Jacqui Wilkins + Naturopathic Doctor, Plant Medicine & Herbal Wisdom

Jacqui Wilkins + Naturopathic Doctor, Plant Medicine & Herbal Wisdom Plant Medicine Teachings & Earth Based Wisdom. Remembering + reclaiming.

Dr. Jacqui is a Naturopathic Doctor, Herbalist & Yakama mixed Plant Medicine Woman weaving Ancestral wisdom with clinical knowledge to bring forth healing, harmony & alignment.

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Hi Fam ~ my Dad unexpectedly & traumatically passed this week ♥️ I shared on my other account, but haven’t here yet.I do...

Hi Fam ~ my Dad unexpectedly & traumatically passed this week ♥️ I shared on my other account, but haven’t here yet.

I don’t have many words. I am devastated. Bear & I travelled home overnight, ferries, drive & flying to make it. I was there in ICU with him, but he never regained consciousness. I trust he knew Bear & I were there by his side with our family. We held him as he transitioned 🌹

There are some regrets that I didn’t make it home sooner; that he wasn’t able to visit, he was trying, but work kept coming up {he was in construction}. Likely will be navigating this for awhile. Last night brought dreams of crying, the tears keep coming even in sleep ~ helping his journey home 🌌

Life will never be the same {after a massive shift with the eviction this Winter, Medicine garden loss/demolishment, subsequent move, miscarriage & infertility}. It seems Spirit had some other plans for us this year, a year of big upheaval, grief & instability. Leaning on my teachings, the Land & ceremony to find the lessons, and to learn.

As I navigate this journey & life shifts my communications will be delayed or sparse for a bit. Right now I’m home in so called Montana with my family, especially supporting my Mom. It feels so nourishing to be home, it’s been so long, I just wish it were different. I miss him. Will likely need some good rest soon, chronic illness + sudden loss is a lot to hold. I’m learning so much.

Xálish Medicines is still open with what is in stock as I had the Medicines made, thankfully. And they’re being packed + shipped from the island still, with love. I’m answering messages & GYOM questions as I’m able. Deep gratitude for all of your support in all ways, kin. It is felt 💛🕯🌀✨ Love one another deeply, kin. This life is so fragile & we truly never know what tomorrow brings, xo

Full Flower Moon {Spring} u|pdατε is LIVE at 10:30am PST, Fam 🌕🌸✨ In just 1 hour!! On 3tsy ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Whew! 19 Medicines eith...

Full Flower Moon {Spring} u|pdατε is LIVE at 10:30am PST, Fam 🌕🌸✨ In just 1 hour!! On 3tsy
Whew! 19 Medicines either completely new or restocked after a long hiatus ~ so grateful for all of your support of me & my fam.

And you’re shared excitement for this one with me, it’s been so felt & sweet. It’s an honour to make these Medicines & be entrusted with this craft 🌱
There are too many offerings to list; please head to my B1O at 10:30am PST if you’d like to read more about each offering as well as the Plants. I try to share some education there too 🧡

This update is a balance of Root + Crown energies. Earth + Stars. Deep womb + blood healing & remembering. Paired with the most beautiful, enchanting Spirit lifting + expansive Medicines. Lots of energy moving & clearing support for Spring as well.

Womb (all gender), Liver supportive, lymphatic moving, burnout restorative, embodied joy, rejuvenating, healing Medicines!

Nettle, Hawthorn, White Peony & Angelica can be found in a lot of the Medicines. Womb + Heart.

Protection, discernment, pain relief & wound healing🌲
Please feel free to share this post & amplify {we all know IG dislikes us working outside the systems, algorithms} 🌱🌕 Your shares & reviews help so much. Kw’ałanúusha matash 🌸
May the Medicines we seek, find their way to us 🌺✨ {as always, email me if something is calling you & finances are a barrier, some set aside for sliding scale} Loving you 🌷
*Please also remember this is a one Mama show {w Bear’s papa packing + shipping, still very small batch} ~ orders will take 6-10 business days to ship. The Medicines remind us of patience. Please choose TRACKED packaging for US orders if it is important to you. I can’t control customs or postal times, tho I really wish I could sometimes 🧿🌲🌺🌕🌈🐺

Spring Tonics & Liver + Lymph Love 💚One of the Medicines I’m so excited to share is this ~ a blend of fresh Gotu Kola, P...

Spring Tonics & Liver + Lymph Love 💚
One of the Medicines I’m so excited to share is this ~ a blend of fresh Gotu Kola, Purslane, Nettle & Cleavers, crafted into a sweet & sour Oxymel 🌱

Mineralizing & nutritive. Helping support skin, hair, teeth & bone, as well as blood. Moving energy & waters through the body (diuretic); helping the body process waste & supporting detoxification pathways. Overall helpful for cooling an overheated & frazzled nervous system.

