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Community games and geeks Cranbrook's games store that sells board games, magic the gathering, Pokemon and other items. Community Games and Geeks is Cranbrook's games store that sells Collectible Card Games (CCG's) such as Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh!, Board Games, Gaming supplies.

We also have a large selection of Magic the Gathering singles. Community Games and Geeks host weekly events/tournaments, release events, and almost anything the gaming community would like to play. We provide a free place to come and play the games you enjoy in a safe and friendly environment.


People check out our polls we added. This info well help us out greatly.


Would you like to see more organized play for Games Workshop like warhammer 40k, warhammer AoS, warhammer killteam, warhammer under worlds, and Bloodbowl?


Would you like to see the return of pop culture clothing to the store like hats, shirts, socks, wallets ect.?


Would you like to see vintage Video games and systems for sale in the store?


There is a lot of TCG out there right now. would you like to try out any of these Final Fantasy, Transformers, light seekers, VS, Warhammer AoS?


War of the Sparks is now out! Booster, Boxes, Bundles. planeswalker decks.

all 36 planeswalkers, one in every pack! who is your fav planeswalker?
A Closer Look at the Stained-Glass Planeswalkers

all 36 planeswalkers, one in every pack! who is your fav planeswalker?

You may have seen these beautiful stained-glass Planeswalkers in the WAR teaser, but you may not have guessed all 36 characters would be in the set!


We are now closed Tuesdays.


Had some teeth pulled today. Going to open at 4pm.


A few people here set up to sell/trade/buy bring your stuff by and make a deal with each other


Cranbrook and Area Hobby/Board/TCG/Miniature Game swap meet

This is a day where you can bring down all your old games and old miniatures to the store and sell or trade them to other people. Rules are simple for this day

1- Bring your Board games, Card Games, Miniatures, Hobby items, craft items that you no longer want or need.
2- Sell/trade your stuff and buy other people’s stuff
3- Table space is first come first serve or reserved a spot. If you Reserve a spot, please be at the store no later then 12:45 to set up. If you are not here by then your table would be given away.
4- Table space is limited to a 2x3 space. If your items over take the table you would be ask to condense your items so the people don’t get confused who stuff is who’s.
5- There is no fee to set up at a table or to come in and sell/buy/trade.
6- You can not sell any product at belongs to Community Games and Geeks
7- The store would not be buying or trading this day.

Please bring enough cash for change if people want to buy from you, also if you are planning to buy items please bring cash to buy the items. If you spend a little more then what you want and need to use our debit machine there is going to be a $4.50 fee for cash advance.


Due to appointments we are going to be closed Thursday Feb the 21st.


Yes we area closed today, Sorry.


Wednesday we are having a snow day. Sorry I have to dig out the car after it being plowed in.


Tonight’s FNM is Sealed event with the left over prerelease kits. $40 inc tax.


We need your help!

Some of our events are not taking off IE. Modern on FNM, standard showdowns on Saturday, paint nights on Tuesdays. I have run out of ideas of what to do for the events. I know its discouraging that when people show up to play and no one is there to make the event happen.
I want to know from you what would make them happen, no entree fees? More prizing? Different nights? Just not your thing?


We are cancelling starwars Xwing on sunday the 27th, as well we are going to be closed on the 27th.

Starlit Citadel

Sorry to see this, before opening CGG Starlit was one of my go to places for Boardgames.

Hi Everyone,
We wanted to give you all an update about our closure. It's looking like we will need additional time to prepare the store so we have decided to close up sooner then expected. We will be open from Jan 9th - 12th, Jan 18th and then our last day will be Jan 19th. The deals we posted earlier will be active in store right up until the 19th and any additional offers will be posted here. If there are any additional changes we will keep everyone updated. If you need to reach us please do so by email or by phone during those open days.

Starlit Citadel


We are going to be closed this Thursday January 3rd. Changing the store around and inventory is taking longer then projected. Sorry


Last Day of our year end sale! we are also closed the next 4 days for inventory and changing the store around for the new year


Who would be interested in a Warhammer (nightvault, underworlds) organized play night?


We are now closed for the next 4 days. See you all on the 27th. Happy holidays


DECEMBER 27-28-29 "I don't want to count year's end inventory sale days"

keyforge deck $10 plus tax
Light seekers booster $3 plus tax
Army Builder paints $3.25 plus tax
DnD Minis $4 plus tax
MTG bulk box rares $.50 each plus tax or 10 for $4.50
Ultimate Guard Supreme sleeves $5.50 plus tax
MTG standard single cards 15% off
Pandemic Legacy season 2 $70 plus tax
Legendary Marvel card game $58 plus tax
Legendary marvel CG dark city $40 plus tax
Legendary Firefly $58 plus tax
Pokemon Booster packs $3.75 plus tax
MTG PlanesWalker deck $13.75 plus tax
Starwars Imperial assault $ 90 plus tax
Starwars Armada $84 plus tax
Love letter $9.50 plus tax
Five Tribes $65 plus tax
Neptun $25 plus tax
Mysterium $50 plus tax
Escape from sunset island $ 30 plus tax
Galaxy trucker $60 plus tax
Merchant and Marauders $ 55 plus tax
DreamWell $26 plus tax
The hare and the tortoise $19
Aladdin and the magic lamp $19
Dragon shield Sleeves $10 plus tax
X-wing V1 ships that was $21 now is now $14.50 plus tax
Was $ 28 now $18 plus tax
Was $40 now $ 27 plus tax
Was $55 now $36 plus tax
Was $120 now $80 plus tax
V1starter $36 plus tax
Xwing bases -$ 7 plus tax
x-wing sleeves $4.25 plus tax
Dead of winter $60 plus tax
Walking dead prison break $40 plus tax
Walking dead all out war $40 plus tax
Dungeon Sega $68 plus tax
Battle Star Galactic $45 plus tax
Shadows over Camelot $60 plus tax
Ultimate Guard Mat case $26 plus tax
Super Hive $56 plus tax
Ark Hive $35 plus tax
Side winder$18 plus tax
Side Winder Chroma$19 plus tax
Flip n tray $29 plus tax
Double Flip n Tray $39 plus tax
MTG standard booster $4 PLUS TAX
Guards Against humanity $40 plus tax
What do you meme $30 plus tax
Personally Incorrect $18 plus tax
Seasons $48 plus tax
Lords of Vegas $39 plus tax
Lord of the Ring Dice game $30 plus tax
Quarriors $50 plus tax
Blood Rage $70 plus tax
Warmacine starter 65 + tax
Hordes starter $65 + tax
Tsuro $ 25 + tax
Pandemic $40 + tax
Carcassonne $32 + tax
Risk 2210 $40 + tax

Plus lots more!


#101 28 8th AVE South
Cranbrook, BC

Opening Hours

Tuesday 2pm - 9pm
Wednesday 2pm - 9pm
Thursday 2pm - 9pm
Friday 2pm - 10pm
Saturday 1pm - 5pm
Sunday 1pm - 5pm




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