by the sounds of some special cities across the world... Help us make it possible!

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Urban Voice Over

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Urban Voice Over is a 10 movie series inspired by the sounds of some special cities across the world... Help us make it possible!



Né au Burkina Faso, Kouyaté Hassane Kasi est issu d’une famille de griots. Il est à la fois conteur, musicien, danseur et metteur en scène de théâtre.
Le pitch de son film : Les coqs de Ouaga
Etrange et vivifiante cité qui vit entre chant du coq et celui du muezzin. C’est à ce gallinacé qu’Hassane Kouyaté a demandé de faire le guide et de nous faire percevoir le vacarme d’une journée ordinaire
Partagée entre ses origines américaines et kenyanes, Wanjiru KAMUYU est une artiste internationale accomplie. Elle rayonne ainsi depuis plus de dix ans. A la fois chorégraphe, danseuse et professeur de danse, elle diffuse ses talents dans le monde entier.
Le pitch de son film : Elle danse sur la ville
Elle est de retour dans une ville africaine qu’elle a visitée pour la première fois en 1997, à l’issue d’une longue coupure avec ses origines. C’est depuis ville qu’elle a porté un regard nouveau sur l’Afrique, regard enrichi d’une appréciation plus profonde et d’une bien meilleure compréhension de sa terre ancestrale. Inspirée par les émotions de ce retour et par l’écoute de la voix de sa ville, elle décide de chorégraphier cette union à la fois profonde et troublante qui les unit toutes deux.
D’origine égyptienne, Safaa Fathy a été l’une des principales collaboratrices de Jacques Derrida. Diplômée en Etudes Théâtrales, elle est aussi chercheuse, poète, essayiste, metteur en scène et réalisatrice.
Le pitch de son film : L’assourdissante rumeur
C’est difficile de tourner en ce moment au Caire a dit Safaa, mais allons-y. Sa voix douce et assurée, face au grondement terrifiant de cette ville mythique, c’est ça le film qu’elle nous propose. Ce Caire au milieu de la foule menaçante des autres, c’est celui de son cœur.
Né à Lyon dans une famille Franco-grecque, Jeremy est le benjamin de cette série. A 24 ans, il est à la fois ingénieur du son, concepteur sonore et réalisateur. Il se passionne pour la culture américaine en général et, tout particulièrement, pour la musique urbaine et le sport.
Le pitch de son film : La ville des Anges
Découvrant la ville de ses rêves, à l’occasion d’une mission assez particulière, ce jeune homme fait de bien étranges rencontres. Il pensait opérer en solitaire, perdu dans la foule cosmopolite de la cité, et le voilà finalement accompagné d’un étrange cortège plutôt solidaire.
Unanimement acclamé en tant qu’écrivain et sociologue au Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Azouz BEGAG devient ministre de L’Egalité des Chances de 2005 à 2007. Il est né dans un bidonville de Lyon et bien qu’issu d’une pauvre famille algérienne arrivée en France en 1947, Il connaît ce destin incomparable et est aujourd’hui l’auteur de plus de quarante ouvrages
Le pitch de son film : Univers-cité
Comment peut-on découvrir l’écriture dans le vacarme d’un bidonville et entreprendre un aussi grand voyage pour aller à sa rencontre ? Ecoutez donc ! Azouz va vous le chuchoter à l’oreille.
Née à Santiago du Chili, Carmen Castillo fut une jeune collaboratrice du président Allende. Les évènements l’ayant forcée à l’exil, elle s’est réfugiée en France où elle réside toujours. Historienne de formation, fervente de littérature et d'écriture, Carmen scénarise et dirige tous ses films.
Le pitch de son film : Le paradoxe désenchanté
C’est une ville minière fantôme que nous fait découvrir Carmen Castillo. Hantée des sonorités de son passé de femme engagée, elle hante celui de la ville de ses écoutes passionnées.
Issu d’une famille d’architectes, de journalistes et d’illustrateurs, Olivier Ferracci poursuit une carrière internationale de scénographe et de concepteur d'exposition. Il est également photographe et metteur en scène.
Le pitch de son film : Une escale forcée
Le chant des sirènes n’est rien comparé à celui du chant de la ville. Bangkok l’insolite l’a envouté le temps d’une escale hors d’haleine à la recherche d’une femme énigmatique, prisonnière des lueurs de l’Asie et de ces reflets trompeurs.
Philippe Riot un homme de spectacle très complet. A la fois directeur artistique, metteur en scène, scénographe et réalisateur, il opère principalement sur des grands évènements internationaux.
Le pitch de son film : L’écho de l’équilibre
Heurts et harmonies. Silences habités et cris stridents désincarnés, le vieillard avance une à une les pièces d’un jeu subtil dont la victoire est l’Harmonie. Philippe Riot écoute au cœur de Tokyo celui qui nous livrera les secrets de l’Equilibre.
Docteur en Histoire de l’Art et doctorante en Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication, Virginie Vignon est une chercheuse spécialisée dans l’histoire de l’imprimerie. Elle aime voyager et explorer, à travers d’autres cultures, les médias développées au service de la cohérence sociale.
Le pitch de son film : Entre oraison et berceuse
Virginie découvre sans les comprendre tous ces sons qui rythment la vie de l’antique cité sans heures. Cette étudiante en art ne s’attendait pas à une mutation aussi sonore et parfois si musicale de l’écoulement du temps.
Myriam est originaire de Berlin où elle a fait ses études de musique. Elle est aujourd’hui musicienne, conseillère musicale et réalisatrice de talent.
Le pitch de son film : Murmure berlinois
Musicienne, mais aussi amoureuse de sa ville, Myriam propose de composer son concerto berlinois à elle avec les rumeurs et les nuances sonores des neufs quartiers historiques.
D’origine californienne, Christopher Burke vit à Brooklyn et dirige à Manhattan un studio de photographie spécialisé dans le traitement des œuvres d’art. De nature très passionnée, il est aussi réalisateur de documentaires.
Le pitch de son film : L’impossible Cliché
Atmosphère, atmosphère….autour d’une table de café dans le quartier des Halles, entre le photographe new-yorkais épris de la ville et son ami accordéoniste, un échange s’est institué au jour le jour. C’est à la musique qu’il appâtera ses images, et au son de la ville qu’il les débusquera.


Nos 10 réalisateurs .....
Hassane Kouyaté
Wanjiru Kamuyu
Safaa Fathy
Jeremy Barrault
Azouz Begag
Carmen Castillo
Olivier Ferracci
Philippe Riot
Virginie Vignon
Myriam Hoyer
Christopher Burke

LES REALISATEURS ET LEURS PROJETS ...l'article est long, prenez le temps de le découvrir tranquilement, les dix réalisat...
Urban Voice Over

LES REALISATEURS ET LEURS PROJETS ...l'article est long, prenez le temps de le découvrir tranquilement, les dix réalisateurs se présentent et lève,t le voile sur leurs intentions....

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Urban Voice Over is a 10 movie series inspired by the sounds of some special cities across the world... Help us make it possible!


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