Often after Winter (+ environmental pollution) our bodies may need some extra support to rid the body of accumulated “stuff.” Supporting our Lymph + Liver may help!

I’ve been delving into research on lymph + hormonal support as well; remembering our body functions as a whole. When we support our pathways, we inevitably help to bring balance to other parts of our body. I love lymph support for this like fibroids & cyclical chest/breast soreness.

Spring is associated with Liver. The colour green & emotion of irritability/anger. Have you ever noticed if you feel some stagnancy it can show up as frustration? We also need our Liver to flow properly in order to support ovulation + menstruation. Transition points.

Energetically also helping to discern, to remove & release what no longer serves us. To get “unstuck.” And feel ourselves flowing again…

Are we able to flow with change? Be open to possibility? Do we feel clear in our vision? Our ability to make decisions? To take action? Do we feel heavy, foggy?

This blend also may support cognitive function & cerebral circulation (boost memory, reduce brain fog, etc). Supportive for balancing feminine:masculine energies & boosting overall vitality.

Green Goddexx may aid in tissue healing, including womb + gut + vasculature support. Supporting overall depleted states as well as burnout, nervous system exhaustion + irritation + frazzled state. Fortifying the body for Spring & Summer.

There is so much to this Medicine 💚 To Spring tonics & greens, to lymphatic + liver support.

Have you worked with Green Goddexx? It’s a small batch seasonal offering I love 🌱 You can find them this Saturday, 5/14 in the Spring update on 3tsy!! 🌸

Wolf + Blood Memory 🌌Many years ago I heard my Ancestors calling loudly ~ they were asking me to embark on a journey of ...

Wolf + Blood Memory 🌌Many years ago I heard my Ancestors calling loudly ~ they were asking me to embark on a journey of healing & reclamation. I didn’t know much of what it meant, but I listened.

The physical & spiritual journey I went on that Spring changed my Life. I remembered what it felt like to belong to myself, to be held fully by my Ancestors, to be HOME on this Earth. Truly to feel home.

At one point on the journey I was working with an Elder. We did some past life work & when they said look at your feet I looked down, but they were paws. Wolf.

They came to visit me many times on that trip, both in visions, in Dreamtime & in waking Life. During one potent dream we were together at the Yellowstone River, surrounded by Sagebrush & Sandstone. Home. They were encircling me with protection & love.

On this trip my ache & longing to become a Mother was almost unbearable. I was still in medical school & just broken up with partner.

I felt this little Spirit so strongly. There was grief in not knowing when or if I’d ever have a ‘family’ {Decolonizing that thought now, remembering family is MANY things, not just children or partnership}

I returned to Ontario, changed. I held a Ceremony in my ex’s garden {hadn’t found a home for myself yet} w Solomon’s Seal, Hypericum, Amethyst & Wolf homeopathic. I called in alllll that was meant for me, opening to receiving.

I was bleeding at the time. I worked w this remedy & the next day I had ovarian cysts rupture, passing out from the pain. Entering other dimensions.

That Moon cycle my moontime shifted. My little Star being was conceived 🙃✨

I had a dream while pregnant of Wolves again. I was one of them & I finally had found my pack. They invited me in their cave & we snuggled together by the River... my little one, turned me from a lone Wolf to remembering my Sacred responsibilities to the pack. ♥️

Xálish Medicines is named after Wolf {and Stars} & River is part of my little ones name ✨ The stories our Spirits & bodies hold, they’re just so infinitely beautiful. Remembering this younger self who journeyed to re-connect w her Ancestors & birthed a Star being almost 6 years ago this year 🐺

Being held by our Mother {Earth} while Mothering my little one 💚✨ Nourishing one another.One of the highlights of my wee...

Being held by our Mother {Earth} while Mothering my little one 💚✨ Nourishing one another.

One of the highlights of my week. Picking some Medicines with my little one, while he snacked happily on fresh Spring greens (chickweed). Continually teaching him how we gather, with love, offerings, Ceremony. Our responsibilities here. Walking gently.

Introducing him to the Plants, getting to know our more than Human community. Identification skills & how to work with the Medicines, yes, but priority of deepening relationships, stewardship, tending & care. Heart led curiosity + listening to the Land + Elements skills.

Picking Cleavers for one of my favourite Seasonal Medicines ~ Green Goddexx 🌱 Lymphatic + mineralizing Oxymel with Purslane, Nettles, Gotu Kola & Cleavers. Such a potent Spring Tonic & Cognitive support.

This short cycle Seasonal offering will be re-stocked for the Spring update on Saturday, May 14th 💚

Folks often think of Cleavers as ‘weed.’ They are one of my favourite lymphatic Plant kin. Moving stagnation + clearing waste from the Body, diuretic, and nourishing + building.

For this Medicine I essentially juice them with Nettles as they make a beautiful succus. The colour is a vibrant green & the taste wakes up my cells.

They are super sticky! If you’ve ever gathered them you’ll know how much they stick 💚

Also beautiful dried & made into an infused oil. You can also find them in Sovereign Breast/Chest Oil in the Spring update (May 14th) with Violet, Red Clover & Poke. Often helpful for moving lymph, tenderness + cysts 🌸

Do you have any Cleavers stories? Which Spring greens are your favourite to connect with? How is your Body & internal Waters + Fire feeling as we move deeper into Spring in some places 💧🦌🌱

Honouring my Grandmother’s hands ~ my maternal {Yakama} lineage 🌸♥️Mant of these are her rings as well.Spending time amo...

Honouring my Grandmother’s hands ~ my maternal {Yakama} lineage 🌸♥️
Mant of these are her rings as well.

Spending time among the Flowers. Held by their medicine, their sweetness & reminders of impermanence. Inviting us into the present moment. Into our bodies. Into pleasure & joy.

Is there anything more awe inspiring than Trees blooming in the Spring time? {rhetorical, every season + day is filled with awe}

Tree Medicine in bloom though. Rooted. Strong. Yet. Tender. So tender. And fragrant. Clearly Ta**us Season feels 🌸

You can find Magnolia flower Essence, as well as Lilac flower Essence in the Xálish Medicines Sh0p in Bio. I’ll share more about them soon 🌸 I’ve been loving adding them to my bath … infusing that vibration into the Waters.

What is your favourite way to work with Flower essences, kin?

Years ago I had a dream, a waking vision, of a beautiful community Medicine garden🪴 A space where we could come together...

Years ago I had a dream, a waking vision, of a beautiful community Medicine garden🪴 A space where we could come together & grow Plants, tend to the Land, learn from the Plants, harvest together, make Medicines & connect.

A place to come to as a respite from a harsh outside world. A place where all generations are together; sharing stories & wisdom. A space of Healing. Community. Accessibility.

This vision came to me before I was even "on this path." I was a makeup artist for MAC & living in Chicago. It is all still so vivid. It came after a trip home, Apsáalooke Land, Montana. I had *no idea* what it meant lol.

I grew up tending the Land, hunting & fishing. But. That was not where I was at the time. I was living in ‘the big city,’ & loving being an artist. Yet, even then, the Plants, my Ancestors were showing me. Guiding💚

I had no vocabulary for what an herbalist even was at the time {before social media was big lol}. And before Naturopathic med school. Yet I’d always crafted potions & Medicines w Plants for my family, myself.

This vision felt so ‘out of no where’ & confusing. Yet, it felt like a Soul call. I didn’t even have words for it🪴

This week ~ a student in Grow Your Own Medicine shared a vision of their own with me. When she watched the Seed starting videos & started her seeds, she could really feel + imagine all of our hands tending the Soil, the Earth, Planting Seeds.

And, it stopped me … this vision is coming to Life. It isn’t exactly how I imagined. I still long to be able to have a stable living situation where I can tend to some Land & Root. A place where we don’t have to be afraid of developers kicking us out + demolishing the Medicines. A place to invite others in & be together✨

But, for now, I am sitting in immense & deep gratitude to be able to share this “Community garden” with so many in this way. My Heart is full 🧡

Have you ever had a dream that has come to be in ways you couldn’t imagine or expect? May we stay open to Creation weaving & allowing that alignment to come together in unexpected ways🌌🌸 {And Kw’ałanúusha matash, Miigwetch, to everyone who is growing with us in GYOM too, for co-creating these Dreams🌱}


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Jacqui Wilkins + Naturopathic Doctor, Plant Medicine & Herbal Wisdom

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A little while ago I was so honored when Jacqui Wilkins + Naturopathic Doctor, Plant Medicine & Herbal Wisdom asked me to make a ribbon skirt 🌿 this was a peice I designed with guidance of colours and themes from this wonderful being 🌌 I always see them surrounded by flowers when preparing medicines for Xalish Medicines 💐 and took the challenge to surround this skirt with appliques of medicines 🌟 you know how we as creators get so excited to share our work when things are finished but when it comes to emotional regalia peices we have to step back and allow the wearer to get acquainted with pieces that hold meaning 💚 I was so appreciative of being reminded of this lesson. Could this be another more emotional definition of 'slow fashion'? Just random thoughts that have been on my mind but here is Jacqui in one of my most favorite skirts to date 🌟 of course with pockets 😉 is a platform that has 3 advantages:

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